Your Monthly Astronumberscope April May Sun in Taurus 2019

Your Monthly Astronumberscope April May Sun in Taurus

By Our Psychic Astrologer  Numerologist Helen

Welcome to your monthly astronumberscope! Astronumerology combines the wisdom of astrology with the hidden power of your birthday number bringing you a new type of forecast on a different date to your usual astrology forecast. Each month you’ll be able to access hidden insights into what the universe has in store for you based on your birthday and the sign the Sun is in at the time. So, your astronumerology forecast will be available when the Sun changes signs – usually around the 21st of each month.

It’s As Simple as 1-2-3

How do you work out your personal astronumberscope for the coming month? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

First – take your birthday date. Let’s say you were born on the 4th. Now, take the astro number for the sign the Sun is currently in. Between April 20 and May 20 the Sun is in the sign of Taurus. The astronumber for Taurus is 6. It’s 2019. So, to work out your forecast for the period of April 20 to May 20 you add the following:

Your birthday: 4, the astro number for the sign the Sun is in: 6, the current year: 2019:

4 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 22. Now reduce 22 down to a single digit – 2+2 = 4. Read the astronumerology forecast for Number 4.

Here’s another example. Say you were born on the 10th. Your birthday: 10, plus the astronumber for the sign the Sun is in: 6, plus the current year: 2019. 1 +0 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 19 . 1 + 9 = 10 = 1. You would read the numberscope for the number 1.

What’s Special in the Sky This Month

A dreamy meeting between Venus and Neptune in Neptune’s ruling sign of Pisces could infuse all of us with inspiration and see us expressing our highest love potential. It’s a call to express empathy, creativity and compassion.  Can we reach it? Mercury is now direct but Jupiter turns retrograde in its ruling sign of Sagittarius affecting long distance travel, mass communications, the law, religion and the mass media. The biggest impact on all of us will be the Sun’s entry into Taurus from the 20th and its meeting with Uranus on the 22nd. There’s a call to all of us to redefine what truly matters. Saturn will also retrograde in its ruling sign of Capricorn – and do so opposing the North Node in Cancer, while of course, conjunct the South Node. This is all about karma – not just from this life but from past lives. If we don’t learn our lessons we are destined to repeat them. It’s like Groundhog Day – If we don’t learn our lessons we are destined to repeat them. Good or challenging, your karma gets paid forward and could well fall due now. If we learn from the past we step free of it. By reaching for higher love we can create some brand new karma this month.  Set the future in motion  but setting your values now.

Forecast for Number 1 Month

Time to look at what new about you. Because there should be something. Pretty well like a first house astrological transit, if you’re in a Number 1 cycle, it’s time to look at that outer packaging, your image, profile, brand, messaging, packaging. Creating that best, first impression should be your priority as this month always wants to deliver something or someone new into your life.

Lay out the psychic welcome mat and kick-start that energy by ensuring the outer you reflects the inner you perfectly. Dare to try a new hairstyle, make up or even that outfit you would not usually even take into the changing room with you. Chances are you’ll not only love it – others will sit up and take notice too.

This is a month to create, to dare to do and to attract. The new people who cross your path could include potential bosses, friends and lovers – all aligned to that new, fresh vibe you’re projecting. Launch something – that idea, business, application or just that refreshed version of you. New ideas and opportunities also come calling. You’re Number 1 on someone’s list whether it’s for that job or for their heart. Babies, children and young people in general may feature as well. If you’ve laid the right foundations, this is the month where success in a key area catches up with you. Expect to be noticed. And ensure it’s for all the right reasons because this month hands you all the right moves.

Forecast for Number 2 Month

This is one of the cycles where life offers you a fresh start on some level. Look around you as this may occur close to home. Decisions which will have a long term impact on your future will be made during the next month. And when the time comes, be confident that you are going to make the right ones. If you are in a 2 cycle now, you are one of those people who will be seeing all too clearly the results of the choices and decisions you made in the past. 

This month asks you to own them no matter whether you are happy with what you have sown – or not. Don’t blame others. Because this month holds new potential for the future, if you are not happy with how things are, you can create a different result simply by choosing different. This can even begin by choosing to think different. Home, family, living arrangements, real estate, moving and your security will also feature. 

