Monthly Astronumberscope – January & February Sun in Aquarius

Your Monthly Astronumberscope January February Sun in Aquarius

Welcome to your monthly astronumberscope! Astronumerology combines the wisdom of astrology with the hidden power of your birthday number bringing you a new type of forecast on a different date to your usual astrology forecast. Each month you’ll be able to access hidden insights into what the universe has in store for you based on your birthday and the sign the Sun is in at the time. So, your astronumerology forecast will be available when the Sun changes signs – usually around the 21st of each month.

It’s As Simple as 1-2-3

How do you work out your personal astronumberscope for the coming month? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

First – take your birthday date. Let’s say you were born on the 4th. Now, take the astro number for the sign the Sun is currently in. Between January 20 and February 18 the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. The astronumber for Aquarius is 4. It’s 2019. So, to work out your forecast for the period of Jan 20 – Feb 18 you add the following:

Your birthday: 4, the astro number for the sign the Sun is in: 4, the current year: 2019:

4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 20. Now reduce 20 down to a single digit – 2. Read the astronumerology forecast for Number 2.

Here’s another example. Say you were born on the 10th. Your birthday: 10, plus the astronumber for the sign the Sun is in: 4, plus the current year: 2019. 1 +0 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 17 = 8. You would read the numberscope for the number 8.

What’s Special in the Sky This Month

Astronumerology is more than just numbers! It is influenced by the planets and their positions which colour the individual forecasts. Aside from the Sun in Aquarius, this month sees a final meeting between Mars and Uranus in Mars’s ruling sign of Aries. This is the last time this will happen in our lifetimes. Uranus is of course, the ruler of Aquarius. It’s all about individual action this cycle – and how you shine within the collective, groups, friends and associations.  Astronumerology shows you the energy you have available to you within a given month – and where to direct it for success. Get ready for excitement, thrills and a touch of the unexpected this month!

Forecast for Number 1 Month

Be the mother of reinvention no matter what gender you identify with. It’s time to shine if you are in a Number 1 cycle this month. And in a way that’s unique to you. Do not imitate others as the heavens are calling for your unique signature on whatever it is you want to do. If you are lucky enough to be stepping into a 1 month, it is always about a new beginning on some level. It begins with you not being your old self. Look within and envision that future you now. How do you feel, think and look? What needs to change to bring this about? This can be anything from changing your thoughts to changing your appearance. As you make the necessary adjustments you will watch in amazement as the world adjusts its view of you. Look at every single option which presents itself now and don’t be afraid to experiment and play with them before committing to one – or more than one. The universe could just present you with a smorgasbord of choices now. Whatever you choose however must resonate with this new you that’s emerging. Dare to make that different choice to what you would have done in the past. Those new beginnings that are knock, knock knocking on heaven’s door for you could include a new job, new romance or the start of an important work or creative project. How you appear in the eyes of others is going to change this month. Look and feel your best. Sex and romance? So glad you asked – it’s hot, hot, hot, baby! New love affairs could be off to a scorching start while existing ones recapture that heat.  Whatever or whoever you aspire to be this month, once you become that person watch how the world literally sits up – and takes notice in all the right ways.

Forecast for Number 2 Month

Life offers you are fresh start this month. But also asks you if you are truly serious about having it? Sometimes we can talk about what we want, we imagine it, visualise about it, dream it. But then when it turns up – do we sabotage it or doubt it? This month for you is all about soul commitment. Being certain of what you want and then being unafraid to take it, have it, live it. Let go of feelings of undeservedness. Time to connect in a new way to your emotional world. You feel the way you do for a reason. Why is this? Your dreams are designed to fulfil a specific need deep within you.  So ask what that need is. Then – go directly to the need. New people are queueing in the wings wanting to enter your life and they could be instrumental in not only helping you on the road to attaining what you want, but also in your life path flowing in a radical new direction. There’s a need for you to create some kind of structure or support network now. The word ‘foundation’ is going to feature for you this month. What supports and sustains you. Shakespeare summed this up with his Sonnet 116 – the ‘ever fixed mark’ that ‘looks on tempests and is never shaken’. What’s solid can’t be shaken. It may rattle a bit that’s all. So, if shudders happen but nothing falls down, you know you have what you need to see you through the long term – be this a relationship, a job or a lifestyle. If it all comes tumbling down however – it was never solid to begin with. And this is your chance to begin anew. Anything that falls shakes you free to create something lasting and better. As life flows in a new direction – go down it. That path is leading directly to what you need this month.

