Archangels & Our Angel Guides

Angels are intelligent beings, capable of feelings who have their existence on a slightly higher vibrational frequency to that which our physical senses are attuned. Some people believe that angels are the thoughts of God.  Others, however feel that they are connection to spirit.

Interpreting the archangels

Archangel Michael is the leader among archangels and his main function is to rid the world of fear and dependency, challenging us to fight our fears and be the best we can. Sometimes we are so busy looking for answers we forget to ask the right questions. In these moments remember to call on Michael for protection and courage.

  • Archangel Gabriel is the angel of hope, love and heart connections, creativity and all our relationships with people, animals and other angels. He is seen as the messenger of God and uses his divine energy to spread the word to others calling on you to speak your truth.
  • Archangel Raphael is a powerful healer of physical bodies both for humans and animals embodying growth and transformation. Using his emerald light to help others in pain and suffering linking with your physicality providing grounding and a closeness to nature.
  • Archangel Uriel is a wise archangel. He can be called on for practical solutions and the transformation of energies. He works with job related issues and has the sun in the morning, the spring and the colour yellow. He is also connected to organising the life force energy and creating new possibilities.

We have the main archangels that work with us and the higher realm of angels to guide, enlighten and empower, but there are also angels that are work to bring in specific guidance when needed.

Categories of angels

  • Your Guardian Angel is a teacher, comforter and a beloved friend. He is your bridge to the spiritual world and is a protector in times of danger, or when you feel lost or lonely.
  • Your Healing Angel serves to awaken the healer within you. Often a healing angel will help you let go of something that has limited you physically. This is known as a cleansing angel and will clear the way for you to move forward.
  • Your Process Angel will help bring in balance. If you have been too passive or over-active he will help you achieve equilibrium enhancing rest and calm.
  • Your Pattern Angel helps us with our spiritual journey and calls on us to seek others to join and unite, but shows joint effort is the sum of the parts. We all as individuals have our part to play within this wheel.

I believe angels watch over, guide and lead us using love, positive energy, coincidences and symbolism.

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