Your Life Path number revealed

The numbers of our date of birth are the fixed aspect of the Numerology chart. These numbers unlike the numbers of the name do not change. The overall date of birth number is often called the Destiny or Life Path number. It provides clues about the kind of work we are best suited to. On a spiritual level this number relates to the work we came here to do.

There are several ways to calculate this number all of which are perfectly right but I am going to share with you the method that I personally use. With some of the other methods we can miss the higher master numbers and so miss the opportunity to reach our full potential. In these changing times as we move toward 2012 I feel it is important to utilise these higher energies.

To calculate your Life Path Number we need to add together all of the numbers of your date of birth. For example see below;

Day of birth = 31
Month of birth = 07
Year of birth = 1955
Day + Month + Year (31 + 07 + 1955) = 1993
Life Path number (1+9+9+3) = 22

Twenty two is one of the Master numbers and has a higher vibrational energy to it and so we would look at the number 22 in the chart below. If we reduce this number again by adding 2+2 we get 4 so we would also look at the number 4. Both of these numbers would be relevant to this person. With 4 as the number of stability and order we can see that in order to fully utilise the energy of the number 22 this person would need to have a stable secure home life. Twenty two is the number of sensitivity and often brings the gifts of empathy or clairsentience which can sometimes be difficult to work with. It is also the number of the Architect the people who design and plan and make things happen.

In a chart or a personal reading we would also look at the day, month and year of birth numbers and their meanings. Here we will look at the overall number and the Life Path Number only.

Life Path Numbers.

1) Ones are the pioneers, the leaders. It is important that you are allowed to find your own way through life. You are best suited to self employment or a job where you have a supervisory role. You like to be in control of your own life and enjoy responsibility. You have a real knack for getting projects started.

2) Twos are the peace keepers, the mediators. Justice is important to you. These are gentle souls often well suited to counselling or personnel work. Not particularly out spoken the two prefers to work quietly in the background. You may be drawn to spiritual healing and would be very good at it.

3) Threes are out going and artistic and can be quite flamboyant. You may be drawn to the Arts as a career path. Dance, Art, Music, are all possibilities.  You would be great in social groups and have a love of life that makes you popular. Threes often find they have an affinity with crystals and could work with these beautiful stones either making jewellery or as a therapist.

4) This is the number of stability and order and of earth. There is a love of nature here and very practical hands on approach to life. Gardening, landscaping, carpentry or working with Trees are all possibilities. You are very tactile and need to touch and sense through your hands. You would do well as a massage therapist.

5) Fives are adventurous and very much the free spirits of the numbers. There is often a natural ability to communicate on many levels. You may have a gift for language or writing, you may be  a natural comic. Fives are expected to be funny, bright, busy and friendly. You may have a natural interest in mystery and magic and music and could be interested in Herbalism and natural medicines.

6) This is the number of the earth mother or the carer. You may find yourself drawn to medicine or care work. This is the number of the natural parents .You would be well suited to any work where you are helping people to grow and develop. This nurturing also extends to animals. It is important for you to maintain a sense of Balance and harmony within your home.

7) Seven is the number of music and mysteries. You like to know how things work and can be quite analytical so would be well suited to intellectual work that requires precision and fine details. There is often a natural ability to pass on what you know to others and you would be well suited to teaching. You may find yourself drawn to a career in music. Seven is also the number of the Tarot and you might find you have the ability to read cards.

8) This is the number of the material world, of finance and management. You are very good at organising people and events and may well find yourself being called upon to do this at some point in your life. You could be very good at it. There is a love of buildings and you may do well at renovation or conversion work. Energetically eights are often drawn to Reiki healing.

9) This is the number of humanity and there is often a desire to help those less fortunate. You would be well suited to work where you can help to empower people. You could find yourself drawn to aid work or humanitarian work which enables you to combine helping people with travel. Nines are often nomadic at heart and love to travel and experience other cultures. It is also the number of numbers and you may be interested in Numerology.

11) This is the first of the master numbers and is the number of intuitive thought. There is often an  ability to channel universal energies and to see things very clearly. You have amazing ideas that just seem to come out of the blue. You are a perfectionist at heart and have an eye for detail. You are well suited to spiritual work. There is a knack here for bringing together the old and the new.

22) Twenty two brings double the sensitivity of the two and often brings empathy. There is a natural interest in everything magical or mysterious. You are drawn to all things alternative and may well work as a complimentary therapist. There is a thirst for knowledge with this number and you may find yourself continuously learning new things and also teaching those skills to others.

33) Thirty three is the third of the master numbers although it rarely appears as a life path number. When it does it suggests creative genius and a zest for life that is infectious. You may well have healing abilities as this number is often linked to the Christ light. There is an ability to make things happen but you need to be careful not to become a martyr.

Michele Knight reader Vikki, ID 2265

2 thoughts on “Your Life Path number revealed

  1. 04-16-1993 master number 33 I am also as well as 3 11s for my soul maturity and my 2nd gland and also lucky number 2 and etc my name is Christian also I have 3 6s in the middle of my social
    6** 66 6*** lol 4 all together funny just realized I have lucky numbers too found this out yesterday from my gf never checked this out funny

  2. Michele I am confused! A renowned numerologist I met uses a different method of adding the birth date as a sum, going downwards (which my keyboard won’t let me show) So after years of not feeling like a Life Path 4 (it just doesn’t fit me), adding it downwards makes it a 22, which makes perfect sense of my life so far in terms of personality traits, and how frustrated I feel at times that I’m not fulfilling my potential. What do you think? My D.O.B is 25/01/1967. Thank you!

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