Forecast for Number 3 Month

Step into a month where you can afford to be a little bit bolder, a little more daring and a lot more expansive – especially when it comes to your resources. Now, by that I don’t mean rush out and spend what you don’t have. You can however afford to take a chance on yourself and what you have to offer. Your talents, skills, knowledge, abilities are like money in the bank. And you can literally translate them into cash in a new way. Strut your stuff and showcase yourself. Reach for something that you have thought beyond your grasp up until now. That job, that opportunity, that big client, that project, that destination or even – dare I suggest it – that person. This month wants to deliver surprises and its biggest surprise just could be the one you give yourself. Your mindset should be locked into ‘Yes, I CAN!’.  Travel plans can be initiated and undertaken. Follow your intuition this coming month as it will guide you towards opportunity. When it comes to those resources you have more at your disposal than you may think. The term ‘asset management’ springs to mind here. Write down not only your current income but what you have at your disposal in terms of talents, skills, experience, space and contacts. The people who support you. The things you own and possess. Chances are once you have finished listing these you will have created your very own Rich List which shows you that you have more than you possibly thought. Once you see what you have, now make a list of how it all can be used in new ways. Above all, tell others about the magical resource that is you. Create your own luck and the flow to take you to it.

Forecast for Number 4 Month

How are your trust issues this month? By that I mean do you trust the universe to lead you where you need to go? Sticking your heels in when change comes knocking not only prevents your soul evolution but deprives you of opportunities. If you’ve got a plan are you willing to concede the universe may have a better one mapped out for you? Let go of attachment to get the most out of this cycle and be willing to change your plans – or even your direction, at a moment’s notice. There’s a touch of the mystically unexpected around all of this. Yes, events may catch you unawares. You may even not like the look of them initially. But don’t judge the Book of Fate by its cover. This cycle has a direction and a purpose all its own. Don’t get too attached to plans. Live in the moment NOW but know that as you do, you are actually creating your future. Along with the 9 cycle, this is one of those months where people may show you their true colours.  People you thought you knew well will surprise you one way or the other – as will people you don’t. Once you see the shades they fall into – act accordingly. At times during the next few weeks you may just feel like crawling under the duvet and shutting out the world. But try to resist doing this if you can. New friends and connections can be made now and again, there is a touch of fate around this. Don’t deprive yourself – or them of the future you can share together. And you will never discover what that is if you stay home with that boxset! What happens this month is a soul release into new potential you didn’t know was out there. The truth? That’s out there too.

Forecast for Number 5 Month

You may find yourself at a crossroads with the choice of directions you can take ahead of you this month. Options beckon and if you have felt stuck lately, this is the month when life can move forward for you once more. Be organised and pay close attention to what you say and what is said back to you in turn. You are connected to your smarts in a new way this month. Savvy you is able to communicate clearly and get your ideas across. Messages, emails,  texts, social media, meetings, interviews, travel that is business related and a boom in business itself could bring you extra cash and also more time doing whatever it is you do. Guard against burn-out, support your body and above all, focus on the job at hand and don’t allow your attention to drift. You may find yourself at a crossroads where you have more than one direction you can choose to head in. It may be time to choose a path you have not been down before. For some this could be launching that project or idea or even taking a new job in a totally different sector to what you have worked in before. Siblings will feature more than usual if you have them, as may your old neighbourhood or friends from school. Questions around your education may come up. Do you feel you know enough or would you like to return to upskill or study? Is that the path that is calling you? Your attitude to your work and what you know, your routine and even your relationship to your body is changing. Make those necessary alterations and go with the flow.

Forecast for Number 6 Month

No matter what the planets are up to in the heavens in your own personal chart, when you have the gift of a 6 month, love is in the air! This is one of the best cycles for romance, love, creativity, attraction and pleasure. If you are single, then ensure you look and feel your best and also that you put yourself ‘out there’ so love can find you. It wants to on some level. Above all this month, be serious about what you expect from love and also from your work, projects and life in general. Knowing exactly what we want is the first step to getting it. Choices and decisions define not only this month, but your life for a long time to come. Make them with confidence especially if you can clearly see how they will enhance your future. Are people taking you seriously? Or are you being dismissed, treated as if your opinion or needs don’t matter or even worse, like a child? This month hands you the opportunity to do something about this and it begins with you acting in your own best interests. If you are single and seeking love, or if you are settled and facing issues in your relationship, take some time to look at your past love history. What’s the common denominator in all this? That’s right – it’s you. Not the other person(s). Until we learn from our past we are destined to repeat it. And that’s not what this month is all about. It’s about fresh starts and new beginnings. So ask yourself, do you want more of the same or something new? Your self-worth and self-esteem have a major role to play here. This is also a month where extra money, gifts or other resources can come your way. Ready to attract? Get relating to yourself and then everyone else around you a whole lot better.

