Using Crystals for Psychic Development

Years ago I sold crystals in London’s Covent Garden and also ran crystal workshops where a few amazing things happened when the people taking part started working with them!  Crystals can be used for all sorts of things.  I think they are brilliant for meditation and manifestation, but here I’m going to talk about how to use them in psychic development.

There are literally hundreds of different types of crystals but I’ve picked out a few that to me are personal favourites and form the basics in a psychic development toolkit.

The basic gemstones

Tigers Eye is used for grounding and protection, both of which are really important when you start opening up your psychic abilities.   I used this crystals a lot when I was filming channel 5′s ‘House Busters’ and my mother always taught me to slip some under my pillow to protect me when I was asleep.

When it comes to actually opening up, Amethyst is a really good crystal to use.  In ancient cultures, only the Priestesses, Priests or Kings had access to the mystery of this stone and it is said to effectively plug us in to the cosmos itself, opening us up to
its true infinite nature, stirring our innate  psychic ability, deepening our intuition and revealing many spiritual truths.

Flourite is believed to take us even further along that journey but in my book needs to
be used with a lot of respect and reverence as it can open us up really quickly and can bring psychic visions.  That might sound very tempting but I always say that you shouldn’t rush to open up and this powerful stone should be used with great care!

Rose Quartz is linked with the heart chakra and is the stone of unconditional love,
so for me that earns it an important place in our toolbox, especially if you are thinking of working as a psychic reader as it will also help you put aside your own judgements and do your readings from a pure heart.

Citrine is a lovely light coloured stone that can help us feel optimistic and deeply
connect with a strong sense of our own abilities and self worth, so it’s great for boosting confidence along the way. Just make sure that you don’t confuse this with burnt amethyst which looks very similar!

And finally, clear crystal makes a brilliant ‘magic wand’ in my book that you can
use to direct your psychic energy.  You can actually buy most crystals in a wand shape or look out for ones that are still in their natural form with a point, rather than those that are polished into spherical or other shapes.

Cleansing your crystal

Before you set about using your crystals, it’s important to cleanse them.  To do this, hold the stone in your left hand under running water.  A clear stream would be a lovely place to do this, but a kitchen tap really will do.  As the water runs over the stone, visualise it being cleansed and say, ‘I dedicate you to my love and the love of all’.

Using your crystals

This is where we actually start to put the crystals to work.  In general, you can press them against your third eye when you are meditating – that little dent you can feel
around and find with your finger just between and slightly above your eyes on
your forehead.  This chakra is the gateway to your psychic intuition and doing this can really open you up.  I would suggest using amethyst for this, and you can use Flourite, though again I would go very carefully as it can be like throwing a lit match into a firework factory!

To cleanse yourself or give yourself whatever boost you need, you can also leave a (clean!) crystal in a glass of water overnight, remove the stone and then drink the water.  Only use smooth stones for this as some unpolished stones may be toxic.
Alternatively, I love taking crystal baths.  All you need to do there is tumble a few into your bathwater and soak up their energy before letting the water drain away and visualising any negative energy going with it.  Rose quartz is lovely to use for this, but again you can also drop a few tigers eye stones in if you feel that you need extra protection.

Alongside that, if you want to work with the energy of unconditional love, rose quartz’ natural home is your heart chakra, so again you can meditate pressing the stone to your chest or lie down so it sits quite comfortably there.  A friend of mine
always used to secretly tuck a little sliver into her bra!

Wands amplify energy, so again depending on how you want to use your developing intuition, you can point them for healing or use them to draw protective circles around yourself or even your divination tools.

Also, of course, you can surround yourself with them.  I have them absolutely everywhere in my home, including huge lumps of Rose Quartz around the outside entrances and Tigers Eye tucked in the door frames to keep the love flowing and for protection.

This really is your basic starting point.  Over time, you can actually start to use your
developing intuition to guide you towards which crystals to use for what, alongside research into their fascinating histories and the way that they are most often used.  My love affair with crystals is still going strong after over thirty years, and I’m sure you’ll soon feel the same!

A version of this article first appeared in Soul and Spirit Magazine.

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