Michele Knight Psychic Vlog Episodes 1-5

3 thoughts on “Michele Knight Psychic Vlog Episodes 1-5

  1. Beautiful family Michele. It’s great to see all of you so happy, and positive. Before I even knew what you’d gone through, I always enjoyed watching your horoscope vids because you’re always so positive, full of life and charisma. Choose your tribe? Yes I did and for 25 yrs things were great, but something happened recently that’s left me and the tribe smashed. I don’t know if it can be fixed this time. Your 3 card reading? Yes, bang on. Thanks you. Have a fantastic time in Ibza. x

  2. I did today give a friend a reading, but i have read her before. Its still real hard for me to give a reading. I live in a small town and very religions town that looks down on things like this, but today I gave a friend a reading. Like always she was amazed how much I was spot on. Read her dream to and it had a lot to do with what I had read to her already. Its amazing how it all works together. I just need to learn to believe in myself, but its hard when I let things bother me of what others think. Thank you for sharing your Vlog’s

  3. Michele, Your vlogs are heart warming and you are a beam of light. Thank you so much for what you do!!

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