The Best Psychic Readings in the UK

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The Best Psychic Readings in the UK

We strive to give you the best psychic readings in the UK and work very hard to hire the very best psychics. Personally, we were very touched when the readers of Soul and Spirit magazine voted for us as the best online psychic company in the Soul and Spirit awards. We also strive to be the best psychic company in the USA and the best psychic company in the world!

Michele Knight psychics has been around for over 19 years. The test process to become an Michele Knight Psychic telephone reader is incredibly tough. Most people applying to be one of our online psychics will have to do on average, four test psychic readings that are accurate. Then a final psychic test with Michele Knight. We only want the very best psychic readers who are accurate, specific, and on top of that, emotionally intelligent.

It’s incredibly important to find a psychic service you can trust. We offer a five-minute guarantee for credit/debit card psychic readings. Your chosen psychic should be able to give you specific information, with no prompting in the first five minutes. If not, just end the call, recieve a refund, or switch to another psychic. You can have a telephone psychic reading or a live psychic chat reading.

Why Have An Online Psychic Reading?

The Best online psychics will be able to give a reading just as accurate as a face to face psychic reading. I would argue it can be an even cleaner reading as there are no subconscious visual prompts! The energy vibration is often more natural with a phone psychic reading, as there is nothing to get in the way. You have our word. We commit to giving you the best psychic reading in the UK.

Finding the Best online psychic for you

Finding the right psychic for you who is on your wavelength and is supportive, detailed, and uplifting is an integral part of the process. We want you to feel blown away and leave you feeling empowered and happy.

Check out our online booking form or browse our psychic videos here. If you need further assistance, our fabulous and friendly reception staff will be delighted to talk things through.

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