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We love and are grateful for your psychic feedback!

We love you and we love your psychic feedback. It brightens our psychics day to get your positive response. Equally, if there is something you are not happy with let us know so we can put it right. Our psychics put their heart and soul into readings and we all appreciate your reviews of our psychics. Also feel free to let me know here what you feel about any of my readers, services or websites so that we can make sure we are giving you everything you need.

We value your privacy so If you don’t want your comments to appear anywhere public, but you just want to let me know what you think, just say so and we will keep what you say privately. If you haven’t told us that you want us to keep what you say private, your comments may be used for marketing or advertising purposes and may need to be shortened.

If your comments are used on our sites or in our advertising, we will use your first name or your initials if you tell us you’d prefer us to do that but will keep anything else about you private.

I know it’s a pain but do remember to include your postal address. It will be kept private but due to trading standards, we are required to have it on file.

It is so kind of you to leave your feedback and it’s fabulous when you tell us your reader was accurate or spot on about something. However also tell us what they got right rather than just saying that they were accurate unless it’s in context, as advertising regulations say that we can’t use that word. If you want to know more about our phone psychic readings click here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Loads of love and good vibes,

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