Why Do Soul Mates Detach?

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Why Do Soul Mates Detach?

With Psychic Reader David

Our psychic David talks about why Soul Mates can detach and also what the term soul mate really means. I don’t like to use the word soul mate as it brings up a lot of primal issues for people. Often if people get the idea that someone is their soul mate it can be disempowering, especially if the relationship is not working or there has been a break up. David discusses the various different stages of soul mate relationships and how each one has an important lesson for us.



One thought on “Why Do Soul Mates Detach?

  1. What a great description of soul mates, Dave! The way you describe it, that’s exactly what I want in my life — someone who brings joy, enriches, helps me grow — but not necessary to be there all the time — ideal would be that the person feels as strongly about me as I do about him, that we share great moments, growing moments, and still maintain freedom to live our individual lives. I also have learned to accept (not always easily) that sometimes someone special comes into our lives for a very brief time, and that we need to appreciate the time we have together, to learn what they’re there to share, and be grateful for love for however long we have it, and not feel lost when it’s gone. Thanks, Dave — I need to make a note in my diary to record the thoughts you inspired. xx

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