Your Monthly Astronumberscope December/January Sun in Capricorn

Your Monthly Astronumberscope December/January Sun in Capricorn

Welcome to your new monthly astronumberscope! Astronumerology combines the wisdom of astrology with the hidden power of your birthday number bringing you a new type of forecast on a different date to your usual astrology forecast. Each month you’ll be able to access hidden insights into what the universe has in store for you based on your birthday and the sign the Sun is in at the time. So, your astronumerology forecast will be available when the Sun changes signs around the 21st of each month.

It’s As Simple as 1-2-3

How do you work out your personal astronumberscope for the coming month? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

First – take your birthday date. Let’s say you were born on the 4th. Now, take the astro number for the sign the Sun is currently in. Between December 21 and January 20 the Sun is in the sign of Capricorn. The astronumber for Capricorn is 8. The year the Sun enters Capricorn is 2018. So, to work out your forecast for the period of Dec 21 – Jan 20 you add the following:

Your birthday: 4, the astro number for the sign the Sun is in: 8, the current year: 2018:

4 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 23. Now reduce 23 down to a single digit 2 + 3 = 5. Read the astronumerology forecast for Number 5.

Here’s another example. Say you were born on the 10th. Your birthday: 10, plus the astronumber for the sign the Sun is in: 8, plus the current year: 2018. 1 +0 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 20 = 2. You would read the numberscope for the number 2.

But wait, I hear you say! We have a New Year coming in and it will be 2019! What if I am reading this on January 1 2019? Your forecast is always calculated on the number of the year when the Sun changes signs. So, for the period between Dec 21 and Jan 20 we use 2018. We will use 2019 when the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on Jan 20 – not before. This is because astronumerology is calculated by the year the Sun enters the sign, not the calendar month.

Ready to discover what the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 has in store for you personally? Read your personal  astronumberscope and see how the future adds up!

Number 1

If you are in a Number 1 month then for you it is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. You are infused with wild, creative, passionate energy that is demanding an outlet! Desire is about to take you in a radical new direction if you will allow it. So follow where it leads you. You have a deep need for recognition, to be seen and noticed and to creatively express yourself. The month – and indeed the New Year, is calling to you and telling you not to be your old self. To be someone new – the person you want to be for the coming year. Make some changes to your image if you feel the way you look is literally fast becoming ‘so last year’. When we undergo a shift on an inner level, the outer ‘us’ needs to reflect this. Above all, initiate something. If you have the Number 1 cycle for the month then you need to start something new. It’s more than just joining a gym or that New Year’s resolution. Set yourself a goal that while it is attainable, stretches you and pushes you out of your comfort zone a little but which you can achieve in a reasonable time frame. Apply for that job, begin that creative project, start that business or course and launch yourself out into the world if love or success is what you are seeking. This is a wonderful cycle for romance and to make anything – and this includes babies if that is your dream now. Number 1 says Begin it Now. Heaven helps those who don’t wait.

Number 2

Try a little self-tenderness this month and don’t judge those feelings when they surface.  This period sees you more psychic and more sensitive than usual. You’ll pick up on the feelings of others too and flashes of intuition and inspiration will be yours to apply to any situation to give you the answers you need. This cycle is about trusting yourself more and not dwelling on past mistakes. When we enter a 2 month, it tells us that our lives are flowing in a brand new direction. It wants us to have confidence in ourselves because we need to be ready to respond to the positive flow of change entering our lives. Take some time to ask yourself what it is you REALLY want from life in the upcoming year? New people will enter your life so accept any invitations that come your way as new friendships can be made. Look at where you are living? Are you happy with your home or lifestyle? If you are, then commit to it and do whatever you can to enhance it. If not, do something about it. Above all, be honest with yourself about what you need in terms of security and lifestyle. As we enter 2019 you are going to be offered a fresh start on some level. The question is: are you ready to accept it?

Number 3

Want to see how lucky, lucky can be? 3 is your month to find out! Take a chance – on yourself, on life and what is on offer now.  Make that effort and reach for those goals as the 3 cycle promises one can be realised now. Time to be outgoing, optimistic and put your faith in your ability to create your future. What do you believe about yourself? You’re stepping into a busy month where travel, business and expansion can feature. But ensure you take some time out to tune in to your inner beliefs. That personal philosophy is what got you this far. How does your outer world reflect these beliefs? Is it time to expand these in order to expand your horizons? Any opportunities that appear this month are all based on your thinking. This cycle wants to bring you rewards. Because you have a busy month ahead, ensure you are supporting your body with the right nutrition. If you feel drained or tired during this cycle, you may need help. Good times are happening all around you. These may be celebrations to do with attaining that goal or you being invited to enjoy the good things of life. If so, please do not over-indulge unless you want to discover there is more than one kind of hangover! This month is about to send you off in the direction of success. Just be aware that some people around you may not like this bold, brave, fearless new you. If so, be gentle with those who are just not as ready as you are to explore just what lucky means.

