Numerology For Those Born on the 17th or 26th

Numerology – Secrets of Your Birthday – Soul Power Information for those born on the 17thor 26th day of any month

If you were born on the 17thor 26th day of any month you should have already read the section which governs your Life Path Master Number which is an 8. However, those of you born under ‘double digits’ which reduce down to an 8 have the additional influence of your double number which reveals information about your Soul Power and Soul Path. So, if your birthday falls on either the 17thor 26th – read on.

Soul Power Number 17

If this is your birthday, then you have been blessed. The 17 carries with it none of the rather ‘heavy’ energy of the other 8 life path numbers. You may have a few struggles in your early life however but these will give way to calm and contentment that comes from receiving what you truly need in your life later. Your problems will disappear when you no longer attach yourself to them on an emotional and spiritual level. So the key to realising your goals for you is to just let go. Your life is not about quantity – it is about quality. When you understand what quality of life you are seeking – and this means something different to everyone, then share what you have learned with others.  Your number is one that asks you to give yourself to others on some level – whether it is your time, resources or just what you have learned. In this way you unlock your own potential. 17 is believed by the ancients to be the number of immortality. Whoever you are and whatever you decide to do, you will be remembered in some way after you pass on. It doesn’t matter whether you perform on the world’s stage or live in relative obscurity – in some way you are going to be remembered by those who come after you for something!

Have faith in your own ideas and don’t be afraid of expressing them. You need to work on being confident of your own capabilities. You need to remember that you would not have chosen to be born on this day if you did not have an important contribution to make on some level. There will be times when you will encounter those who do not believe in your talents. When this happens please do not take their comments or criticism to heart. You are destined to be remembered for something important, whether you believe this or not.

Soul Power Number 26

At some stage in your life you are going to need to seek some kind of balance in your path. If you do not, then imbalances in it with bring you down to earth with a bump. A 26 asks that you create order and steer your life in a certain direction. If you don’t know where you are going then life is going to keep you stuck until you do. You need to have a purpose or a goal and then commit to it. If you do that then life will make a commitment to you.

Your number is all about responsibility. In accepting responsibility for your actions you will be set free. It’s a number of a huge learning curve and all about seeing how your actions have brought you to the place you are in now – and then choosing not to repeat them. You actions in the past have resulted in where you are today and your actions today will determine where you end up in the future. Once you see that all too clearly then you will become incredibly empowered and an almost unstoppable force.

There will be times when you may feel that your life is a prison in some way and you are unable to escape. You may be living somewhere where you are not happy or caught up in a relationship that you know is no good for you but unable to break free from it. Or you may be stuck in a dead-end career or a poverty trap. You need to understand you are not trapped at all. You are where you are in your life because what you have thought about, worried about, pondered over in the past. If illness also strikes which it may if you have got yourself into a negative thought cycle, you need to look after your diet and take the time to examine how your thoughts and your attitude towards life have brought you to this place.

Your talents and abilities may be undervalued by a partner, your employer or even a parent in early life. Look and see if you are carrying the same judgement around. If you undervalue yourself then you cannot expect to succeed. Shed negative thoughts and have the courage to shed negative relationships too if you feel trapped by them – even if in doing so you may initially face a period alone. Your number calls for the courage of self-examination. The path you need to commit to is the one of your own soul freedom.


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  1. Feels good read about my birth date. right now am trying to climb out of the pits that i have allowed myself to be in. but i want to believe what you have written.

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