Quiz: Which Sex Goddess are you?

Our Psychic Helen’s Sensual Goddess Quiz.

We all have a sensual sex goddess inside of us but for each of us she expresses herself in different ways. Knowing which one we are enables us to make the most of our Goddess style, attract that partner who is right on your wavelength and come even deeper into our power. Ready to unveil yourself in all your sexy Goddess gorgeousness?! Let’s begin!

Psychic quiz1: You get invited to a country house long weekend. What do you pack?

A: Fair trade, ethically made, natural fabric clothing that’s comfortable for both body and spirit.

B:  Designer glamour whether it’s chic outdoor wear or that little black dress for the evening – plus matching accessories of course!

C: Flowing, feminine fabrics and beautiful crystal jewellery

D:  Total chillax – anything comfy that you can feel totally at home in

E:  Your favourite jeans, well worn boots, a Barbour – come to think of it, you already live this lifestyle!

psychic witches2: Heartbreak hotel! You’ve split up with your squeeze. How do you comfort yourself until the next one comes along?

A: Food glorious food. You console yourself with comfort eating – and probably a few glasses of wine to go along with that.

B: Are they crazy? It’s their loss or it won’t be long before they see sense and come back. In the interim you return to the love that’s always there for you – retail therapy.

C: After a brief period of tears you detox, declutter and throw out all reminders of them, meditate on the karmic connection and how it has evolved you then arise like a phoenix.

D:  Time for girl’s nights in with your besties, chick flicks, wine and pizza!

E:  Get out and about, go on a trip or else try something from your bucket list. Who needs someone to complete you anyway?

Meditation3: Ka-ching! You’ve won the lottery! Now, how do you spend that cash?  

A: Up your donations to all your worthy causes plus now you can travel there to see how your money is being spent!

B: First class shopping trip around the world staying at seven star hotels with a valet to carry your purchases and a limo to drive you from store to store.

C: Bali? India? Italy? Chances are you’re off on that spiritual quest you’ve always dreamed of – eat, pray and love.

D: Your dream home – it doesn’t have to be grand; a country cottage with roses around the door is fine, but it does have to be big enough to share with your family and friends.

E: A ranch in Alberta, a vineyard in France, setting up an animal sanctuary or else a trip to one of the world’s wild places – Greenland, Africa, the trans-Siberian express – you’ve got a big dream to fill.

Psychic quiz Johnny Depp4: What are the qualities that you find most attractive in a partner?

A: Someone who is informed and as passionate about injustice and world issues as you are

B: Someone who is successful in their field and who takes a pride in themselves, their appearance and their accomplishments

C: Self-aware, sensitive and above all, honest

D: Someone who values home life, family and the sensual pleasures of life

E: Someone who offers you respect, who is outgoing and who shares your sense of adventure

psychic quiz5: What’s Your Dream Job?

A:  Setting up my own organisation for change or else working for one – Amnesty, Greenpeace, Save the Children for example.

B: Something that propels me into the spotlight or else working for someone who is famous themselves

C: Yoga teacher, therapist, nutritionist or any occupation that helps people become fitter, more spiritual or involves healing.

D: Interior designer, chef, antiques dealer, genealogist, family therapist, gardener, running a bakery or vintage clothing shop

E: Anything self-employed, travel writer, National Geographic photographer, sports professional, vet, lawyer.

Ready for your results? Discover your sexy goddess self below!

Mostly A’s: Your Sex Goddess Type is Athena.

Don’t be fooled for one moment if Athena is your sex goddess archetype. Although in mythology Athena was one of the virgin goddesses, this does not mean that women who have her traits are going to remain single! You have a strong sense of social justice, are practical, logical and your compassion allows you to stand up for what you believe to be right. You do need to guard against people taking advantage of this. The real trouble with people with this archetype is that they quickly see the potential in a prospective partner, but if they ignore their inner warning voice (which is always correct by the way!), they end up heartbroken and disappointed when the object of their affections fails to live up to this.

Your secret sexy colour: Blue. Wear this when you want to attract someone or get more romantic. You need: Someone who is mentally challenging, well-informed and socially aware. For long term success: Listen to your intuition and avoid anyone who needs ‘fixing’. That’s not your job.

Mostly B’s: Your Sex Goddess Type is Aphrodite.