Number 4

Live in the moment this month and above all, don’t get too attached to plans. If you are entering a 4 cycle you are about to be set free on some level. The unexpected can and will feature as this cycle has a direction and energy all of its own. It has to be experienced rather than explained and you will see what I mean as the month unfolds. Your key is to go in the direction life flows in. Be adaptable and open-minded – especially when things simply don’t go the way you thought they would. When this happens, take a deep breath and centre yourself. Also, suspend judgement about what is happening and please don’t assign labels like ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to events. See them as just that – experiences only that no matter how they appear, are designed to put your feet on a higher path towards freedom.  This is a wonderful cycle to open up your arms to the universe and let in the new. This includes new people. Make that extra effort to get out and about and connect in any way that appeals to you. There’s an awakening taking place deep in your psyche this month and what is happening in your outer world is merely a reflection of that. As you realise this as the month unfolds, you will see yourself grow in confidence and as this happens, you become the change that creates your new future. This cycle promises change, challenges but also excitement, surprises and thrills. The biggest surprise of all however, may be your ability to take control of your destiny.

Number 5

The universe pivots around you this month as the 5 cycle always indicates an important turning point. Step into a faster flow of life and as you do, be as organised as possible. Keep that New Year diary up to date, answer calls, emails and messages in a timely manner and keep track of deadlines and appointments. Time to make small but significant improvements to your daily life and routine. This cycle is about the power of details and ideas. Travel may feature but if so it is likely to be short in terms of distance and/or duration. Your workload should increase which is another reason to stay organised and focussed – and your back account should reflect this. This is an excellent cycle under which to apply for a new job or position, start a course of study, to launch that blog, website, business or side hustle and to pitch that big idea. Contacts and paperwork may feature with important papers to be signed – if so, read the small print. Here’s a secret about a 5 cycle – if it starts badly it will end on a high note. The message for you this month is not to judge a book by its cover – or the month itself for that matter.

Number 6

Cupid, draw back your bow! If you are embracing a 6 cycle this month watch for those arrows! Love is in the air so be open about who or what you need now and follow the direction that arrow sends you in. This is your month of both attraction and appreciation. Put the finishing touches to outstanding projects and then sit back and appreciate all your achieved in 2018. Above all, don’t leave any loose ends to take with you into 2019. Choices and decisions are going to feature due to your ability to attract in new people, opportunities and circumstances. When they arrive and it is time for you to choose, you will make the right choice so believe this. Many of us have bought in to the idea of ‘having it all’. This is a myth as nobody gets ‘it all’. The problem with pursuing this idea is that we end up being dissatisfied with what we have or what is on offer right now. Ditch this and understand sometimes having what we need requires a compromise – or two. Be prepared to make it and you could just end up with more than you ever dreamed possible. Focus on your money and earning ability this cycle. You may be in the red but that’s not the issue. The real issue is are you being as resourceful as you can be with what you have? Not just your cash but your talents, skills and other resources. The universe wants you to receive what you believe you are worth now. That’s the arrow of truth striking the heart of the matter.

Number 7

Dive deep into the waters of intuition, insight and spiritual truth this month if you are swimming in a 7 cycle.  Carve out some ‘me’ time now and link to the vast well of inner wisdom within. Especially if you need answers to anything right now.  You will receive them but you need to be alert as they may come to you in ways other than what you might expect. Signs, dreams and synchronicities bring you the information you’re seeking. Stay connected to your inner voice. Dealing with the medical profession, healing, hospitals, rest homes, therapists,  psychics, mediums, rehab or institutions – or people connected to these may feature and also provide answers. No matter what is happening this month, it is not the time for any kind of escapism. Yes, you may occasionally feel like running away but as Buckaroo Banzai reminds us: Wherever you go – there you are. Be where you are and face whatever you need to. The knowledge you need to do this is yours for the asking. People from your past may feature and karma could come calling. Look closely at who is helping you this month and who holds you back or undermines you. You’ve done this dance together before. The answers as to why anything is happening the way it is are all to be found within you this month.

Number 8

Take your time this cycle. You could encounter speed bumps as you power on into 2019. If so, yes, they have a purpose. To slow you down so you can see where you may be going wrong. And when you see this, to make any changes you need to. This especially applies to your work and career now. If you need a fresh start for the New Year, make that change. While you can learn from your past this month, you should not repeat it. If people from your past re-enter your life – even in your thoughts, you need to remember the past can be a trap. Be especially wary of getting reinvolved and ask yourself do you want something different or more of the same? This is your month to create your best impression on anyone you meet – be it professionally or personally. So, look after your image and remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Be seen as someone who knows what they want and also what they are talking about. Your parent of the same sex will be on your mind too this cycle. Even if they passed away long ago or you never knew them. Are you living up to their expectations or yours? Do you still crave their approval? Or are you trying to win the approval of another parental figure in your life – an emotionally distant partner or boss? This month asks you claim your life to live on your terms and that the only person’s approval worth winning is your own.

Number 9

If you are in a 9 month then know you are at your peak as far as your energy is concerned. This is your time to do whatever needs to be done and say whatever needs to be said. Take the initiative as this is the number of the Soul Warrior. Act on your own behalf because unless you do, nobody else will. This is your month where a major transformation will take place and life hands you the magic of the alchemist. You can totally change a situation or your circumstances and weave gold from straw. You may feel you are on the brink of a new beginning and if so, be open as to what form it will take. Remember, the only thing we can ever change is ourselves and that alchemical process begins with our thoughts.  Change your thinking – change your world. You may feel like a warrior in more than one way this cycle as people and relationships may test you. There should be no room for anger this month – even if your buttons are being pushed. Take the higher path and understand that if a connection ends, it is because you have outgrown it. That peak energy acts as a magnet for your desires. How can it manifest? One way is via an opportunity to step into a more powerful or prestigious role at work. Another way is to attract in what’s been missing in your personal life – or should I say who? Get ready for some transformational magic now.

By our astrologer and numerologist Helen

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