4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Clairvoyance

Here at MicheleKnight.com, we are all about sharing TRUTH and LIGHT for your spiritual journey. That’s why we’re spilling the tea on all things psychic and sharing Michele’s top tips for conjuring the spiritual superpower of clairvoyance. Life-changing!

The Tea on Clairvoyance

Clairvoyant is a word from 17th century France meaning ‘clear-sighted’. To possess clairvoyance is to be, in a word, ‘extrasensory’. The term is sort of a catch-all to describe people who can see, hear, touch, taste, or even smell (not kidding) beyond our material reality – often with glimpses of insight into the future.
Most clairvoyants are fairly normal people, despite their amazing cosmic gifts. You probably know one. In fact, you definitely do. It’s YOU.

So, What IS Clairvoyance?

We all have the ability to tap into clairvoyance. Michele calls it our goddess-given right!
Clairvoyance refers to the gift of sight, clairaudience to sound, clairsentience to feeling….you get the idea. Most clairvoyant psychics have a combination of these abilities, their own special soup of skills, talents, and abilities.
But come to think of it…don’t we all?
Yep. It’s what makes each of us so unique and so very special <3.

How Clairvoyance Works

Like any innate ability (think athleticism, for example), clairvoyance is not the same for everyone. The power depends on the person. For some (like Michele) it’s hereditary. A spiritual endowment passed down through generations.
These are the true cosmic superstars imo… many of whom are available to connect with you directly! Clairvoyantly curious souls can ring up anytime for a clairvoyant phone reading or book a session with a clairvoyant online by visiting MicheleKnight.com.

For most of us, clairvoyance is a delicate affair. It often manifests as a touch of knowing or an unmistakable twinge of insight. Perhaps you pay attention…or just as easily choose to dismiss it. These folks tend to weaken their ability by never really putting their power into practice.
Because it does take PRACTICE. Lots of it.
Michele explains it like this:

There’s no big mystery around developing clairvoyant skills. Just as we practice with the Tarot we can practice every day slipping into our own innate KNOWING.
Being a clairvoyant is your natural right. The key is being open-minded and yes  – practice, practice, practice!

Tap Into Your Powers of Clairvoyance

Have you got what it takes to tap into your own clairvoyance? ABSOLUTELY you do.
First – a word about PREP. Before giving a clairvoyant reading online or connecting over the phone – any psychic worth their salt takes the time to tune into their spiritual power.
Find a safe and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Now take a moment to relax and centre yourself. Try some meditation to connect with your spiritual power.

Ready? Let’s Do This!!

Four Ways to Get Started

1.  Awaken Your Third Eye

The third eye is like your window to the world of clairvoyance. Many psychics say that messages and flashes of insight come through best when the third eye is open and the soul is receptive. To find your third eye, start by sitting comfortably in a peaceful space. Close your eyes, and visualize your third eye (think of it being right between your eyebrows and turn your focus there). Got it?
Now hold your third eye in your mind and imagine it slowly opening. Take note of any colours you see, vibrations you feel, or symbols coming through.

2.  Slip Into Soft-Focus

Many clairvoyant psychics connect with clients by reading auras – or the energies that surround the soul. Auras can be thought of as a visual representation of life force. Every living thing has an aura. They can be very colourful, often adorned in bright hues that represent the body’s chakras.

The trick to seeing an aura is to train your eyes to shift focus. Start with a living thing that doesn’t move around much (like a tree or a flower). Focus intently on this object, then try and look beyond it – making it a bit blurry (this is called soft-focus). Now hold soft-focus and centre yourself. In time, bands or splashes of colours will begin to appear around your subject. This is an aura.

3.  Try ALL The Tools

Clairvoyant psychics often use tools like runes, crystals, or tarot cards to help strengthen connection with their clients and clarify the messages that are coming through. Michele is never without her trusty tarot deck! It helps her share specific insights during live readings on the socials (seriously amazing – follow her here!).

To promote clairvoyance, Michele highly recommends tapping into the power of crystals – especially lapis lazuli and clear quartz. To give it a go, lie down in a comfortable space and place a small crystal between your brows. Centre yourself, and open your third eye, and pay attention! Crystals can be very powerful in encouraging natural psychic ability to shine through.

4.  Believe in Yourself!

You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t believe in yourself, so be sure to avoid the trappings of self-doubt. You are NOT doing it wrong. There is no wrong! Michele says it’s all about finding the ways that vibe with you personally.

Be consistent with your meditation practices, and create the space to work on your skills in a way that feels FUN. Practice clairvoyance in your everyday life by honing your powers of prediction. Try predicting a specific event that will happen in your life or the life of a close friend. Just write it down and see what happens! Trust your intuition, open your mind, be kind to yourself, and share your journey with us in the comments below!

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