Be Your Own Psychic – 5 Steps To Give Yourself A Psychic Reading

DIY psychic reading: 5 steps

Tarot cards, crystals and pendulums can all help you develop your psychic skills, but the most direct and powerful way to connect with your intuition is to go direct to the source – your own mind.

If you’re serious about connecting with your higher-self, you need to create some time for yourself. That means, entirely for yourself: no TV or radio on in the background, no looming work schedule, no children or pets about to pounce. Just you and a peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed.
Do whatever feels right to make yourself comfortable. Some people find that incense or evocative music helps, where others find it too distracting. You’ll know what feels right.

1. Centre yourself

Before you start using your psychic skills it is important that you clear your mind of any lingering thoughts of feelings that might be holding you back or needlessly distracting your focus.
One useful technique here is to focus on an imaginary spot in the centre of your head, or in the middle of your brain.

This is a stable, grounding place where everything is level and harmonious. Remain in this headspace until any negative, or exciting, thoughts and feelings are levelled out.
Imagine your consciousness is a soft light that you have turned on, illuminating this level, calm place. When you feel centred and equalised you can move to the next level.

2. Ask your psychic self

What do you want to know? This is the point when you should think about what you need from your life right now and form a question in your mind. It’s better to have a clear idea of what you want to know, so that you will understand when your question is answered. For example ask, “What’s my perfect job.” Vague questions will produce unclear answers. Try to keep it fairly simple at first, as you are initially looking for a starting place that you can explore further later on.
Whatever your question, imagine that the ‘you’ asking the question is separate from the psychic part of you. Like you are the one visiting a wonderfully gifted psychic.

3. Scan yourself

You might be lucky and get some impressions as soon as you ask your question but if you are drawing a blank, don’t worry, give it a bit of time to work, especially if it’s the first time you’ve tried it. If it helps, imagine a screen inside your mind where images appear, these might just be colours or abstract shapes, some memories from the past might pop up on there, too.
Voices, sounds and music are the next things to concentrate on – is someone speaking to you?

What’s their tone of voice? Is the voice yours or someone you know? What are they saying? Perhaps they are singing or perhaps you can hear music. Has a song or a tune popped into your mind?
Another thing to pay attention to is your body and your emotions. Do you feel unexplained sensations in your body or are you experiencing an unexpected emotional reaction? Note any odd or pleasant feelings and think about what these might be trying to tell you.

Naturally, occasionally you will just instantly know the answer to your question. You might have had absolutely no idea what the answer could be then instantly, you just know. It’s hard to describe, but when it happens there’s no doubt, it’s just a pure flash of psychic insight.

4. Taking it further

If you already have your answer, you might want to start all over again. But usually you’ll wish to explore the impressions you have already received, to flesh out the bones a little more. You’ll benefit from asking further questions about the impressions, sounds, feelings and images that have come to you in the last step.
Ask more about what you have already discovered.

For example in asking about your perfect job, you saw a garden centre, or heard the word “animals”, or felt a ‘ping’ around your throat chakra… it’s time to open those impressions up so they reveal more information.
Ask where the garden centre is, what kind of animals, or what job could engage your throat chakra. Then do the same again… when more impressions come, ask more questions of them until you are satisfied with what you have.

If you know that you hear sounds easier than you see images, ask your question based primarily on sounds, “what does this job sound like”, or “what noise does the animal make”.
Don’t worry if you have nothing. Sometimes it does take practice, especially if you’re not used to looking inside yourself in this way. Don’t stretch yourself either, as you need to keep as tranquil as possible so that your own thoughts and feelings don’t interfere with your psychic impressions.

5. Back to the centre

When you have enough information, or feel it’s time to leave, you should thank your higher self for its assistance and return to your safe, centred spot in your mind. Stay there for as long as you like and when you feel equalised and ready to return to your world, do so by gently stretching or moving, feeling grounded and stable, back into your day.

If you still don’t have the direct answer you were looking for it can help to write down what you remember from your experience, even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now, you may be surprised at how many coincidences will point you back to the things you have picked up – and these will also help you paint a fuller picture of the answer you seek.

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