Catch me as the new Astrologer for ITV’s This Morning!

Very exciting news –  I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I am the new astrologer for ITV’s This Morning!  You may have caught my first appearance on Monday 18th January, when I gave a quick overview of what’s happening for all the signs of the zodiac throughout 2010 and answered a few phone in questions on viewers’ love lives or careers.

Everyone who works on the show is fabulous and very quickly made me feel at home.  The presenters, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, were great to work with, although I couldn’t help noticing that when we were standing up that they absolutely towered above me so I was glad to be sitting down when we went on air! I did rashly promise that I would eat my crystal ball if Holly wasn’t at least nominated for an award this year, so watch this space!

My slot seemed to go very quickly because I was having so much fun.  Filming live television for a programme such as This Morning is very different from some of the TV presenting work I’ve done before.  You never know what’s going to happen next, but I love the buzz of the whole thing.

If you missed my slot, you can always catch up on the astrology bit – just watch the YouTube clip below, or go to to see more!

I’m going to make an appearance on the show every month, taking calls and talking about the big planetary trends and what they mean for each sign, so make sure you catch it if you can.  And who knows, if you call in with a question, I might even get to talk to you!

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