My Book – Touched by Evil

This is the true story of Psychic and astrologer Michele Knights’ early years.

As a child, Michele’s Italian mother witnessed the horrific atrocities committed during the Nazi occupation of her homeland and was herself a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This combined early trauma made her a volatile and unstable adult who nevertheless was an extraordinarily gifted psychic. Michele’s father, an English soldier, fell head over heels in love at first sight with this fiery Italian pocket Venus and took her back to England to be his wife. Following the miraculous adoption of one child, Michele was born after 18 years of barrenness.

Michele was raised in a house where psychic ability was accepted and considered normal. As a three year old, Michele would attend healing circles that met in her family living room and soon displayed an extraordinary aptitude with the tarot cards that her mother used on a daily basis to read for the many friends and visitors that poured through the house. Despite their adoration of each other, Michele’s parents endured a tempestuous marriage, generating an atmosphere of constant tension and drama, but Michele was always comforted by the invisible presence of someone called Lucy who acted as her friend, confidant and guide during her most difficult hours.

When Michele was six her beloved father died, and any potential for a relatively normal childhood ceased immediately. From that moment onwards, Michele, unprotected by her unstable mother, was at the mercy of sexual predators and her mother’s violent lovers. Time and time again Michele would endure the same cycle of being introduced to an adult who would befriend her and then abuse her. Michele’s mother was too lost in her own pain to protect her and Michele was too young and vulnerable to seek help, but Lucy was always there, comforting Michele and guiding her through moments where her very life was in danger. During her moments of deepest despair, Lucy would promise her that her life would change and that she had an amazing future. When Michele was fourteen, Lucy revealed that she was Michele’s twin who had died at birth, a fact that Michele was immediately able to verify with her shocked mother.

Protected by Lucy and propelled by a strong sense of fury at injustice, Michele passed through children’s homes as she grew into a troubled teenager who ran wild through the squats of London’s Brixton, seeking annihilation from the pain of her past and present through drink and drugs. Her many adventures led her through the darkest side of human nature and allowed her to experience the best and worst of what people can do to each other, yet, even when Lucy finally withdrew, telling Michele that she could no longer be by her side, Michele never lost her faith in the power of love or her ability to transform her own life. Through many miraculous meetings and synchronicities, Michele was able to use her extraordinary gifts to begin to heal her own pain and to help others, eventually demonstrating her powerful talent as an astrologer and psychic on Britain’s favourite TV shows and in magazines.

Carefully reconstructed from diaries, taped interviews, doctors records and hypnosis, this is Michele’s story, one of the enduring power of faith in love and the ability to transcend the past and create the future.