Discover what 2016 has in store with our numerology special

To celebrate rapidly approaching 2016, I’ve got something special for you. A very different Numerology forecast which not only gives you the mini themes you’re looking at for the coming year, but is incredibly simple and calculated by your star sign and birthday rather than just life path numbers. Because of this, it gives you a much more accurate idea of what’s in store for you for 2016. Are you ready to delve deeper into the power of numbers in your life? Then let’s begin.

How to Calculate Your Numberscope Number for 2016

First, we need to calculate the Universal number for the year. 2016 – 2+0+1+6 = 9

Second, add your birthday – let’s say you were born on the 24th – 2 + 4 = 6

Lastly – here comes the secret power part that sets this apart from other numerology systems – you need your astrology sign number and it may not be what you think it is! Trust me on this one – this works. Find your star sign number here:

Aries: 9
Taurus: 6
Gemini: 5
Cancer: 2
Leo: 1
Virgo: 5
Libra: 6
Scorpio: 0
Sagittarius: 3
Capricorn: 8
Aquarius: 4
Pisces: 7

So, let’s say you were born on the 24th September. Your star sign is Virgo. So you would add 9 + 6 + 5 = 20. You then reduce the 20 down to a single number 2 + 0 = 2. You are in a 2 numberscope cycle for 2016.

If you were born on the 3rd November and are a Scorpio you would add 9 + 3 + 0 = 12. 1 + 2 = 3. Your numberscope power number for 2016 is a 3.

Once you know where you are in your power cycle – read your forecast below and welcome in 2016 from a place of increased self-empowerment and opportunity!

Numberscope Year 1:

It’s a year for fresh starts, new beginnings and fabulous opportunities. Put the past behind you and re-invent yourself if necessary. Look to the future and where you want to go and initiate those plans for getting there. You radiate creative energy this year and that goes hand-in-hand with sex appeal! New people will enter your life and one of these could be a hot love interest if you’re starting this year single. Fresh starts for you could also include a new job or house move. You could find yourself on a financial roll but gains actually come from an inner change you’ve been working through the previous year. Now you see the pay-off! You may find s yourself in the limelight for something you have achieved or with someone else so be ready, Travel to new places and involvement with child – or perhaps re-connecting to your inner child, will also feature. It’s time to take that first step on a new journey but also not to take life too seriously. Your confidence will increase or be restored if you have suffered a blow to it and you’re now open to take some risks and stretch yourself, again. Set yourself a goal, take pride in yourself and your appearance, radiate confidence and take that first step towards it. Above all, leave the past where it belongs – behind you.

Numberscope Year 2:

The past 12 months may have been busy and seen a few changes take place but this year is all about relaxing. As it’s a ‘2’ cycle for you, it’s all about partnerships and teamwork. The connections you formed last year now deepen and begin to take root. Commitments can be made. If you still have no-one special in your life, make more of an effort to find them as they are out there! If however you now find you have outgrown some relationships, it is kinder to let them go rather than continue. The people who are in your life now are likely to be there for a long time and so it’s important for you to know you still share the same resonance. If your partnership is unequal on any level you need to initiate steps to sort that out, one way or another. If you leave it you will have to live with the consequences on your inaction for a long time to come! Your home, your domestic life and your family will be a priority and if you did not move last year, think about your lifestyle. Are you happy with it or can it be improved? If you are happy, then see what you can do to further enhance it. If not, don’t just talk about moving, seek out something better. This is an excellent year to put down roots for the future. New financial opportunities or increased money could appear and if they do, save don’t spend. Get your finances in order as this year sets the tone for many years to follow.

Numberscope Year 3:

Plan for something special, broaden your horizons, do something with those ideas and work on your self-confidence. Your world is about to expand and you will meet many people this year and you need to ensure that you are seen in the best possible light so take pride in yourself, your appearance and your talents. It’s not a year for false-modesty but a year to strut your stuff. By the end of this cycle you will see a few of your goals and wishes manifest. People you may not have seen or heard from in a while may re-enter your life and this includes former lovers. The choice is yours whether or not you take up the relationship again. It is not just a year for hot love but sizzling hot bedroom action! Travel beckons and this may be long distance or for longer periods of time than usual. It’s time to launch that idea or business or to go for that dream job. Up until September, you will be on a roll and you should be able to not just set but overwhelm those goals – the wheel of fortune just seem to be naturally turning in your favour now and luck is on your side. However, there is an energy shift from October with the last three months of the year asking you to now consolidate your achievements. You may feel the confidence and expansion vibe that’s got you this far start to wane. This is also part of the cycle so pay attention to it. Reduce your expenditure at this point and realise that even adventures must eventually come to an end.

