Your free Love Tarot Reading – Pick a Tarot Card – With Michele Knight

Your free Love Tarot Reading – Pick a Card – With Michele Knight

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Welcome to your free Love Tarot Reading. This Tarot reading’s all about the love we have for ourselves, and perhaps the desire or relationship with another.

So, look at the back of the cards and tune in and feel if you are drawn to one.

Tarot card one – 6 of Cups

I adore this Tarot Card as it has an element of unconditional love and purity about it. The 6 of Cups is all about either a past life connection or someone from the past that not only knows us but GETS us. In short, they don’t judge us and we don’t judge them. So, it doesn’t matter what they have or don’t have now, we know their soul.

There’s a soul coming in who you are intricately linked to. You are meant to connect to help each other on some level. What do you feel the lesson is? How can you attract more energy like this into your life? It’s time to find your soul clan.

Tarot Card Two – The King of Cups

Look out for a gently powerful character who is in touch with their emotions and have a profound empathy. A caring male/x energy that is good at listening and is a bit of a dreamer although may still be working on getting things done.

So, there may be a water sign around you who wants to get more intimate with you. You are ready to experience/attract and connect with open-hearted spirits who are equal and giving.

Are you used to be the one who always supports others? You are shifting into a space of trust, trust in yourself and trust in love.

Tarot Card Three – Ace of Swords

Yay! You are breaking through a love block. In addition, you’re clearing the way and seeing what you need to do to transform. You’re not prepared to take any crap now, you can be dispassionate and wield your truth with wisdom.

Be careful what you say now and use your words wisely. Words are spells and you have the power to make or break another with your insights. In other words, you are cutting a path to freedom and won’t let others manipulate you.

Oh, and this is an Ace that assures you that you can make it and that you have the will and means to look after yourself and attract abundance.



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