Weekly Astrology October 3rd 2022 All Signs

weekly astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 3rd 2022


weekly horoscope aries season

How you are seen and treated is all important

What’s out of date gets a timely airing

Who ‘balances’ you?

The retro weather continues to lighten ahead of your ruler Mars’s retrograde in your 3rd at the end of the month. Is it time to say what you need to say now and not put it off any longer, Aries? Just what’s on your mind deserves airing. And this includes anything that touches on partners or ideas.

Vesta and Pluto are the next celestial players to leave the backwards motion and head direct again. Vesta in your 11th of friendships and above all, equality, on the 6th. Followed by powerful Pluto in your status sector on the 8th. Watch for machinations still around out dated attitudes or those with a ‘some are more equal than others’ mindset. Especially if this is pegged on income, status or just a job title. Even if their business card does say they are Ruler of the Known Universe Including the Black Holes. That’s no excuse.

This week highlights how you are treated by others be this in your professional life or your personal one. The full Moon in your 1st on the 9th highlights one particular duo, duet or double act you are involved in. This can be a past, present or potential connection. The thing about full Moons is they reflect their light back into the opposite house/sign to the one they are in. In this case your 7th and Libra, the sign of balance and partnerships.

This is the Hunter’s Moon so could be linked to what you are seeking from someone. An answer? Information? To know their intentions? This can show you how they see you and if indeed, all things are balanced and equal. This can also be your autonomy vs. being in a relationship. Your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope has more insight. Look to the person who balances you out this week. They have the answer for you.

In a nutshell: Funny how the full Moon in your sign this week doesn’t have you looking within as much as looking at that ‘opposite’ number. That duet, duo or even duel. What do they have to tell you about that all-important balancing act, Aries?

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (11th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (6th to 10th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (10th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (1st)


weekly astrology

Break free and break-away

Go in the direction of that love compass

Dive deep into mysterious, sensual you

A little bit of mystery, hidden truths, some emotional deep-diving and answering those questions about what you do that does you good – and simply what doesn’t. First, we have more forward motion with the stars as both Vesta in your 10th and Pluto in your 9th move forward this week. Indicating its time to move forward again with those work and career agendas. With the usual caution that retroshadow hands us, naturally.

Breaking out towards what, who you love or love to do is indicated by this week’s bold, break-free trine between Mercury (now direct once more in your 5th) and Pluto on the 7th. Chances are you’ve been wondering and waiting for when is the best time to make that move or break-out of a situation gone stagnant, Taurus. This could herald your moment.

Intuition and insight has its own role to play in all of this. Please don’t ignore your soul compass and where it wants to steer you when the pro-active full Moon in your 12th calls out for you to act on your instincts on the 9th. This is the Hunter’s Moon – you probably know what you are searching for. Or the steps you need to take. Perhaps you are hesitating? With you now on the brink of your yearly partnership peak, isn’t it time to attend to love matters? Or self-love. The one partnership we are in for all our lives is the one we have with ourselves.

So, this full Moon highlights an area which either superbly enhances your wellbeing – or takes away from it. If you need to consult your therapist, psychic, astrologer, higher self, advisor – do. They are probably simply going to simply validate you are on the right track now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Inside you lives your own North Star. You guiding light which always has your best interests at heart. You can’t go on ignoring its message, Taurus if that’s what you’ve been doing. Go in the direction it wants you to take.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (10th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (5th to 9th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (9th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (12th)


Embrace the power of what you can change

Release what is no longer needed

Go back to reset

Ring in the final chapter of self-directed and empowering change this week, Gemini. Do you see yourself as an alchemist? Turning something base into gold? Or else spinning straw into something glittering? You could emerge from the retro-shade renewed and reborn this week.

All that glitters is gold – and that includes you. Let that little light shine again. Yes, ruler Mercury is still in retroshadow so you know to step forward and initiate with full knowledge things can still stall. But we have more breaks in those retro clouds this week letting in the vision and clarity to move ahead. First Vesta in your 9th (6th) and then Pluto in its ruling house of transformations and rebirth on the 8th. The day prior to Pluto’s direct station, Mercury trines it from your sector of home and security. Indicating a major shift around living arrangements, income and what you share with another.

The Hunter’s Moon shines out from your 11th on the 9th. This is the time for release strangely enough. Or to bring something to a close. This is your house of friendships and also your goals. This is where your future is formed whether you are aware of this or not. Sometimes we need to go back to the past to reset our future. Which is what retrogrades allow us to do. Look to any friendships that may have been outgrown, become one-sided or simply toxic. Look to goals that you once had but are no longer relevant for you. Or simply refuse to manifest. You know, sometimes when we release something the act of doing that changes the energy. And it happens anyway. That is if we are meant to have it. If not, we now own that energy again to invest it in something new. Reclaiming this can be the change this week wants for you, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Own what resources you have – whether emotional or external. And look closely at where you send them. Taking back your power in one area simply gives you more for what really matters to you, Gemini.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (9th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (4th to 8th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (8th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (11th)


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What does love look like moving forward?