Numberscope Year 4:

After the past there years of expansion and free wheeling fun, this year comes as a bit of a shock. Whereas before you have been able to drive your life in the direction of your desires, you may be faced with the feeling that things are just totally out of your control! Life becomes unpredictable and fate seems to have taken a hand and has its own agenda – and all you can do is try to hang on! You will be put in a position where a few major decisions have to be made and these may or may not be of your doing. Interesting people may cross you path from very different social backgrounds or professions to you and you will benefit from these nee connections. This is not a year to plan in the long term but to take things on a day to day or week by week basis. You bank account may also fluctuate which is one of the reasons why for Year 3 I advise you to cut down on expenditure in the last three months of the cycle. When it comes to your career – you will now know whether you are on the right path or not. If you are, stay there. If you realise you’re not then nothing and no-one is going to keep you there but because this is a year where money matters can be an issue, it may be a good idea to remain in there for now and make your move in the next cycle. When it comes to love, someone very different can make this an exciting time for you although it remains to be seen if this will last. Others may find this a period where love does not run smoothly and becomes unpredictable too! To get this best of out this year be practical, organised and logical and you will be able to navigate it successfully. Although this year brings some strange twists and turns, fate is at work and when you look back on it you may well conclude this was one of the best years ever!

Numberscope Year 5

After the rollercoaster events last year, this year will bring an important turning point for you. Your everyday environment or job will change for the better and you may feel you are back in control of where you want your life to go! If this cycle starts off with some challenges for you, please don’t panic as it will end on a high note. Put your ideas into action this year – especially if you held off last year. It’s time to start s course of study if that has been on your mind or to hone your communication skills. Writing, publishing and communicating feature and can offer outlets for success but if you are starting something, try to opt for something that can be completed within this 12 month period. If you experienced financial difficulties last year, they can now be resolved in your favour and you can find yourself back in the black. You may be presented with some new money making opportunities you have not tried in the past and if so, please just give them a go as you have nothing to lose. This year may also bring a turning point in your love life especially if it was unsettled last year or you have ended up alone. You could meet someone that offers you the kind of mental stimulation you’re seeking. If you are in a relationship, try not to take lover’s tiffs or disagreements to heart. Provided you do not over-react or fall into the trap of recriminations, any disagreements should not last long provided you are prepared to open up and share what you are really feeling with your partner. T’s a year of flexibility and being prepared to do and think differently. If you manage this then this year will reward you by bringing you something new every week!

Numberscope Year 6

Build the foundations of love this year. The past two years may have seen you scrambling to keep up but this year allows you to sit back and enjoy the finer things of life and to establish something for your long term future. Yes, that includes romance. This is an excellent time for partnerships and Cupid may be firing off those arrows in all directions – not just in your own life but in the lives of those you know. Your creative talents are going to demand expression now – remember creating something is an act of love – and self-love as it honours your gifts so express this in whatever way you can. This is an excellent year for real estate decisions – buying or leasing and if you move you should be unpacking for a long stay. Also, this year tends to deliver a home where you get more for your money than you thought you would – and this applies to renters as well as buyers. This year wants to reward you for how you have coped with the previous two. Money matters should flourish and if you end this cycle in the black you should stay there for some time. Decisions can be made now and please think them through carefully as you will be living with them for some time to come but this is a wonderful year to commit to a relationship or find that forever kind of love. More than any other year, what this year delivers really is determined by our inner attitude. Some people unfold like a rose in bloom as they radiate love – even if it’s only via what they love to do. But others don’t seem to pick roses but only thorns and blame others for when the year does not deliver as promised. If this is you, then you have some serious thinking to do. Your next cycle is sending you into deep waters. Be ready.