Forecast for Number 7 Month

Other worlds beckon you this cycle if you are in a 7 month. The mysteries of the psychic realms, intuition, insight, the multiverse, the Tarot, numerology, astrology, psychology, healing, mediumship, fantasy, channelled creativity and inspiration are all yours to play with and explore. This is a month where I like to tell people to keep their feet on the ground and their head in the stars. To make the most of it, you do need to remain grounded and practical. Do not get lost as you need to remain focussed.  Others may come to you for help or you may need to go to people to ask for it yourself. If it’s the former – step back and ask yourself if this is cycle for this person? Are they constantly getting themselves into situations that are self-created due to faulty decision making? If so, look at how you can point them in the direction of practical healing and help rather than playing the rescuer. If you need help – how are you at asking for it? And have you been in this situation before? Your compassion and empathy peak this month – know the difference between these and sympathy. Above all, this is a month where you need to follow your intuition and pay attention to your gut instincts. That first response or thought you have will always turn out to be the correct one so don’t doubt it. This month is all about karma. Karma is the past catching up with us in the present. Now, sometimes this stems directly from past actions or connections in this lifetime. Other times it is karma from a past lifetime. People with whom you have karmic debts are going to appear – or should I say reappear. They will either help you or hold you back. Look at all your relationships and see who is playing which role and know you have played this out with them before. This is a spiritual month rather than a material one. Your ideas of life, the universe and everything in it will expand and even make sense in a new way. The stars are calling but stay in the real world.

Forecast for Number 8 Month

Romance speed bump? Sudden stop? Delays? Mind changes? Cancellations? Obstacles in your path? Whatever you do, don’t get frustrated and don’t push. Know there is a beautiful reason behind it if this happens. Everything happens for a reason and if something comes to a grinding halt this month it is because you need to stop, look, listen and above all, draw on all you know and have learned and see how it applies here. If something is not working out, it may well be it is because something even better is edging ever closer. You just may not be aware of it until the pause button is hit. This is your month for major decisions and also to focus on your long term career path. Time is something you will be very much aware of now. Sometimes it may go by in a flash and at other times appear to drag. When it comes to those decisions – this is a time when they need to be made from a pragmatic perspective – not an emotional one.  Look at your professional and public image. You are going to be noticed in some way or find yourself dealing with people in positions of influence and authority this month. Bosses and employers – current and prospective, corporations, the professions we associate with the ‘establishment’ – law enforcement, banking, civil servants, politicians, journalists, architects, the medical profession, could feature.  It will be important to create a good impression and to get whomever you are dealing with ‘on side’. Success or benefits could come via long established companies, businesses or even prominent individuals. Where do you fit into this picture? Above all, be seen as someone to be taken seriously. You could be keeping seriously good company this cycle.

Forecast for Number 9 Month

No more procrastination. The 9 month is the peak month of your cycle. It tells you Do It NOW. Say what needs to be said. Take action. Put the finishing touches to projects or else consign them to the bin for good. Do not leave any loose ends. Time to be fearless when it comes to doing whatever needs to be done. Unfortunately this does include anything that has been lived out, used up or no longer holds meaning. All your relationships will be tested this month – for lasting strength and resonance. Some will survive and others won’t. Don’t get too emotional even if at times you may feel angry as whatever ends is what you have outgrown and what happens just shows you this. You are in a position to accomplish anything you set your mind to now if you focus your energy totally  on it. If you have recently begun a new relationship, you should see it either intensify to the point of nuclear meltdown or you realise that isn’t going to happen – ever, and you let it go. If you are settled, you can reawaken lost passion or else tackle any issues between you. Singles could experience the L word at first sight. And it’s mutual. That may be the other ‘L’ word however – the one that has U as the second letter and not O. Big money, shared resources, values, payouts, loans, mortgages and negotiations are a reflection of how powerful – and how sexy you’re feeling this month. Remember – even interaction is a negotiation. Get yours happening, baby.

By our psychic, astrologer and numerologist Helen

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