Don’t Just Dream – Dare to Dream BIG!

The sad fact is as we get older our ambitions seem to shrink. What did you dream about when you were little? Did you see yourself as a vet, a ballerina, an explorer, an award-winning journalist? Today as you sit on the bus going to work or soak in the bath after a long day, what sort of fantasy future are you indulging in? Is it a passionate relationship, financial freedom, running your own business? How does this contrast with what you have? For all too many of us our dreams start to disappear as we come under pressure to be ‘realistic’. Our goals end up getting smaller and smaller as a result – limited by what others have led us to believe that we can achieve – usually due to their own disappointments. But there’s no need to abandon our dreams. By tapping into your resources you can reconnect to them and guide yourself to a vibrant and amazing future.

1: Let go of deep-rooted, limiting beliefs that block your progress. Have you been told that you shouldn’t ask for help to achieve your goals or that you shouldn’t rock the boat/be overly ambitious? Perhaps you’ve been made to think spending money on creative projects is ‘wasteful’? Examine the source of these beliefs. Is the person who planted them leading the kind of life you want?

2: You didn’t create your dream as a means of taunting you, you created it to come true. Free your dream from the expectations and rules of others. Ask yourself what you would choose from your life right now to keep in your dream life and what you would change. Now, start to do that.

3: Connect back to your passion. Think of your dream. Are you excited and maybe even a little scared? Bingo! That’s your real dream. Dreams ask us to expand our comfort zones – hence that tingly scary feeling.

4: Be a movie star! Think of your dream as a movie. You are both the director and the star of this film. Start by imaging the first scene of your movie as you living the most amazing life – you are living your dream! Now, you can move the location, add more ‘actors’. Where are you living? Where are you more specifically – perhaps you are in your garden, at a party, on your yacht? What are you like in this scenario? How are you dressed? Is your hair or make up different? What changes to your appearance have you made? Who are you with? Your partner? Children? Friends? Or someone you’ve yet to meet? And lastly – how do you feel? This is the most important part – by connecting to the emotions we are feeling in the visualisation we make it all the more real.

5: Dream BIG. Often we limit ourselves by dreaming too small – what we think is ‘achievable’ for us. You might not have the same goals as when you were younger – for example, if you’re 40 then you may feel silly dreaming about being a ballerina now. But there’s nothing stopping you from learning other forms of dancing such as ballroom or salsa and becoming a ‘star’ at that.

Remember – if your dream is not coming true perhaps it’s because you need a bigger dream!

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