Crystal and colour healing for your home

Wanting a shift of energy in your home? A brilliant way to bring an energy boost into your home is to think about the colours that you use in each room.  Every colour vibrates with a particular kind of energy, so you can use different hues to set moods or deliberately draw in more of what you want the ambiance of any particular room to be about.

When you’re thinking about using colour in your home, you don’t have to go overboard.  You can think in terms of flowers, candles, panels, crystals, paintings, curtains or cushions rather than floor to ceiling washes.  Take a look at each colour below to learn more about the energy associated with each.


Pink is the colour of unconditional love and beauty.  Go for the soft pinks rather than the bubblegum hues to give any room a gentle, loving energy. It brings a sense of peace and comfort. Many prisons in America use pink to calm inmates! Pink is comforting and relaxing but make sure there is a balance of colours as pink can overwhelm some men.

Crystal – Rose quartz is the unconditional love stone so scatter at will!


As you can imagine, red is an immensely energetic colour that can really stir things up and bring things to a head!  It is the colour of passion (and incidentally the root chakra, the centre of our life force!).   Fabulous for the boudoir in small touches but if you have a fiery personality one to be avoided! It is also not a good colour if you have high blood pressure.

Crystal- Red Jasper is a fabulous grounding stone and considered to be the warrior stone giving endurance and power.


White can make a room feel pure and clean, but floor to ceiling white can start to feel a bit clinical, so break it up with other colours from the rainbow palette. it’s a great colour if you feel you have cluttered thoughts.

Crystal – Clear quartz. The magic wand of all stones. Quartz magnifies what you put in so charge this crystal with your thoughts, desires and intentions.


No surprises for getting that this colour is associated with the earth and a sense of grounding.   Used wisely, it can lend an air of stability and order.

Crystal – Brown Tourmaline a powerful calming stone which promotes inner strength


Orange is another ‘hot’ colour that, when cleverly used, can quite literally bring the sun in to any room.  It symbolises energy and has a lot of staying power.  The more mellow blends can create chill out havens. Orange is the colour of sexuality so can give you a creative and sensual boost. Avoid painting a kitchen orange as it’s said to increase your appetite.

Crystal –  Get your creative juices flowing with Carnelian. Adored by the Romans and Egyptians alike, this stone puts fire in the belly! Sexuality, passion and power.


This rich colour is linked with wealth, but also abundance and wisdom.  Gold fabrics bring a real touch of luxury. It’s also a great colour of personal protection.

Crystal – Tigers eye. One of my fav stones. Tigers eye brings psychic protection and stimulates the intellect.


Purple is the colour of Royalty.  Majestic and magical, purple can bring the unconscious to your conscious intention, so if you ever sleep in a purple room, pay attention to your dreams. It can bring a sense of belonging and confidence.

Crystal – Spiritual enlightenment and awakening. Psychic development and the Romans called it ‘the sobriety stone’


Yellow brings in the energy of happiness and lightness into a room and is also linked with quick thinking.  A beautiful colour in its own right, it can also be seen as a paler version of gold and so is also believed to bring wisdom, perhaps aided by faster thought!  It’s a lovely colour to use because you can simply enjoy the energy it brings without feeling the need to leap up and do anything. It’s the colour of the solar plexus so can help bring a stronger sense of self and self esteem.

Crystal – Citrine (make sure it’s real though as there is a lot of burnt amethyst masquerading as Citrine) Self esteem, personal empowerment, confidence.


Associated with nature, the colour green symbolises life itself and the right shade in the right touches can make a room feel light and vibrant.  Green is the colour associated with the heart chakra and is also believed to balance the eyes and bring a sense of wellbeing.

Crystal – Adventurine is traditionally thought to increase abundance, bring a touch of adventure and generally make one positive and strong.


Blue is considered to be one of the most spiritual colours and is linked with great calm.  It’s also linked with meditation, so use it in the area you set aside for any regular practice. Blue is the colour of the throat chakra and so is great if you have problems expressing yourself. It is quite a detached colour so not ideal for the bedroom but perfect for the bathroom.

Crystal – It has to be Lapiz Lazuli the stone found in the breast plate of Egyptian royalty/priestesses. Deep blue with flecks of gold this incredible stone connects you to your higher power, awakens your soul wisdom and puts you in touch with your deepest psychic ability.

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