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I dreamt I was crossing a road I usually drive to work.  There is a river underneath it which is usually dry, but because of heavy rainy season has been flowing lately. In this dream the river was much wider and the water much higher, almost road level. It was very turbulent and very muddy. I kept walking and the road became a bridge and the river became an ocean. The bridge was really high. Suddenly the bridge was at the end but it didn’t reach land, it was an unfinished bridge. In the dream I knew the intention had always been to keep it partially unfinished so you could jump and swim a short distance to shore but I knew it wasn’t close enough to jump, that it wasn’t finished yet and I was too scared to jump because (even in real life) I’m afraid of swimming in the ocean. The jump was high but that didn’t frighten me, it was rather the distance to shore and the creatures in the water that I was afraid of. I looked down and the ocean water was clear, different shades of blue. In one very clear tropical looking piece of water, circular shape, two dolphins were swimming. In the rest of the water I could see a very big sting ray and a whale. I remember looking for sharks but there were none.

Adam says:


This is an interesting dream.  The fact that you have come to a crossing point in your dreams suggests that you are at some kind of crossroads in your life.  Had you dreamed of crossing the road, it would point more towards a crossroads regarding your career or work status.  But because rivers represent emotions, it does suggest that the crossroads you are at does relate to your emotional life.

If water in dreams represents our emotional bodies, what we see in the water represents deep feelings or aspects of ourselves that are ‘down in the depths’.  The appearance of dolphins in the water are a  message that you should explore your subconscious more and your spiritual side more and indeed this maybe a time to go on some sort of spiritual emotional journey,  Perhaps this is something that you have been thinking of doing, but haven’t quite got around to it in any depth yet.  Wales represent tremendous creativity and well being.  In traditional Aboriginal societies, sting rays are considered to have both a powerful spiritual significance and are tremendously valued as a source of nourishment.

It’s interesting that you didn’t see any sharks.  Sharks are perfectly adapted to their environment and as a result have evolved very little.  Their position in the overall ecology of the sea means that they rule the water. In symbolic language, we would talk about them practically arriving with all of the instincts and tools for survival that they need and being masters of the emotions.

Even though you talk about being afraid in the dream, I think it is very positive.  Your sense that the bridge has been deliberately left in an unfinished state so that people could jump suggests that you can take an emotional leap of faith.

Overall, I would suggest that your dream suggests that you have a very deep emotional life – as deep as the ocean.  The crossroads that you face is about whether you stay on the surface of those emotions or take the plunge and begin to explore them.  The presence of dolphins, whales and rays and the absence of sharks means that if you decided to delve deeper, you could make a stronger connection with your own depths and instincts that you would find nourishing at a soul level.
Your dream suggest that this would be an important next step in your personal growth.

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