Lighten Your Psychic Load! Instant Energy Shifts

Lighten your psychic load today! Instant energy shifts

What is a psychic load? As we go through life we pick up all sorts of energy which can stay with us weighing us down. Psychic baggage can be very heavy.  Carrying excess psychic baggage can dull our passion and dilute our juice.  It can slow down the process of attracting what we want.

Lightening our psychic load can help us shed pounds of emotional weight, leaving us free to be the powerful co-creators that we are. So how do we do that?

psychic no Forgive

Are you for-giving? When someone has crossed our boundaries, we can continue to carry the pain of the actual experience with us out of the mistaken belief that if we truly forgive, we are somehow giving people permission to cross them again.  Know that you can lovingly hold your boundaries and release the pain of our past experience.

In fact, if you can release the pain you will actually find it easier to maintain healthy boundaries and say no with love.  If there is someone that you need to forgive, write them a letter expressing everything that you need to say.

Write out all of the pain and heartache and when that is done, safely burn it and scatter the ashes to the wind or bury it somewhere where it can dissolve into the earth.  Then write out everything the experience helped you realise about you or about life itself. That way, you empower yourself to transform the experience and move on.

trust giffTrust

This is especially important if you are practicing Quantum Creating, or Cosmic ordering, the Law of Attraction.  Make ‘what is for me cannot pass me by’ your mantra.  Let’s say you want to attract a loving relationship, you meet someone who seems to tick all of your boxes but they aren’t interested in you or able to commit to a loving  relationship. Trust the Universe, there is always a bigger picture.

You can actually dilute your own psychic power by telling yourself that this person was the only one for you and your chance for happiness is blown because they don’t feel the same.  Trusting that the universe will bring you someone who is actually even more perfect for you helps you stay clear and puts you back in your power.

love yourselfLove and value who you are

Butterflies don’t get upset because they can’t tap dance. You are a total one off with amazing and unique qualities that no
one else has.  Find what they are and nurture them.

regrets gifForget regret

We can often be so much harder on ourselves than we are with other people and be quick to forgive their mistakes whilst we carry on beating ourselves up for the ones that we have made.    If you start to treat yourself with more compassion, you will soon understand that there is no such thing as a mistake.

At every moment in your life, you’ve always done the best you could, and you always will and no one can do any more than that.  If you haven’t seen the incredible film ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ yet, watch it.  It’s only when the heroine supposedly gets it wrong that it all comes out right.

psychic load giffDitch the pursuit of perfectionism

Striving for perfectionism is the fastest
route to unhappiness as it’s an ideal that is impossible to achieve or maintain.  Resolve to explore the idea that everything and everyone is already perfect exactly as it and they are. As are you. We are all a wonderful, unique work in progress.

Finally, if you want a quick shift SMUDGE. This has the immediate effect of shifting any new negative energy around you and restoring your psychic va va voom. A smudge stick is a bunch of white sage tied with string (burn carefully) waft the smoke around your aura and Bob’s your uncle!

If you don’t have a smudge stick and need an immediate cleanse have a bath with salt in. Make sure you cover your whole body in the salty water and when you pull the plug visualise all negative energy being washed away.


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