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Hack Your Way Out of Eclipse Shadows with the Tarot

Hack Your Way Out of Eclipse Shadows with the Tarot We’re in eclipse season again with the present eclipse cycle across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. So, where’s the cover-up happening in your life? If you’re unsure then the Tarot is your light to the truth concealed within the eclipse darkness! Eclipses hide  They conceal, turn out […]

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Weekend Vibes – Pick a Tarot Card

Weekend Vibes – Pick a Tarot Card Hello Beautiful Soul, Sending you nurturing and positive energy in these global challenging, heartbreaking times. Now, more than ever, we need to take care of our energy and gather the strength to support, love, and do the best for each other. To have the courage to do what […]

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4 tarot cards

Pick a Tarot Card – Immediate Vibes 

Pick a Tarot Card – Immediate Vibes  Hello Gorgeous Soul, Focus on the four Tarot cards and see if one of the cards speaks to you! Do you get a pull/nudge/vibe towards one of the cards? Perhaps it has a message for you? Pick your tarot card and scroll down for your tarot message about […]

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7 tarot crds

Your New Moon Reading – Pick a Tarot card

Your New Moon Reading – Pick a Tarot card Hello Moonbeam, 🌑 New Moons give us the perfect opportunity to surrender people, patterns, and energies that no longer serve us. They’re a fresh start, a new chapter, and a promising beginning. Let’s face it: we all tend to avoid letting go sometimes, as change can […]

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4 tarot cards

Free Tarot Reading – Pick A Tarot Cards

Your Free Tarot Card Reading – Pick a card With Michele Knight-Waite Hello, Wonderful One, Welcome to your free Tarot reading. Tarot is fabulous for sparking our intuition and natural psychic ability. Don’t just read the explanation but use this as an opportunity to tune into your own psychic ability. Look at the back of […]

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psychic elena

Meet our incredible psychic and astrologer Elena

Here’s a video of our psychic and astrologer Elena. Elena has been with me for ten years and we regularly collaborate on written astrology. She is one of the most brilliant astrologers I know and a very in-depth psychic. Elenas psychic and astrology readings not only cover practical details but also profound spiritual revelations. Elena […]

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