Five Easy Steps to Access Your Intuition

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could access an unlimited source of wisdom every time we had a question about what to do next or were faced with a challenge? Well, the answer is we can – simply by tuning into your intuition, universal truth, your higher self, God, Buddha, spirit guides, angels, loved ones who have passed over – no matter what we choose to call the source, we are all talking about the same thing. This wisdom can give us access to knowledge, answers, enhance our psychic ability and also open up new paths for us that we might otherwise never have discovered. Accessing this wisdom is also a way for us to discover our soul purpose and to experience increased feelings of empowerment. You don’t have to consider yourself ‘psychic’ – although I believe we all are on some level, as this is universal knowledge we are tapping into and the thing about universal knowledge is that it’s designed to be just that – accessed by anybody.

There are five steps to ‘tune in’ to this amazing resource of wisdom and what’s more you may not need to try all five. Many people find that one of these methods is all they need while others may try a combination. Feel free to experiment with all of them until you find the one most suited to you where you feel the two way flow of energy.

1: Automatic writing: All you need is a notebook and pen and some time where you won’t be disturbed. Have a question or a subject in mind that you need information on. Sit quietly and wait until ideas and words seem to flood into your mind then write them down. Above all – please don’t censor or block yourself. If you’re saying: ‘But this sounds like inspiration’ – where do you think the word comes from? Inspiration = in spirit.

2: Just breathe: Yes, really. It’s that simple. Those of you who practice meditation or yoga may already be familiar with this. Take a deep breath in and feel it connect to your ‘centre’ – the place that connects you to the universe or spirit that’s within you. Then release it. Breathe in again and feel your breath connect every time you do with the universal spiritual wisdom that holds the universe together. Let go of everything – your worries, your feelings, your thoughts or anything that no longer serves your higher purpose as you breathe out. Note what new thoughts and feeling come to you as you breathe in each time and connect back to your source. These are your answers or messages.

3: Ask: Again, this sounds simple but think about it. If you need help you usually have to ask for it. Sometimes we can see a friend desperately needs our help but often it’s no use us offering help unless they ask us – otherwise it’s likely they will refuse telling us they either don’t need assistance or that nothing is wrong. If you have a source of wisdom you have a name for – God, Spirit, the Archangel Michael, your nanna who passed away – then ask them for help and insight into a specific issue. They are probably waiting for you to do so!

4: Signs and Synchronicities: This one is for those of you out there who are still a little bit sceptical or else who fear that they may not understand the messages they receive using the other steps I’ve outlined. Ask for a sign. State out loud: ‘If I am supposed to go down such-and-such a path, please send me a clear sign that even I couldn’t misinterpret.’ Then relax. Please don’t start looking everywhere for your sign. You are not going to miss it. Let go of any preconceptions as to what you think it will be or when it will arrive. Be patient. Your sign will arrive and its message will be very clear.

5: Action is Attraction!: You will know you have received true insight and guidance when the answers you have resonate deep within you almost on a cellular level. They will ‘ring true’ on some level. When you have them, now follow through with any action you need to take.

The more you practice this, the easier it becomes. Intuition is the ability to tap into universal wisdom and as I said earlier, this is an ability we all have.

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