Is your pet psychic?

is your pet psychic

Is your pet psychic? If you’re an animal lover or pet owner, you don’t need me to tell you about the extraordinary bond that can exist between us and the creatures with which we share our world.

But does that bond go beyond the emotional and into a psychic connection?  I think it does.  So do people like Rupert Sheldrake who has done a huge amount of research into the psychic connection we can share with dogs. Some pets are more psychic than others.

Take a look at the questions below and see how many you can answer yes to.

Psychic Pet test

1/My pet responds immediately to my moods.  For example, if I’m happy, they are up for playing.  If I’m sad, they either keep their distance or become much more affectionate.

2/My pet changes their behaviour just before the phone rings or people come to the door.

3/People have told me that my pet becomes very animated just before I come home, even if it isn’t at my regular time.  For example, if they are a cat or a dog, they will go and wait by the door or gate.

4/I can look back and see that my pet has changed its behaviour before a significant event, such as a person coming to stay or a new animal joining the household.

5/My pet can take an instant liking or disliking to someone.

6/My pet can show sudden obstinacy or extra keenness to go out and about and I can tie that change to something that then happened.

7/I often feel as though my pet is trying to communicate with me and wish I could understand what they are trying to say.

8/If I’ve been out walking my dog or riding my horse, they will sometimes become obstinate or skittish about taking our normal route and show a huge amount of reluctance to go forward.

So is my pet psychic?

In some ways, whether you answer yes or no to the above questions may be as much a measure of how much you take notice as what your pet is up to as whether or not it has any degree of psychic ability that you might spot.

Much is made about the intuition shown by all species.  You might even say that other species have the benefit of not having a mind like ours, that talks or reasons us out of the psychic intuitions that we have. That means they are able to live far more comfortably within the psychic arena.

In the same way that we can shout down our own psychic intuitions, we can also overlook what our pets are embodying or trying to communicate.  So try tuning in to what your pet might be trying to say.  And if you have any stories about psychic connections with the animals that you love, please post them here!

Loads of love,

Michele x


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