Pick A Crystal For The Spell You Need! – Our Psychic Violet Brings A Touch Of Magic Fun!


Pick A Crystal For The Spell You Need!

Hello one and all,

Here is a little bit of fun for you all, purely for entertainment purposes, and perfectly safe to do, I’ve been looking in my spell book just for you!

In our Wiccascopes we often get The Spell, Cauldron and Wizard cards, indicating that a magic touch with Crystal spells applied to your week would assist you in your purpose.

So that got me thinking about guidance through the laws of attraction, i.e. by asking for what we need to enhance in our lives, and how to do so, we get the assistance of a spell.

Remember I’ve said before a spell is a prayer, or wish, said with intention. Ensure it’s the right intention and done with love.

Close your eyes for a moment, relax, ask what little extra boost you need in your life right now, then open your eyes and pick the photo that calls to you the most strongly.


Blessed be


1. Attracting the right kind of love

Choosing the image of the lovely Rose Quartz, tells you that whether you are single or attached there may be the need of a positive love injection. And this is the spell for you. You’ll enjoy doing this, and it creates a loving feeling in your home, or anywhere you want to spread the love.

Rose oil adds a nice magical boost, but don’t feel the need to purchase it just for this spell (though if you enjoy roses, this can be very nice oil to have on hand generally).
Be sure not to us a blended smudge stick, such as one with sage and lavender or cedar and lavender – these are great for other purposes, but in this case they will dilute the romantic vibrations of lavender.

The Kit

Rose Quartz stone, tumble or chunk
A red candle, I’d suggest a small one that burns down quickly.
A Sprig of dried lavender/lavender smudge stick/incense stick/cone/oil in an oil burner
A clay dish or oven proof dish
Rose essential oil * (From health food or similar shop, or take the petals of a rose flower head, squish them, and leave them for a couple of days pressed under a stone, or rose quartz crystal).
1 feather *
*optional items.

How to do it

1. Drop a couple of drops on the candle. (Wash your hands after if you have lots of oil on them).

2. Light the candle.

3. Light the lavender sprig in the heat proof container, light the other lavender scented items as instructed.

4. Then pass the crystal above the candle flame saying the following words or your own similar words.

5. ‘As I light this candle bright
Bring the flame of love alight
Bring to this space loves desire
With its powerful yet gentle fire’.

6. Then face north, turning clock wise gently fanning the smoke from your lavender scent around the room. If you wish you can repeat your enchantment again.

7. Allow your lavender to burn out if you can, as you should the candle. If you want to extinguish these sooner, snub them out safely.

8. Say your thanks, and blessings.

9. Pop the Rose Quartz Crystal under your pillow at night, or in your clothing by day.

2. Positivity Spell

If you feel your luck has been a bit down lately, this could be why you chosen this image. I love this spell, it brings positivity into your life where it is needed. It is not a deep working spell, and is done to alleviate issues that are not too bogged down. Be open when you are stating your desires, don’t ask ‘yes’, or ‘no’ questions. And keep your intentions light and loving.
Once you’ve carried out the spell, don’t check on it, relax and allow it to happen.

The Kit

An orange or green crystal of vibrant colour (Sun stone, Carnelian, Jade)
A small yellow, gold, orange, or bright green candle.
Bergamot, patchouli or cinnamon essential oil.

How to do it

1. With the oil of choice drop one or two droplets on the candle of choice

2. Think about feeling happing in the future, imagine getting some good news, or a lovely surprise. Don’t focus on the negatives of any situation.

3. Just be in the moment of potentially being happy and content.

4. When you really feel this, say the following 3 times.

‘’Happiness I draw to me,
Three days from now let it be so,
Good news may it surprise me,
Three days from now let it be so”.

5. Light the candle pass the crystal over the flame, send your thanks and say, ‘So let it be’.

6. Pop the crystal upon you, in pockets, underwear, or bag.

3. A spell of Calm

Hey you busy person! If you are feeling too stressed or so busy you can’t think, this is the spell for you. It can be done as and when you need it, and is great if you have an interview, or important meeting. Another great time to do it is at the beginning of a busy week..

The Kit

A relaxing tumble stone such as jade, rose quartz, or amethyst
A cup of chamomile tea with a bit of honey
A small white candle
A relaxing tumble stone such as jade, rose quartz, or amethyst
A calming oil, incense stick or cone in lavender or alternative

How to do it!

1. Light the incense, pop the kettle on and make a cup of Chamomile tea.

2. Let the tea steep for a few minutes

3. Light the small white candle and candle gaze for a little while.

4. Stir the tea clockwise, taking a few sips, then a few deep breaths.

5. Take your tumble stone in the hand you connect to energy with, (the one that tingles when you hold the stone)

6. Cup it with your other hand on top of it.

7. Feel the lovely peaceful energy

8. Repeat the following words, or some of your own

“Oh, charge this stone with peaceful intention
Bring calm and patience please”
Hold the stone briefly above the candle flame three times. (Don’t burn your fingers)

9. It is now attuned to you and its purpose, pop in your pocket or bra if you wear one, during times you experience stress.

4. Charm for Successful Ventures

If you have an important goal or project you are just starting, or is already under way but needs a boost, this is what you need to do. As your potential grows, so does a plant.
Get a plug plant that represents the area of luck or opportunity you wish to boost.
For prosperity you can use lavender and Basil, indoors and out, I keep a lavender bush outside my front and back door. Aloe Vera and Bamboo are considered to be lucky plants. Pick a couple of smaller plants or medium ones. And follow the instructions.

The Kit

A yellow or green Citrine Crystal
Pots for your plants with suitable drainage and a saucer to catch the water when you water it.
Your plug plants of choice.
A £1 coin, or $1 coin or equivalent to your country
Enough potting soil suitable for your plant

How to do it

1. Prepare your pot by putting a thin base layer at the bottom. (I sometimes put a bit of gravel in for drainage)

2. Place the coin in the soil, along with the crystal and say,

‘May the richness of this soil be the strong foundation of my dream’

3. Fill the pot with more soil for the plant to rest on, and create a little bed for the plant to rest in.

4. Gently with loving intention pop the plant into the bed you have made it.

5. Say:

‘My dream is rooted securely now to grow and bring me good fortune’

6. Place the pot where you work with your project, an office your altar (ensure it has the right light and air flow it needs).

7. Hold your pot with your palms on either side of it

8. Say:

‘My project (you can name it) brings prosperity into my life and too. It is magnificent and bright’

9. Look after your plant, treat it with tenderness, gratitude and respect, as it grows.

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