Be the CEO of your emotional journey

Work it like a boss this week

Vesta and Pluto move out of retrograde motion this week. Vesta in your 8th and Pluto of course, in your 7th of dynamic and dramatic duos. You may be intent on redefining one particular double act this week as a result. Need to have that talk with someone? There could be no better time to table your thoughts as the now direct Mercury in its ruling house/sign in your chart trines Pluto on the 7th. Giving your words and ideas impact and seeing you getting your point across with stunning empowerment.

We also have a waxing Hunter’s Moon bringing something to completion and bringing in boss moves for you. By the time it is full on the 9th in your 10th house of status, career, reputation and rewards, it hands you a certain gravitas and the ability to be aware of your feelings but without allowing them to rule your actions. It feels both powerful and liberating at the same time.

Yes, some people may say you appear a little emotionally distanced. You however know that’s not the case at all. It’s just that you are choosing to be CEO of your future and what direction you go in next. Remember, we cannot control the reactions of others. But the person who controls theirs rules their world. And usually gets the outcome they want. More in your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope.

In a nutshell: Your feelings aren’t diluted this week. But you aren’t being dictated by them. You certainly won’t fall prey to that emotional sting of following through with what’s right for you. You’re disciplined, not disconnected this week, Cancer.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (8th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (3rd to 7th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (7th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (10th)


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Does one theme run across more than one area?

Leave the familiar behind

Claim you sovereignty!

What do we want? Sovereignty! When do we want it? Right when Vesta heads direct again in your 7th on the 6th, Leo. The astral object which rules gender issues moves ahead once more quickly followed by Pluto – which rules power, control and transformation, in your 6th on the 8th. Throw into the mix you have your ruler the Sun in Libra and your 3rd house, and equality, balance and shared power define the week across all your relationships – be they professional and/or personal.

Look to shared themes across areas. Then there’s money of course. Equal pay or outdated attitudes that the one who earns most should have the most say in matters. If that’s been happening it won’t sit well with you now. Others could benefit in a big way when Mercury (now direct once more in your 2nd) trines Pluto on the 7th. This could herald a job offer or pay increase for some. Or news around a financial matter you have been waiting on.

There’s a growing sense of freedom and expansion in the air too. An opportunity you need to grasp or make the most of. Are you ready as the Hunter’s Moon lights the way towards this on the 9th in the same house? I always think of this as the explorer’s Moon. The culmination of one stage of a journey and the release on into the next one. Of course, this can be figurative but also see you actually travelling. Just bear in mind Mercury is still in retroshadow if you are.

This full Moon asks if you are willing to take a chance. How comfortable are you leaving your comfort zone? How much do you trust yourself? Are you willing to dare and enter unknown territory just to see what’s out there? You may be surprised and delighted if you do, Leo.

In a nutshell: You could reach a way station on a larger journey this week, Leo. The next stage asks you to take a chance and leave behind what’s all too familiar. Be it your usual reactions or those choices. Take a chance on a different option instead.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (7th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (2nd to 6th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (6th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (9th)


weekly astrology

Tune out distractions

Hone your focus

No more FOMO

Prioritising your needs or simply what you need to get done this week is no bad thing. Use your laser-sharp Virgo vision to focus on what’s on that To Do list. One task at a time. Don’t allow distractions to creep in either. No matter how tempting they look. This includes the romantic kind, your children and what you really want to be doing as opposed to what you know you need to do. Sure, your closest relationships should not be neglected. And if an imbalance is there, this week allows for correction. But having done that – please tackle any outstanding tasks. You will be glad you did later this month.

Vesta and Pluto are the next to leave the retrograde party from the 6th and 8th respectively. The 7th sees ruler Mercury – still in your 1st, trine Pluto just prior to it moving ahead again. This may bring up a revival on some level. Just don’t allow it to take over. Think of the card of The Lovers in the Tarot. One interpretation of this card is a relationship which comes with a choice between two people or even priorities. And yes, this can often be choosing to ignore what we know we shouldn’t in favour of that lover. Just don’t, Virgo. Take it the lover can and will wait. That is, if they are serious about you.

The intensity of this week’s Hunter’s Moon in your 8th could trigger fears around this. If I choose this and not them (or that) – will I lose out? It’s about not giving in to that. Or to pressure for that matter. DO – look to feelings of not being enough, doing enough or simply that you are oh-so-tired. If the latter happens, then it truly is one step at a time, to stop spreading yourself too thinly or trying to be all things to everyone. Determine what or who has priority this week, Virgo. And don’t waver from that.

