Your Full Moon in Capricorn Tarotscope with Michele Knight-Waite

full moon in capricorn

It’s the Full Moon in Capricorn who sings to us about achievement, power, control, and boundaries. The Full Moon in Capricorn takes no crap and wants success for us. Pluto is joining forces with the Moon to bring about breakthroughs and change. When Pluto delivers a message, we need to pay attention. Ready or not, Pluto will deliver transformation. What is your relationship to power? How can you feel more powerful? What internal changes can you make, like shifting a critical inner voice to a supportive one, setting firm boundaries, and learning to say no?  Look out for a dream or synchronicity today that will show you the way.

Much love

Michele x


Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

The Full Moon in Capricorn gives you a huge security boost. You’re ready to climb to the next level and put yourself out there. Whether you’re finding the courage to run a workshop, ask for a raise, push your business plan or finally book that mountain hike, you’re on it. 

What does power mean to you? Combine your drive with self-nurturing, with your pure couragious heart, and you can’t go wrong.


knight of wandsKnight of Wands

The Full SuperMoon is breathing adventure into your spirit. You might feel the urge to study, explore, or wildly buccaneer towards freedom. While this is fabulous news, you must express yourself with kindness and compassion. So compelled to explore your inner truth, to fearlessly quest for more, you are in danger of being too blunt. Rather than be reckless, take care of the details, as you channel your newfound passion in the direction of your dreams.


emperorThe Emperor

Cappy Full Moon brings up feelings of power, restriction, control, and boundaries. The Emperor represents an energy that can be dogmatic and rigid, an older love, paternal figure, or boss. Do you have any past issues in these areas? Now is the time to step into your own Emperor energy, and forge firm boundaries with self-control. As Elenor Roosevelt famously said  

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ Have you felt that in the past? It’s time to step into your radiant power now.


2 of cups

The Two of Cups

Full Moon in Capricorn is your very own opposite Supermoon! Embrace the energy of the Two of Cups. Partnerships are under the moonlight. If your one-to-one relationships are working, expect a peak experience. If you’re having trouble in a business relationship, with best friends, or with a lover, the Full Moon in Capricorn gives you the power to speak your truth. Dare to let broken relationships go, secure in the knowledge equal connections (which value you) are coming. If your relationships are good, expect a profoundly pleasurable Full Moon.




Overwhelmed by overdoing it? The Full Moon is urging you to take some YOU time—Declutter your mind, thoughts, and stuff. It’s time to take an inventory of your time. How balanced are you? Temperance encourages you to find your power through self-care. What jobs or responsibilities can you delegate? How can you make space to do the things you enjoy? Has work or commitment become a tedious chore? Expect Temperance, and the Moon, to bring you a message or synchronicity. You can find your true self again.


the star

The Star

Hey Virgo, Creativity, and inspiration are calling you! This month’s Full Moon magic awakens your positive side. You crave laughter, play, and loved-up times. Whenever there is a Full Moon, it shines its rays on the area it sits in, in your case, pleasure. If you make space for fun, it will uplift you. Giggles are your Full Moon prescription. If there are blocks or a stagnant flow to your bliss, the Moon will show it in 5k vision. Your happiness is essential to your well-being. Let The Star bring it home.


4 of wands

4 of Wands

Our home is where we rest our souls and recharge our spirits. Whatever you’re feeling about home and family, it gets super boosted by the Super Moon. Waves of emotion force you into action. If you love where you live, you find yourself celebrating, but if anyone is annoying you, you are fierce and forceful. Nesting, dinner with good mates, and family catch-ups are all on your mind.


knight of swords

Knight of Swords

Ideas, communication, and oops, arguing all feature on this Full Moon. Mercury is opposing the Moon, bringing tough conversation you may try to avoid to the surface. Be cautious, though, as there is a temptation to speak from a place of detachment. Your mind is razor-sharp, and you’ve got a quick wit. Write down or record any genius ideas, and most of all, pay attention to what others are saying. Listening is a skill that brings magical rewards.


3 of pentacles

3 of Pentacles

Wild pony! Capricorn Full Moon doesn’t want to tame or contain you, but it does want you to think about what security means to you. Security is different for us all. Security for you might be about your freedom or your ability to explore and adventure. Whatever your unique relationship to roots is, now is the time to lay the groundwork to build them. How can you take steps to create more security and safety? The Moon reveals the answer, and the 3 of Pentacles remind you to dig firm foundations and don’t build them on illusionary sand!


the world

The World

Clear focus Capricorn; this is your Full Moon and brings success muddled with emotional revelations. How can you best harness the power of the Moon? Choose where you put your focus. The Full Moon is joined by Pluto the lord of transformation, indicating that your world is going to turn, and that a new scene is heading your way. What do you need to let go of to triumph? Mercury is opposite your sign, the Moon and Pluto, so expect interesting, potentially heated conversations. Why? Because your world is worth fighting for.


high priestess tarot card

The High Priestess

Are you feeling all the feels? The Capricorn Full Moon is opening you up and dragging psychic revelations to your shore. Trust your intuition today. What is your inner wise one trying to tell you? You already have the answers. Are you ignoring them? When you trust your instincts, your path becomes clear. Tune into your inner priestess today. Yes, now is the time to honour your emotions, to cry, laugh, dance naked under the Moonlight, plot an experience. Declare your intentions, but only after examining the facts.


ten cups

10 of Cups

Community is everything right now. Who are your people? What energy do you put into your belief system, and is your belief system serving you? Who we join forces with and what ideas we energize fuel our souls’ journey. Thoughts contain seeds of magic, and other people are infectious. Their perspective impacts our being. The Full Moon is urging you to find a community that uplifts and inspires you. The Moon is encouraging you to see a feeling of belonging. If you already have your soul fam, take some time out with them today. 


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