A total glamazon, that’s you. Chances are you are highly sensual and creative but also instinctively drawn to glitz, bright lights, entertainment and success. You need a partner you can take pride in and show off. Of course, embodying the goddess of romance and pleasure can give you an advantage when it comes to attracting lovers – but keeping them may be your challenge as Aphrodite was hardly known for her constancy. Ask yourself what it is you are seeking in a relationship? A glamourous fling or something more lasting? You will attract partners who will take you to prestigious places when dating – you love anything five star (or higher) so you expect the best restaurants, the best seats and the best of everything.

Your secret sexy colour: Green or blue. Yes, I know you love red and gold but if you want to send a message that says ‘I’m a keeper’ you may want to re-think this. You need: Someone who is successful in their own right and who is as generous as you are.  For long term success: Look closely at how you dress and the message this sends. Although you love accessories and jewellery, adopt a less-is-more approach. The same goes for how much leg or cleavage is on show too!

Mostly C’s: Your Sex Goddess Type is Tara.

Known as the ‘mother of liberation’, Tara represents success in work and achievements in all areas – including love. Her name means ‘star’ and she is supposed to have emerged from a lotus flower – we can say similar to how Aphrodite is depicted emerging from a shell. Tara’s message is very different however. Where Aphrodite is all about sensuality, Tara is all about first opening your heart for love to follow. You have a need to get to know someone first before progressing on to becoming intimate with them. You’re in no hurry and enjoy the various stages of courtship. You will be put off by anyone who tries to hurry or pressure you (this is a big warning sign so heed it) and also by anyone who doesn’t take good care of themselves.

Your secret sexy colour: White or pale blue or anything that looks clean and pristine. You love clean lines and hate fuss when it comes to your clothes. You need: Someone on a spiritual or self-improvement path who has clear, long term goals both personal and professional. For long term success: Open your heart to self-love first and accept who you are – limitations and all. Understand that you are not perfect – no-one is. But two people can be imperfect yet perfect for each other. You don’t need to run around looking for Mr. or Ms. Right. Concentrate on your own soul growth and work goals and they will appear on your path in due course.

Mostly D’s: Your Sex Goddess Type is Gaia.

Think Nigella Lawson who perfectly embodies this type of goddess and surrender yourself to all of life’s sensual and domestic pleasures. The delights of making your home beautiful – for others as well as part of your creative soul expression, will be very important to you. You value family and things that last – which includes relationships of course. Chances are even when young, lasting love and starting a family were high on your list of ‘must haves’. If you have a solid home base you feel you can take on the world – it’s not that you are boring, you just need roots! Your soft heart means you can easily get your heart broken and if this happens you are likely to withdraw or seek solace in the company of good friends until it heals.

Your secret sexy colour: Red! It’s usually something you wouldn’t normally wear but try it if you want to turn up the heat or have a lover look at you in an entirely different light! You need:  A partner with whom you can build a dream – be it a home, a family or marketing that fabulous range of gourmet cupcakes you’ve dreamed up! For long term success: Learn to ask the right questions before you give someone your heart. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they are looking for, what their goals are and take your time to ensure they are all they appear to be if you don’t want your trusting heart to be trampled by someone who doesn’t deserve it. The 90 Day Rule? Designed for you in mind.

Mostly E’s: Your Sex Goddess Type is Elen of the Ways.

You’re your own person that’s for sure and it’s not that you’re adverse to being part of a two-some but you seek a fellow free-spirit to run with. You’re both in and of this world, determined to experience as much of it as possible, but also you have one foot in the spiritual world and you see how the two are connected. Chances are you love animals, travel and nature. Elen of the Ways stretches back in time guarding the crossroads between this world and the spiritual one. In Roman times she appears as the Welsh princess who supposedly wed the Roman governor of Britain, Maximus, thus linking the Roman and Celtic worlds. Legend tells us that she inspired Maximus to rebel against the Roman occupation and lead an army to conquer Rome – the character in the film Gladiator may well have been based on this story. You could therefore be seeking that partner who tames you on some level and unites both the wild goddess and the lover!

Your secret sexy colour: Earth tone realness. Black drains you. Go for terracotta, ochre, turquoise, rust, bronze, burgundy and instead of black for formal occasions, go for midnight blue and watch how your eyes blaze and how you glow. You’re heart-stopping! You need: A travelling companion, a fellow adventurer and above all, someone who knows who they are so they are happy for you to be you in return. For long term success: Don’t pretend to be anything but yourself. If you’re not everyone’s cup of tea, who cares? Be honest, not everyone is your cup of spiced chai either!




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