Develop Your Powers of Psychometry

Develop Your Powers of Psychometry

Develop Your Powers of Psychometry

What is psychometry?

Want to develop your powers of psychometry? First of all, what is psychometry?  It’s a psychic skill that enables someone to pick up information. For example, from an object that’s closely connected to a person. Psychometry readings can accurately describe someone’s character, looks or things that have happened to them. So,  just by holding a well-worn ring or fav necklace of theirs, you get the scoop on their energy.

The use of psychometry goes back as far as the use of any psychic skill. However, more recently, quantum physics has given us a greater understanding of the nature of the universe. Through this we have a deeper understanding of how psychometry works.

Huh? How can psychometry be a thing?

Psychometry is possible because everything in the universe is composed of atoms that don’t stay put.  Every single particle in the universe is constantly on the move.  It might sound very new age; but it’s a scientific observation to say that the energy is constantly mingling with everything else.  That means that if you wear something every day, it becomes infused with the essence of you!  This explains why you might find keeping something worn by a loved one close so comforting! It’s that infusion of an individual into a worn item that would be soaked up by a reader.

Holding an object can also set an intention or act as a magical ritual; enabling us to sift and sort information about the owner from the vast web of universal energy.

What object can I use for psychometry?

You’ll most commonly see people reading from very personal items of jewellery, such as watches or necklaces.  These become infused with a lot of energy because they tend to be worn a great deal. Stones with rings are also really good to use because the stones amplify the energetic signals – especially crystals.  Interestingly, many watches are kept accurate by crystal technology, making quartz crystal watches great for psychometry!

Got it! But for maximum psychic messages, what should I choose?

When choosing an object for psychometry, it’s more important to choose something based on wear or use. Rather than actual ownership, as the notion of belonging is an idea of ours that isn’t recognised by atom exchange.  That’s why it’s also best to thoroughly cleanse the energetic slate of anything that is second hand; to remove any unwanted energy.  You can do this by washing it in salt water bath; or, if that’s impractical, leaving it where it can be exposed to moonlight.

Can anyone develop nifty psychometry skills?

Like any other psychic skill, psychometry can be developed.  When you’re doing a reading, hold the object in your left hand and see what impressions you can pick up. You might get words, names, images, sensations or colours.  Developing an extensive symbolic vocabulary can be really useful.  For example, you might pick up the colour purple, which can signify someone who is intuitive. Perhaps you get an image from their past, or a specific taste or smell.

Tips for newbie psychometrists

When you start out, you can begin by working with something that you own. Keep a diary of your impressions; and what you notice about your corresponding emotional states before you start practising on others.  When you’re feeling more confident, you can throw a psychometry party; where you get together with a few friends and each brings an object belonging to someone else. Swap objects and see how many pieces of accurate information each person can jot down.

Switching it up – using psychometry to create the future!

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about psychometry is that as it’s essentially based on an exchange of information.  That exchange is two way and can be used to your advantage. You can take something of your own, and cleanse it.

Then, holding it in your right hand, work with any affirmations, cosmic orders or manifestation visualisations you are using.  This will charge the object up with whatever it is you most want to attract into your life!

A quick guide to Psychometry

Psychometry works by using an object to allow the reader to dip into the quantum soup and pull out information.

It works best with something well used or well worn to allow maximum energetic infusion!

Cleanse anything that you wear or use a lot when you want a clean energetic slate; or acquire anything that has previously belonged to someone else.

Use salt water for washing or expose to moonlight.

Keep a diary to chart your progress and note words, images, colours or sensations you receive.

Place objects in the left hand to receive information, in the right hand to input manifestations, cosmic orders and affirmations.


5 thoughts on “Develop Your Powers of Psychometry

  1. I too want to know if being left handed changes what hand we should use in psychometry. I’ve been taught your right hand is your receiving (information) hand while working with crystals and to send energy out .. to place the crystal in your left. In crystal work, it’s said it doesn’t matter the ‘handedness you are, right receives, left sends energy out.

    This is opposite here. Can you please explain why

    1. For me left receives and right gives out si I guess it is a personal choice, I am left-handed though!

  2. Ive always been able to feel the energy people give off from a distance, for example i was chillin in my room with one of my younger brothers when i felt my other brothers energy getting stronger, my instand reaction was to say hi and then his name, 3 seconds later he walked in, my other brother was shocked

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