Crystal healing – Turquoise

No crystal kit is complete without a hunk or chunk of this absolutely gorgeous gemstone. Turquoise is actually a mineral that ranges in colour from green to blue.  Its distinguished connections throughout history are almost too numerous to list. The gemstone Turquoise reached our shores through what was known as the silk trail only a few hundred years ago.  It came through Turkey – hence its name, Turquoise, which translates as ‘from Turkey’.

Royal connections

Turquoise was a popular gemstone in ancient Egypt and used in large quantities in the death mask of the young Prince Tutankhamen.  The Aztecs used it to adorn their bodies, homes and religious artifacts and in Persia it was also lavishly used in the decoration of some of the most breathtaking  ancient mosques.

Native American

It was a sacred stone to the Native Americans who believed it transformed negative energy. It was the colour of the sky and was a symbol of the creator Gods, so it’s a great stone to use in cosmic ordering. It is thought to have a direct connection to spirit, making it a mouthpiece to the Gods.

Royal guard

Turquoise has long appeared throughout history and across different cultures in amulets.  It is yet another stone that is so beautiful that you can wear it in jewellery with the intention of using its protective qualities without anyone knowing.

The throat chakra

Turquoise is also associated with the throat chakra and is believed to give the wearer the courage to speak their truth.  If this is something that you find difficult, a turquoise necklace may make you feel more confident about putting across your point of view.  Of course, you can always wear a piece of turquoise hidden about your body on those occasions when you need to impress or persuade with your words!

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