In a nutshell: FOMO – fear of missing out, can have you worried if you opt for one path you’ll miss out on another. Set your priorities and don’t waver this week, Virgo. And know that what’s meant for you will wait.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (6th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (1st to 5th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (5th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (8th)


libra main

Restore balance

Probe the shadows for the truth

Rewind your love journey

Mercury remains retrograde in your house of hidden truths, secrets and mysteries. Don’t be surprised this week if there are revelations around home, family, roots or even how someone sees you. Mercury trines Pluto in your 4th on the 7th – and Pluto moves forward the next day. Plus you have Vesta direct in your romance zone on the 6th. Mercury has yet to clear its retroshadow and this won’t happen until the 17th when it is back in your sign. So, take it what’s happening behind closed doors – at home or within you, may see you peering into the vault to unearth a few more facts. And you may not be willing to talk about it – yet.

Self help, therapy, your beliefs, a psychic, the Tarot, your intuition may be the tools you are using to look deeper. This could also involve a significant other due to the full Hunter’s Moon this week in your 7th house. This is the first full Moon which occurs after the Sun has entered your sign and marked the equinox. The point in the year where day and night are equal and a reminder to all, but especially you, to look at the balance or imbalance in our lives.

Go back to March – the time of the spring equinox when the Sun entered your 7th and the full Moon after that occurred in your 1st. What did you set out to do or begin back then? Especially if it involves someone else? Don’t forget all the kinds of partnerships your 7th house rules. Not just the love and marriage kind. This full Moon wants you to stop and see how far you have come. And now if you need to go further or let go and head in a different direction. Only you can say, Libra. More It Takes Two insight is in your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope.

In a nutshell: Time to rewind six month and look to what was happening between you and another party back then. The themes or what was set in motion replay or move to their next phase under this week’s full Moon in Aries.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (5th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (12th to 4th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (4th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (7th)


Are yesterday’s dreams still today’s?

What you brought with you is repurposed

Set fresh karma in motion

Ruler Pluto heads direct in your 3rd this week along with Vesta in your 4th. You’re just a few weeks shy of your birthday and a fresh cycle. But let’s talk karma now shall we? Because you will start your new cycle with the South Node in your sign as well as a partial solar eclipse. This week readies you for this asking you whether yesterday’s intentions, ideas or thoughts still hold up or remain relevant for you? If not, it’s time to set new ones and to begin to discard what no longer holds meaning for you.

Yes, this can involve intense soul searching. But what this week asks of you is to look very very closely when it comes to where you energy, time and love are invested. It also asks you to look at what you are naturally good at too. That’s the South Node at work. The South Node shows us what we have done before. It’s often expressed in areas where our birth family exclaim: ‘I don’t know where they get this from!’ The answer is usually a past life. This can also touch on our interests and what we are inexplicably ‘drawn’ to. Which again, can be way outside of our family experience.

This week asks you to delve deeper into these areas. Especially when Mercury trines Pluto in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 7th. You also have a full Moon in Mercury’s other ruling house – your 6th this week. This is your house of day job, studies, duties and wellness. It is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It may be showing you that you can in fact turn that interest or natural talent you brought with you from the past into a side hustle or career. Or triggering you to study it further – either self-study or more formally. Or it can show you that you should not be ignoring it. And that time spent doing it is good for your soul. Plunge yourself deeper into it and discover just where it could take you now. It’s all part of creating some sparkly fresh karma with those old soul skills.

In a nutshell: Old soul skills are the gifts we bring from one lifetime to the next. Those things we love to do – effortlessly. Pay attention to yours this week, Scorpio. You can use them to set sparkly fresh karma in motion.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (4th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (11th to 3rd)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (3rd)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (6th)


sagittarius banner

Speak out

Know where to invest your love

What you keep quiet about, persists

Your forthright soul has something to say about your worth, values, self-esteem and how you feel you should be treated and/or rewarded this week. Vesta moves forward in your 3rd and Pluto in your 2nd on the 8th. In between we have Mercury in your career zone (direct but not out of retroshadow), trine Pluto on the 8th. You won’t mince words when it comes to what you are after now, Sag.

Of course, this could just as easily be the topic of conversation between you and someone close to you as it could be about your cash. But then you know love and money are opposite sides of the same coin. No pun intended. A situation which may have persisted during the mega retrograde we are now emerging from, will be tackled head on by you under this week’s full Moon in your 5th.

This is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It can see you in full Sag truth seeker mode, bow and arrows in hand, taking aim at a specific issue or a certain someone. You have the ability to get to the heart of an issue for you now. Without any distractions. Do not mince your words or simply agree with someone when your heart says otherwise.

In fact, this is all about what your heart is invested in – and what it no longer is. Or in what simply doesn’t measure up to how your heart says you deserve to be treated. Of course, if you are getting exactly what you want, your generosity and love towards the giver will know no bounds. Whatever you do now, especially when it comes to a new love – don’t just give your heart away.

