Hack Your Way Out of Eclipse Shadows with the Tarot

The Moon

Hack Your Way Out of Eclipse Shadows with the Tarot

We’re in eclipse season again with the present eclipse cycle across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. So, where’s the cover-up happening in your life? If you’re unsure then the Tarot is your light to the truth concealed within the eclipse darkness!

Eclipses hide

8 of swords They conceal, turn out the lights and cover-up. We’re in the dark over a key issue or area in our lives. There are various types of eclipses. A total eclipse of either the Sun or the Moon means just that. We are blindfolded, in a dark cellar with the lights off, seeking Shrodinger’s black cat which may or may not even be in there. Or the equivalent. A penumbral solar eclipse is one that gives that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. Think of this as a flash of insight – but that’s it. Partial eclipses hand us a piece of a bigger puzzle but we still don’t have the whole picture. 

Then there’s a hybrid eclipse. This is when the Moon’s shadow moving across the Earth causes all three eclipse types to occur. This is extremely rare. In fact, we’ve not seen one in 159 years. However, on April 20th 2023, one will occur at 29o 52’ of Aries (by that time the eclipse axis has changed to Aries/Libra as the axis moves along with the Nodes backward through the zodiac). So, when this happens what we know, believe we know or are told will shift, change and the cover up will be complete and confusing. 

the starLucky for us, we have reliable tools we can turn to during eclipses. And there is none so effective at piercing the darkness to get to the heart of the truth for us than the Tarot. So, if you are left with unanswered questions or your intuition is telling you something is ‘off’ – even if you are being told by others all is well, then the answers are literally to hand for you.

Take the time to unplug and ensure you will not be interrupted. Have your Tarot journal to hand. You can do this reading anywhere provided you won’t be disturbed and perform it at any time in the days immediately leading up to the eclipse or afterwards. You don’t have to do it on the day the eclipse happens as its effects can often be felt in the two days leading up to it and also afterwards. If you get the feeling what is occurring is linked to the eclipse during the period no matter whether it is eclipse day or not – that’s your cue to reach for your deck!

You may want to frame your question in a specific way

magicianAgain, this may be linked to that ‘gut’ feeling you are already picking up. ‘Am I correct in my assumption that so-and-so is not telling me the truth?’, ‘What do I need to look closer at under this eclipse?’ or ‘What am I not yet seeing/need to know about this situation?’. Find the way to ask that feels right for you but gives the cards a framework to deliver your answers. And this can be as simple as: What is this eclipse hiding from me?

Take no more than three cards

Lay them out in front of you and go deeper. Write down every message or impression you get – no matter how random or removed from what you think the situation is. Remember – we are dealing with what you cannot see and the cards remove your blindfold! As we are dealing with eclipses, pay extra attention if the cards of either The Sun or The Moon appear. Chances are the cover-up is a big one!

high priestess tarot cardLike a Astro detective, it may take you a few days to piece the clues together. But take it they are there in the cards. Fill in the gaps between your intuition and what you know or have been told. If you own more than one deck of cards – and I know most of us do, you can take one card from more than one deck but again, three is enough even if you own more than three decks! This method often delivers even more information as images vary between decks and open our psychic abilities even further as we compare the cards.

So, next time an eclipse leaves you asking ‘WTF?!’ reach for the Tarot and take yourself out of the game of Unknown Soul Bluff. There is no more insight impairment. You have the bravery and the tools to shine a light into the darkness and deliver your answers to your hand.



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