Meet Our Psychic Medium Pam

Psychic Reader Pam 2332

Introducing our psychic Pam pin 2332

Our lovely psychic medium Pam passed her test readings with flying colours and is an incredibly popular psychic on our team. Pam is a solid old-school medium who likes to provide proof of her connection. Our test readers found her very detailed, one tester said:

What our testers say

‘She started off by saying spirit is telling her about the low heels I had got for a special occasion and that I was unsure about them. I couldn’t believe it as I had only received this delivery the day before and was hesitant about if they will go with the dress I had bought for a wedding in Jan.

She confirmed I had two children, older being a girl. She asked if she was going to be in a dance show or singing, and my daughter is currently in a performance of Hairspray!’

others said:

She gave me accurate psychic information

“She told me at the start of the reading that she doesn’t use tools. Pam channels info from the universe and is also a medium. Pam then asked me if I was comfortable with her using her medium skills.

I asked for a general reading initially and then would ask specific questions later in the reading. The general psychic medium reading was detailed, and she seemed particularly good at focusing in on emotional themes and, in a lot of cases, was spot on how things are for me at present”

She was great. She brought through a couple of people I could take and gave me accurate information, and I felt like it was good advice and knowledge given from spirit. I was happy with my reading and gave me a lot to think about afterward, which I am still mulling over. I think that’s a sign of a good psychic medium reading.

She’s a strong psychic medium, which is perfect if you like a traditional reading.



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