Themes of support, sustenance and nurturing – both giving and being on the receiving end of this, reflect your increased sensitivity which also occurs this month. You are attuned to the needs of others but this comes from an increased awareness of your own. This is a month where you can connect on a deeper level purely by opening up and showing your vulnerabilities. In them lies your strength paradoxically. Hide of a rhino when it comes to the outer world – heart of a dove with those you love. Set those relationships – and business, on a new course.

Forecast for Number 3 Month

Adventure, romance, excitement – to preface Yoda – you’re the Jedi who craves these things if you’re feeling the Force of a 3 month! This is your month to be daring. To reach for that goal you may think it just beyond your grasp and to discover in the process just what you are truly capable of. Travel may feature this month or encountering or dealing with people or businesses overseas.

Someone may cross your path that gives you that spooky yet familiar feeling, as if you have known them before. Consider the fact that you have. This month will see you either having to assume a leadership or teaching role or stepping into the spotlight in some way. When you get there, please don’t let it go to your head! Others may see you as being on a lucky streak now. But if you step back you’ll see any so-called ‘luck’ that is flowing into your life is the result of you taking a chance and changing your outlook on life. In fact, the true gift this month brings you is the opportunity to form a new personal philosophy to live by.

This may involve letting go of ideas around what you can and cannot have or do, and being prepared to go after whatever it is you want. Above all, it will involve letting go of blaming something outside yourself for limitations or lack. The Force is with you once more. Plus you could get to stay a Jedi long after this cycle comes to an end.

Forecast for Number 4 Month

What adds value to your life? What’s the value you add or bring to the table yourself? What will you or won’t you ‘sell out’ for? 4 cycles are ruled by Uranus so if you are in one this month, you’re going to feel the punch of Uranus and then the Sun in Taurus more than most. Not just your values but your money, how you earn it, what you do with it and your connection to the material world, is about to be stood on its head.

Make every transaction one that adds worth now. Look to your self- worth especially. How you expect to be treated by others and rewarded for what you do. If you are seeking new work or working on that side hustle – focus on how you add value to others. It’s your recipe for success – in all areas. If you have been chained to a job or even debts, which either do not reward you sufficiently or else undermine your worth, this month can bring you a way out of this trap.

That is not to say you get off Scott-free however. Just that you suddenly see there is a different approach to take or path previously unexplored. This month highlights what really matters and shows you what you money can buy you that is more than just ‘stuff’. Be fluid with plans as they may not work out. Be open minded when alternatives present themselves. The universe is doing some course correcting on your behalf – whether it seems like this or not. So if someone ends or does not work out the way you thought, take it this is part of the process. This can be an exciting month where you learn the value of experiences. Choose again – and choose different this time around.

Forecast for Number 5 Month

During this cycle, make Wednesday your day to meditate, declutter your mind, desk, closet, life and look at your routine. Work, business or study take an upswing with a positive, knock-on effect occurring in your bank account so be prepared to accept any extra if offered it. Messages, technology, how you move about or communicate, could see you constantly on the go and looking to upgrade that phone, computer, tablet or even your car. You are alive with ideas and wanting to share them with anyone who will listen.

Just ensure that you follow through however – don’t be an ‘all talk and no action’ kind of person as if so, what you are going to quickly find is that people will tune out. This is a month to socialise on a larger scale than usual – with groups of people, rather than one to one or small intimate gatherings. It wants you to get out there and get connected. This is an excellent time to send out that CV, manuscript or launch that blog or business idea.

Depending on what is going on in your personal chart, it’s a month more for flirtation than getting serious about romance, so bear this in mind. Make small changes to your routine whether on a diet/fitness/work or daily basis to bring in larger ones further down the track. Above all, don’t even try to be in two places at once even though this month may occasionally make you feel you are being pulled in more than one direction. And remember – talk is cheap but follow-through it what leads to success – and money in the bank.

Forecast for Number 6 Month

Love comes knocking in some form this month. It’s time for romance, success, good times, to be noticed and for pleasure. If you are looking for love, embody love now. Ensure you look and feel your best. This month says:  radiate and you will attract – and what is more, completely effortlessly. You’ll be focussed on your security. A secure home life, job or relationship – or all three, will be your primary goals.

