How to be a good clairvoyant

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Did you know you are naturally clairvoyant? There’s a lot of confusion out there about the term ‘Clairvoyant’. It literally translates into ‘Clear seeing’. Don’t be confused by the term. It’s your goddamn goddess-given right to tune into your own clairvoyance 💫

Some folk associate being a clairvoyant with being a medium but they are two totally different skills. You don’t have to chat to those passed over to be a clairvoyant.

Being clairvoyant is the ability to see things or pick up messages, symbols or energy. Being a clairvoyant is literally seeing deeply into the present and having glimpses of the future. So who doesn’t want to do that?  🕯🔮🌟👀

Clairaudience and Clairsentience

We are all intricately linked and have more ability to sense what is really going on around us than we are probably using. Many of us also have clairaudience (the ability to hear verbal messages from our guides) or clairsentience – the ability to sense energy, moods and feelings that people and places put out, but we may still either not think of ourselves as clairvoyant or else shy away from exploring our fabulous innate ability.

How to be a good clairvoyant!

There’s no doubt some people are naturally brilliant clairvoyants. However, I believe clairvoyance is like any other psychic skill – to be a really good clairvoyant and get better and better we can increase our clairvoyant abilities by practice! I also believe in dissolving the mystery that surrounds so many psychic skills so here are my top tips for developing your particular brand of clairvoyance in an easy peasy way. Try them all – but you may find one works better for you than the others. It’s all about trying and seeing what works and turns you skills on.


1: Practice seeing auras.

Clairvoyants can usually see auras and these give them an amazing amount of information about the subject and what is going on in their lives. The trick here is to begin with something static. All living things have an aura – that includes plants. If you have a houseplant this could be a good place to start. If not, go outdoors to a park where there are planets and trees.

Plants also don’t move around which is another reason they are good to begin your aura-seeing practice with. Sit quiet and centre yourself. Focus first on the plant – and then on the space behind it so you can still see the plant itself but it moves into soft focus. Don’t stare or remain fixed on any spot.

The object of this exercise is to let everything slide into soft focus. After a while you may begin to see what appears to be a denser yet still transparent line of energy surrounding the plant.

This is the aura beginning to emerge. It may take a while for the full aura to appear but if you can see a ‘line’ enclosing the plant, you are off to an excellent start! As you practice more, colours will eventually begin to emerge and you will also be able to do this with animals and people who are moving around. You can also purchase aura goggles on line 😳 which many people claim to have had great success with.

But no matter which method you choose the secret is in the soft-focus and practice, practice, practice!


2: Open Up Your Third Eye.

Sit comfortably and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine you have a third eye right between your eyebrows. Imagine this eye slowly opening up. What colour is this eye? Practice this because it tells the universe you are ready to open up your third eye and begin to receive messages via it. Again, don’t push things or expect instant results – although this may surprise you! Keep practicing and you will soon see your abilities expand.

3: Tap into crystal power!

crystalsLapis lazuli or clear quartz are associated with clairvoyant skills. Place a small one on your third eye when you meditate (obviously in a reclining position!) to boost your abilities. With crystals however, it can all boil down to the one that ‘calls’ to you.  No matter what it is – this is the right one for you! The most powerful one I have found is flourite but use with caution as it can be extreme!

4: The most powerful clairvoyant lesson of them all!

Think about someone close to you and sense their mood right now. Predict something you feel will happen in their life and write it down. Predict a specific event that will happen in your life, again, write it down. When the phone rings, tune into your psychic ability and without looking a the number 😬 predict who is calling you. Practice every day slipping into your own innate KNOWING.

To conclude

There’s no big mystery around developing  clairvoyant skills. Just as we practice with the Tarot we can practice opening up our third eye and enjoying the extra-insight this gives us. The key is being open-minded, third eye wide open and yes – practice, practice, practice!

Being a clairvoyant is your natural right. The media may still depict clairvoyant’s as kooky but we all have the ability to be ‘clear sighted’ so pump up those clairvoyant muscles and pay attention to the messages that are already within you!


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  1. In the last couple days i have had to stop in the middle of the road for birds that would not move, does this mean anything

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