Your Free Tarot Reading – Which Card Calls To You?

5 tarot cards

Your Free Tarot Reading: Which Card Calls To You?

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Do you get a tingling in your intuition when you look at one of these five Tarot Cards? Does one shout ‘choose me!’. If so scroll down for your psychic guidance. 

Don’t forget to pay attention to what your intuition feels about this card. Does the Tarot card inspire any feelings? Or remind you of someone or something? Trust your own wisdom!

Much love 

Michele x

5 tarot cards


Tarot Card One – The Fool

You’ve chosen my favourite card, The Fool. The Fool is arguably the most powerful card in the Tarot as it’s comparable to the dice, it guides you through the entire deck and a world of infinite possibility. It’s pure magic! When we have the vitality of the Fool, we dare to take a leap of faith, and to move into new territory. It’s about to get exhilarating for you, but only if you hurl yourself in. Have you got butterflies and don’t know why? It’s time to do things differently and welcome the new.

The Fool is awakening you to your spur-of-the-moment side. Open your arms to doing things that you’ve never done before. Listen to the call of the wild. Change routines sign up for new experiences. Sometimes in life, we can fearlessly throw ourselves into a new chapter, this is one of those times. What has been tugging at your soul? The Fool reminds us that we can’t go wrong so dive into adventure. Break at least one pattern today and do one thing you have never done.

Tarot Card Two – Judgment

An awakening! Finally, you are approaching a crossroads. Life has been tough for you and the past a long and challenging road. Over the past few months, you have had clues guiding you towards the direction in which you need to go. Once we have an awakening, there is no going back, and perhaps this is why you have delayed making some difficult choices.

You will be delighted to hear that now you have reached this stage, you liberate yourself from the chains of the past. You’re coming into your power, and you wave goodbye to all of those crappy old patterns that had such a hold over you. You’re on a new road now, so make the most of it. Your goals are within reach, and you see things very differently.

Tarot Card Three – The King of Cups

A soft and emotional visionary energy is coming your way. Maybe a King is offering you some good advice? A supportive, caring being is popping in to remind you to unfurl to love. It’s time to unleash your creativity and intuition. 

You feel much more balanced when you are flowing with your emotions. Have you had a psychic insight recently? Did you listen to your inner wisdom or ignore it? Seek out folk who are kind and value you for who you are.

If you feel manipulated by someone who is passive-aggressive, it’s now time to take action and stand your ground. There is a need to settle blocked emotions, but you’ll find it more manageable than you think. A trip this year is going to help transform things. You are about to realise that the cocoon was worth it as you are now the butterfly!

high priestess tarot cardTarot Card Four – The High Priestess

Hello Psychic One! 

Your psychic wisdom is increasing. All the answers you seek you already have the answers too. Ask yourself a question right now and listen to the first thoughts that come. 

Pay attention to your body when you are around people. Who makes your body feel at ease, and who makes you feel tense? What is your inner guru trying to tell you? 

Keep your eyes peeled for signs and symbols that can help you break free. You may have an opportunity to follow your spiritual path and use your psychic skills to help others. Perhaps you are about to be a mentor or have found yourself being the keeper of secrets. ALWAYS listen to your intuition, especially now, and you can’t go wrong.

2 of pentaclesTarot Card Five – Two of Pentacles

Gorgeous Soul, Sick of juggling things? Perhaps there have been too many demands on you, and you have become used to putting everyone else first?

The two of Pentacles reveals that hardship and struggle have turned you into a bit of a Magician. You are talented at dealing with most situations and are about to be rewarded with a gift from the Universe.

Please trust in yourself right now. You are about to go on a journey. It may be a spiritual journey, a sensual journey, or even a literal journey, but whatever it is, it will expand your horizons and deliver you to your next step. Well done!

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