Stay away from the superficial and the ephemeral. Your soul knows that is not only what you no longer want, but what you no longer need. People will gravitate to you this month and it may feel as if the world is opening its arms wide to include you in whatever is going on. So, be discerning. If you have no standards it means you take anything on offer. You can afford to be discriminating now. And the more you are, the more will just appear on offer that is aligned with your heart and true purpose.

This month favours the long term. Decisions may be made around where you live, your work or yes, that relationship. If you are seeking love, this month may bring more than one potential conquest your way. Again, if you are seeking something serious – don’t demure. Have the courage to be upfront from the start about what it is you want and save yourself (and the other party) time wasting. You may also find yourself enjoying the finer things of life – music, arts, entertainment, parties, gatherings and even in some instances, rubbing shoulders with the ‘A’ list. It all begins with you feeling like you belong with them. So act like the star of your own show this month and watch how love reigns supreme once more.

Forecast for Number 7 Month

You’re a sponge for psychic impressions, atmospheres, emotions and feelings this month. So, please ensure that you maintain good boundaries and choose the company you’re keeping wisely. This is one of the best cycles for any kind of meditation, improving your psychic ability, learning the Tarot, dream journaling or connecting with your spirit guides, angel, higher self or whatever you choose to call it.

However, the downside of this is that due to your increased sensitivity, you can be dragged down by negative energy, drained by energy vampires and taken advantage of by others who want to exploit the increased compassion and empathy this cycle brings. On the upside again – if you are engaged in a healing, creative, behind the scenes or even a theoretical research profession, expect huge imaginative leaps that bring you cosmic breakthroughs and answers to long standing questions.

Watch how the energy of places as well as people affect both your body and your mental outlook. You may suddenly become aware of the long term affect one particular place has been having on you. If so, face it and deal with it. Your physical body is also more sensitive than usual and will react to what you put into it in unexpected ways. Food sensitivity and allergies are just one symptom. Watch your intake of alcohol and prescription and non-prescription drugs too. Avoid people and places where the energy just seems ‘off’. Going within – and this could include ‘me’ time at home, will bring the outer changes you seek in the following month.

Forecast for Number 8 Month

No-one will feel the impact of the ‘what goes around, comes around’ karma of the Saturn opposition the North node that takes place this month more than those of you in the 8 cycle.  This is because the astronumber associated with Saturn is 8.  This is the month where fate catches up with you or reveals its purpose. It is a month where  the karmic scales must balance in some way. If you have laid the right foundations, then this cycle should bring you the rewards you’ve been working towards. Good karma – from this lifetime or even a past life, gets paid to you. If however, you find yourself blocked or restricted in some way, then it is time to stop what you are doing and admit you are on the wrong path.  Doors will either open or be slammed in your face.

If you find yourself dealing with people in positions of authority and power – you must own it. Own your talents, skills, choices and yes – your mistakes, if you are asked to account for them.  Whether we know it or not, we all have to work within a system. Now, this can be within our job role, our society or the larger, karmic one that sits over all of this. Rebelling with get you precisely nowhere now so don’t even try. This month will bring you into contact with people who will either aid you, or halt you in your tracks. Which is it? Because whichever one it is, you have either aided them or blocked them before. This month contains the deepest of all spiritual truths no matter what transpires – you can reset your karma and begin anew at any given moment. Own the power of now.

Forecast for Number 9 Month

Powerhouse you powers you forward into future creation mode this cycle. You are the quantum alchemist with the power to reshape and transform your world. Oh, and should I add you’re also sexy – and you should know it. If you don’t – pay your sexual self some attention and look to where and how your needs are not being met. Above all, do something about it – or any other area of your life which needs changing.

This is the month to get things done, to say what needs to be said and to take affirmative action on your own behalf. Know there is no Prince or Princess Charming or even an ogre going to storm that tower and rescue you. If things need to change, you need to rescue yourself. Funny thing when you do however, a stronger, more real and less fairytale like lover may just appear, drawn by that surge of confident energy.

Put the finishing touches to any projects or plans you have left incomplete. You’re growing and evolving this month and this means outgrowing something. This can be a person, a situation or even a problem. Watch as something that may have bugged you or you have seen as a major obstacle in your life just either falls away or ceases to be an issue. If goodbyes feature, be philosophical now. There should be no room for anger or regret. You may have grown but the person or situation has stayed the same. Look ahead because if a space if being cleared in your life this month, something or someone is coming to fill it. Prepare yourself for its arrival this month.

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