How to get the best psychic reading – 5 Top Hacks

How to get the best psychic reading

good psychic readingWho doesn’t love the feeling when you’ve had a really good psychic reading? The kind of online psychic reading you come away feeling that you not only totally connected with your psychic, but that you got even more accurate psychic information than you imagined? There are all sorts of psychics, seer gurus, and clairvoyants online but Psychic readings should be filled with empowerment and anticipation in your future!

So, how can you maximize your opportunities to connect with your psychic and come away feeling the future is yours to create and command? Here are my five top tips for doing just that.

1: Prepare!

Chances are there is a key area or issue going on in your life right now that has prompted your decision to have a psychic reading. Before you go ahead, take a moment to think about your situation and also, put yourself into a state of openness. Going into a reading with set expectations or wanting a specific answer is counter-productive to both you and your reader.

Part of being prepared is letting go of what you want to hear and be open to what you need to know! By all means, have questions ready but just before you talk to your psychic, I’ve found it helps just to state your intention. To be open to hearing whatever it is the universe wants to tell you. Saying ‘I enter into this reading with an open heart and an open mind’, instantly puts you into a receptive frame of mind – which your psychic will quickly tune into.

2: Want the best psychic reading? Relax.

If you are going through a difficult time at the moment and if you are feeling anxious about what the psychic may have to tell you, please be upfront and tell them. Even if you have no specific concerns at present and just want to know what is coming up for you, a few centering breaths or a quick meditation before your reading puts you in the right place. If you are nervous, however, telling your psychic this instantly opens up communication between you.

3: Ask the right questions

And I could add to this ‘in the right way’! Here’s an example. You are hoping a new relationship will appear soon so you ask your psychic: Will I ever find love? Now when you think about it, this can be answered with a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. Also, you have not stated what kind of love you are seeking as all connections are usually about love! We could be talking about the love of a close friend or mentor.

However, if you ask the question in a radically different way – such as ‘What more can I be doing now to attract a romantic partner into my life?’ –  not only have you specified the kind of love you are seeking. You have opened up a way for your psychic to give you all kinds of information as to how to do this. So, when asking your questions, phrase them so your psychic is able to channel every piece of information they can for you.

4:  If your reading is not recorded – take notes.

Yes, it seems obvious, doesn’t it? But so often we can be told things that may not make sense at the time we have the psychic reading. Yet they turn out to be completely relevant later on.

One client I know wrote down what she was told in a very enlightening reading. For a while afterward, she would refer back to it. And while many things did come true, there were others that did not manifest. After a while, she stopped consulting the notebook and shoved it in the back of her desk drawer. It was only 12 years later when she was clearing her desk to move house that she re-read it.  Imagine her surprise when she realised every single thing she had been told was spot-on!

5: It’s all about the flow, baby!

Every encounter is an energy exchange and we have to keep the energy flowing. To have the best psychic reading the psychic reader needs to be able to tune in to your energy. So, you need to know they are able to do this. However, sitting in silence and letting them do all the talking can block the energy. All psychic readers understand that you need to know they have been able to accurately tune in to you.

You can interact with a psychic without giving anything away; simply by the energy you put into a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. For a deeper connection, be enthusiastic and open.

So, when having your next psychic reading, think about these five top hacks and you increase your chances of walking away knowing you have had one of the best and more insightful psychic readings ever!

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