Boost Your Insight With Six Easy Steps to Tarot Empowerment

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Boost Your Insight With Six Easy Steps to Tarot Empowerment

There’s no doubt that the Tarot is a powerful tool of divination and transformation. But the uses of tarot cards go far beyond just looking at how the future may unfold.

Tarot cards can be used to unlock insights into ourselves and others, and provide us with the ability to transform our future. What’s more we don’t need to be a tarot expert or consult a professional reader to do this. Anyone who owns a tarot deck can whether they understand all the traditional meaning of the cards or not. It’s a simple but fun technique I’ll share with you now that I call the Six Steps of Insight.

Step One:

First of all – let go of all the traditional interpretations of the cards before you start this exercise. We are not going to interpret the cards but connect with them on a soul resonance level. This requires us to let go of any desire to predict outcomes or overlay the cards with what we may want to happen. If you don’t know how to interpret the cards – congratulations! You won’t be hampered by any preconceptions.

Step Two:

Now lay out your entire tarot deck FACE UP in front of you. You can lay them out in any order just as they come out of the pack. You do not have to put all the major arcana or suits together. Once you have done this sit back and allow your eyes to take in your entire deck. Again, don’t think about the meaning of the cards, allow other impressions to form – the colours and the feelings the images evoke in you.

Step Three:

After you have ‘sat’ with your cards for a few moments I want you to choose the six cards you are most drawn to and like. Again, for this exercise to work your choice needs to be based on your impressions of the cards, the feelings they evoke in you, the colours and images you are most drawn to and resonate with, as opposed to what you might want to happen in your life. You may want a new love to come into your life but don’t pick The Lovers or the Two of Cups just because of that. Go with your instincts.

Step Four:

Now – choose the six cards you like the least! Perhaps your choice here is influenced by dark colours, images of difficulty or sleepless nights. Or you discover that some reason right now you really don’t like a card that is otherwise light, bright and positive. If that’s the case and it can be, then add it to your least liked. Remember, this is all about how you feel about the cards, not about their meaning per se.

Step Five:

Arrange your six ‘likes’ in a row and your six ‘dislikes’ underneath them. Look at them closely. Do any of the cards you have selected as a ‘like’ have a clear opposite – a card in the ‘dislike’ row that evokes the opposite feeling in you to your ‘like’? If so, arrange them so one is above the other. You may find that you have unconsciously selected more than one pair of cards that represents the opposite of the other. Again, arrange them so one is above the other. Also look to see if the cards are telling a ‘story’ in some way. Is there a link you can see between them? If so, arrange them again so the story unfolds in a linear fashion.

Step Six:

Finally, once again letting go of any traditional interpretations of the cards, do these cards remind you of anyone or anything that has been or is going on in your life right now? Again, this is all about your ‘gut’ reaction to the cards you have chosen and the thoughts and feelings they evoke. Perhaps you have chosen the Three of Swords and this leads you to the insight that despite the fact you are now dating, you still have some processing to do to get over your previous relationship.

Write down the cards you have chosen and any insights that come through for you about why you have chosen them and what they represent for you on an emotional and psychic level. You may find at this point that you have picked some cards that appear to have no bearing on anything that is going on for you. These can be the most interesting of all as you will have usually picked them for a reason. Again, write down what you believe the card could represent for you.

Repeat when needed

This exercise can be a powerful tool of insight and can also be incredibly useful for anyone wanting to hone their tarot skills whether you are a complete beginner or a professional reader as it enables you to link your subconscious mind to the cards and draw amazing insights from them. As time passes you may be amazed when you re-read what you wrote regarding your choices how accurate your emotional connection and interpretation was. You can literally end up being your own tarot reader!

Repeat this exercise whenever you require insight into what is happening in your life or what may be coming up. The interesting thing is that you will choose different cards every time but your interpretation of the cards is what makes this exercise such a powerful tool of insight and empowerment.

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