In a nutshell: Giving your heart away freely isn’t an option for you under this week’s full Moon. That doesn’t mean to say you don’t have love to give. Just that you are more aware that it’s too valuable to waste on the undeserving.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (3rd)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (10th to 2nd)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (2nd)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (5th)


moon cap

Be open to really listening

Change that emotional dynamic

Acceptance and validation is how you show love

Reach for that loving spoonful of sensitivity, listening and caring when it comes to those closest to you this week, Cappy. And while you are at it, extend the above to yourself as well. Be prepared to stop and truly listen to what others are feeling and going through. Ensure you convey that you have truly heard them. Understand you do not necessarily have to agree with them. And also they may not need you to fix them or offer advice. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us and that may be your most important task under this week’s full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th.

Its emotional impact is therefore amplified. You will be not only more sensitized to how others feel but also your own emotional state. Know these feelings are valid. Whether they are yours or someone else’s. Don’t judge and whatever you do, if they are your feelings, express them, don’t repress them. And don’t be afraid to ask someone how they really feel either.

By doing so you can make decisions and even change entire emotional dynamics. This week sees Vesta direct in your self-worth sector and Pluto direct in your 1st. What is it you need to communicate? Mercury in your 9th trines Pluto on the 7th telling you the truth sets you and even someone else free. Even if the medicine you need to take or give involves tough love, say it all with kindness and an open mind. That spoonful of sugared love makes it so much easier to digest, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: A spoonful of sugar made up of listening and love brings a fresh understanding between you and someone else this week. And makes differences so much easier to swallow if they exist. Just hear – don’t judge now.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (2nd)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (9th to 1st)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (1st)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (4th)



Rewrite the rules

Don’t ignore the call to transform

No more silent collusion

Heed the call of your soul to make changes as Pluto heads direct again in your 12th and Vesta in your 1st this week. Leave no one in doubt of your position either. Have you been playing by rules you had no input in writing, Aquarius? Ahead of Pluto’s arrival in your sign next year, it’s time for some power reclamation as we move through retroshadow now. Especially around the 7th when Mercury – direct but still in retroshade in your 8th promises a rebirth on some level when it links to Pluto on the 7th.

Don’t ignore the call to speak your truth either. Or to demand that others share theirs in return. This could involve asking ‘difficult’ questions. Or venturing into previous ‘No go’ areas in a relationship. You’d be surprised at how many relationships have that elephant in the room that there is a silent agreement between the parties to not speak of. This can be with a partner, within a family, friendship or even surrounding a study or work situation. This week’s full Moon in your 3rd sees you no longer willing to keep silent. Even if you know it is going to rattle a few cages.

This is a Hunter’s Moon and it also favours anything you have to share, apply for, send out or a project that comes to completion. You bring a conversation, process, pitch, project to a key stage and then release it. More in your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope. Wait for the final outcome or answer, Aquarius. It will come later this month.

In a nutshell: A week to call others out or have that conversation you’ve been putting off. If you connection comes with a no-go area, is it time to table that tricky subject. Let nothing be off-limits this week.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (1st)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (8th to 12th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (12th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (3rd)


venus in pisces

Set your soul stock values

Enter the realm of self-empowerment

Know you are worth it

This week’s full Moon in your sector of money and self-worth combined with Vesta now direct again in your 12th, highlights how you are being perceived and treated, Pisces. This is either going to be highly satisfying or a shock.

It may also demand action from you either way. There’s no ignoring the truth. Agendas may also be laid bare. And someone may show their true colours. Or turn out to be a better friend or resource than you first realised.

What you do need to stay true to is your value system this week. And how you value yourself. This needs to be your ever-fixed mark that cannot be shaken to preface the bard. As well as Vesta direct from the 6th, we also have Pluto direct in your 11th from the 8th. Next year Pluto enters your 12th taking you on a transformational path into the underworld of truths and soul empowerment. Ahead of this, you are shown something you need to be aware of. Mercury now direct in your 7th trines Pluto on the 7th – perhaps showing you a potential with one connection you were unaware of before.

The full Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It can highlight any insecurities you have around your income, cash, possessions or simply being ‘worthy’ of love and abundance. If this is tied to someone else are they generous or withholding? How do you communicate not just verbally but non-verbally as well your true worth? If something is being ignored rather than being said out loud, for self-worth’s sake – say it this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: State your worth and your values this week, Pisces. And leave no-one with any doubts over where the buck stops – so to speak. Upgrade that worthiness and ability to receive. And ready yourself to receive more satisfaction.

Oct 6 2022 Vesta direct in Aquarius (12th)

Oct 7 2022 Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (7th to 11th)

Oct 8 2022 Pluto stationary direct in Capricorn (11th)

Oct 9 2022 Full Moon in Aries (2nd)


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