Numberscope Year 7

I hope you established something for yourself last year as if you failed to do this, you may have nothing soul-sustaining to fall back on as this can be a testing year for some. This is a deeply spiritual, intuitive and empathic year where deep soul wounds can surface and be healed, when we may have to ask for help – or give it to others who ask for it, and we come face to face with the deep side if life and life’s big questions. This is not a material kind of year and if gains are made they are likely to come from a loss on some level – a legacy, payout, compensation, benefit, maintenance payment, redundancy. However, this year can bring other rewards such as new insights, enhanced psychic gifts, healing and inspired creative ideas. This is a great year to undertake any studies into the occult, psychic development, healing or alternative medicine. You may come into contact with places of healing – either you need them or you know someone else who does – doctors, counsellors, health practitioners, hospitals, hospices and even prisons may feature. You may also need the services of a health professional. If you need help during this time – please do not hesitate to ask for it. This can be a year of spiritual testing and as with anything spiritual, this can take it out on our mental and physical wellbeing too! If you ask for answers to your questions at this time you WILL be given them however. If you ended last year with no-one to call your own or nothing of substance to fall back on, this may prove to be a challenging year but don’t be ashamed to reach out as this shows you are ready to accept changing your circumstances. A word of warning for singles. This year often sees anyone experiencing spending a lot of time alone. Please do not go looking for love in all the wrong places in an attempt to rectify this. You are likely to attract someone who is not what they first appear to be, or they may have addiction and/or mental issues and are likely to drag you into their drama on top of that! If you are coupled up this is a year for peak experiences that transcend mere sex. This year offers a journey of spiritual and self-discovery and you will emerge with a better understanding of who you are – and what you truly need to be happy.

Numberscope Year 8

You are entering a year of karma and balance. If you are due any rewards – this is the year they will manifest and much of this can be tied to how you handled the past 12 months. Look back six years and see what you did or did not do then. The events of this year were generated by your decisions (or lack of decisions) back then. This year offers you the gift of freeing yourself from the past once and for all. If you can do this the future is yours to fashion in whatever way you will. If you have not been living up to your potential you will now realise this and take steps to rectify it. The people you meet this year are part of your destiny and have a role to play in how your path is unfolding. However, if people from your past reappear they may represent a trap so think carefully before any re-involvement. If doors are opening it is because you have learned the right lessons and applied them, but if they remain closed no matter how hard you knock, then this may be a sign you have hesitated to live your full potential by either worrying about what people will think of you or else negative self-talk. You can however now take steps to eliminate this kind of thinking and set a new course for yourself. An important new friendship can be made and this person may be more successful or experienced than you and there may be an age difference between you. Remember, age is in the mind. This may be someone who helps you in your career and/or someone with whom a romantic interest develops but the relationship has its own schedule and you will just have to wait and see. This year could see you the happiest person in the world because you have found ‘the one’ or else see your hopes dashed when a relationship does not work out the way you hoped. If it’s the latter please understand that this is nothing you have done but that the soul contract has been lived out. You will see you career goals either realised or dashed this year. Again, re-read what I said about your thinking if your progress is blocked. This is a year to accept responsibility for your actions and your thoughts and also to remember it is never too late to change your thinking!

Numberscope Year 9

You are now at the end of a cycle so see this time as one of tying up loose ends and preparing for a new era to begin next year. This is not a time to begin anything new. You can plan for it yes, but wait to act on plans until after the end of September when the energy of the new cycle will begin to make itself felt. All connections are going to be tested now and some will survive but others won’t. If you have to say good-bye to some people please remain as universal as possible in your thinking. This is not a time for anger – even if you feel that, but of understanding that some things have now been lived out. Therefore this is not a good time to begin a love affair as it is unlikely to last past the year. If a past lover returns during this cycle they usually come back in and then exit never to return. Up until the end of June make personal changes – look to your image and make adjustments and make similar ones to your thoughts. Complete outstanding projects and pay off debts if you can. From July onwards make changes in other areas – such as moving house or alter your lifestyle to take up new interests and bring new people into your life. The final three months you can begin to push forward with those business and/or career plans you’ve been mulling over. This is a good time for travel as it will help you expand and transform your thinking. Have you been neglecting your sexual self? While this may not be a good cycle to start anything serious, this is a period where your sexual self surfaces and demands you recognise your needs. This may not be about acting on this, but understanding yourself better in order to either communicate this with your partner if you have one, or to know what you are seeking when your new cycle opens up. As the year draws to a close you will see the promise of Year 1 beginning to manifest. You’re heading into a fresh future. Don’t burden yourself with anything that no longer works for you.

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