Numerology – Your Karma Path Revealed

Many eastern teachings speak of Karma and the Karmic path. As a Numerologist I personally believe that the difficult times in life can often be linked to Karmic issues. When we understand this it can really help to make sense of things and help us to find our way through. To find our personal link to Karma we need to look at the numerology of our  day of birth. This can give valuable insight as to what our life lesson may be.

If the day of birth number is double digits i.e. 26 we would reduce it by adding 2+6=8.

Therefore the Karmic connection number would be 8.

The only exception to this rule is the master numbers which are 11, 22 and 33.

When you have found your number of Karmic connection look at the numbers below to find out what the numerology means for you.

ONE: This number indicates a deep need to express your individuality and to be Independent. It may be that you were prevented from doing this in a previous lifetime. You need to accept the challenges that life brings.

TWO: This number indicates a deep sensitivity on the emotional levels and a need to develop emotional maturity. There is a deep desire for justice with this number and a need to learn to understand the emotional needs of others.

THREE: This number brings a need for creative expression. You have a lot of love to give and the ability to uplift people. It may be that in a former life you were not allowed to be outwardly expressive. There is a need to work on self esteem.

FOUR: The energy of this number brings a need for order and stability and security. The great lesson often associated with this number is Self control and responsibility.

FIVE: The free spirit with the gift of communication. Five needs to try new things and be constantly changing and growing. There is a low boredom threshold here. The lesson of this number is often to do with inner control.

SIX: The number of Balance and Harmony and of family. Very caring and loving these are the archetypal parents. The karmic lesson here is usually about learning to maintain a sense of inner balance and of “letting go”.

SEVEN: Analytical and yet often considerate sevens need to have their own space and privacy. There is a need to learn to discriminate as the seven can often be taken in by those who are less honest.

EIGHT: The number of organization and of the material world. Material success is often important to the eight. The lesson is to not lose sight of why you are striving to achieve. You may find it difficult to “let go” of old emotional hurts.

NINE: The humanitarian with a great deal of compassion and love to give. Honest and kind your desire is to help make the world a better place. The Karmic lesson of this number is often about learning to control the emotions and to learn from your mistakes.

ELEVEN: Unconventional and highly intuitive these are the people who bridge the old with the new.

The lesson here tends to deal with patience and with understanding that perfection cannot actually be attained. You must learn to appreciate what you have.

TWENTY TWO: Powerful energy with this number. There is a fine line between realistic achievement and illusions. You need to learn to use your abilities wisely to empower people. Work on self esteem.

THIRTY THREE: Very knowledgeable with the ability to enlighten and share wisdom. The lesson here is to learn to use your skills to help others without giving in to the ego.

The three higher energy or Master numbers can be difficult numbers as the life lessons can sometimes be more difficult to learn. You may find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over until you get it right. It is important to remember that these lessons make us stronger as people and it is often the more difficult times that bring the greatest rewards.

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  1. my karmic number is 3 and it’s absolutely spot on. I’ve always had issues with self esteem with my creativity and believing in myself. I’ve not really started to have confidence until the past 2 years as i’ve started my own blog and YouTube channel.

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