Meeting your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel

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I’m talking tonight on BBC Birmingham on Guardian Angels and Spirit guides so thought I would post this very popular old article about it. Tell me your story!

Meeting your Spirit Guide or finding your guardian angel is a quick and easy fast track to wisdom and protection. It isn’t some complicated procedure or some spooky ritual that leads you to your inner guide, in fact your guide is probably hanging around waiting to commune with you, like a spiritual Google!

A Spirit guide is not here to control your life or advise you in ways that have not occurred to you.  Rather, in my experience, they are a bit like a spiritual therapist in that they mostly let you work things out for yourself by giving you gems of knowledge to lead you to your inner truth.

Nor are all Spirit guides are exotic.  They may present themselves as an Egyptian Priestess or a Native American but more often than not they can be anything at all.  Two of my mother’s guides were a German Doctor and also a nun! I have had a Tibetan monk and also a Neanderthal woman who only laughed and sent me love but I always knew what she was saying!

To find your spirit guide find a quiet space (this is a good one to do outside with your back to a tree but you can do it anywhere), visualise  your heart like a flower in bud with the petals of truth and wisdom unfolding. Then see yourself in a sacred space, a garden or somewhere that makes you feel safe and wonderful. As you sit in serenity just ask your guide to show up.

When you first meet your guide it is like any relationship in that it can take time to develop and for the communication to become clear. On first meeting you may just see their form and they may stay silent. It is also quite common for them to hand you an object, such as a feather or stone, which holds great symbolic value.

The more you practice and the more you connect the clearer it will be until all you need to do to call them is close your eyes.  If you feel you need direct help from a spiritual source or you need some ‘rescue remedy’ in the form of a Universal Spiritual guide you can always ask the Gods and the Angels.

Depending on your particular religious faith you can call upon Jesus, Buddha, Allah or Mary.  As long as whatever you are asking them for is for the highest good of all involved, you may find that you are more concerned about religious divisions than they are, so don’t worry if you want to call upon Buddha, for example, but have never set foot in a temple!

Archangel Michael can be called on for protection, courage and to make you feel safe.  He is my personal favourite and an Angel who is always there.  Archangel Raphael can be called upon for healing.  Kwan Yin, the Goddess of unconditional love and compassion, helps you heal and love yourself. She is also the Goddess of childbirth. Ganesh, the distinctive elephant headed Hindu God, can be called upon to remove obstacles.  In the last newsletter we covered Aphrodite, Goddess of love, who can be called on if you need some higher guidance in drawing love into your life!  If you feel that you’re up against something that you believe is a karmic entanglement or issue that needs to be worked out, you can also call upon the Lady Nada, an ascended master and one of the eight Lords of Karma who oversee and dispense karmic justice.

Whoever you do call upon – don’t forget to thank them for their help and support! Again, it isn’t just about politeness.  It’s because of the amazing effects that gratitude has on us in that it allows us to see the very real presence of loving higher powers in our lives.

10 thoughts on “Meeting your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel

  1. I think i was contacted by one of my guides a couple days agoe but not i’m not posotive. Can anyone give me any insight or advise. I’ll explain i was laying in bed doing meditative breathing exercises and right before i fell asleep a huge silver hand grabbed me and pulled me through space. it only lasted about 30 seconds then i fell asleep.

  2. You dont beg or ask these powers to give you what you want as they will spit on you and not respect you if you do that. You must DEMAND them to give you what ever you want and immediately! YOU are the boss and THEY are YOUR servants and they must obey your COMMANDS they have no choice! Do that and desires will come within seconds sometimes. Longest I ever waited was 24 hours! You dont have to wait and play silly games. you demand and you get it is that simple.

  3. i dont get signs from them like others do nor do i get any of my many much needed desires. In fact things have become worse! I read that guides love to give us signs they are with us and deliver our desires yet mine love to do the opposite! Screw it I was better off without them!

  4. Dear loads of blessings n love to u first of all
    If u r still breathing I e u r alive n u r safe .
    So that’s it first answer and the second thing is what we perceive that we receive so start feeling n be living that u r safe ,u will b safe

  5. How do I know that I’m really communicating with my spirit guide and I’m not just making it all up in my own mind and imagination?

    1. The longer you practice and the more in touch you get you will begin to simply know that this is true. When I began my path it took awhile for the conditioning of my “ego mind” to fall away before I knew. I hope you are still on this light path, I wish you well!

  6. I’m stuck at an early stage of this exercise because I can’t find ANY place (even an imaginary one) that makes me feel safe and wonderful. Now what?

    1. I feel this could be due to the limiting done by our “ego minds”, your linear brain may be keeping you disconnected from even the beginning phase of this exercise. You could try first meditating, really allowing your brain to quiet and relax, and keep practicing this. If you can find mental calm and clarity beforehand you will have an easier time of finding your peaceful place. Trust in your intuition!

  7. I few years ago I believe I met my spirit guide at least one of them. I was actually going through some family turmoil at the time and I was at a friends house spending the night to go on a mini vacation in the morning. it was probably about 11pm and i was lying on the couch completely depleted and exhausted. As I drifted off to sleep or so I thought there was a loud noise as though a train was right out side the living room window. in my dream state or (whatever) it was I sat up and looked out side only to see nothing but a dark sky with a bit of moonlight. The sound gradually got louder as if it was coming straight for me. Then silence and in the middle of the living room was this tall being that illuminated iridescent blue it was bright, it was levitating of the ground about a foot or so and had a cloak on. I remember being terrified having no idea what I was looking at. It then approached me I was still lying on the couch looking at it in disbelief. i picked me up with ease on either side of my ribs and faced my back to it. so on either side its hands were on my ribs. At this point i was no longer afraid and actually very very calm. I looked down and no was being held off the ground about a foot as well. it floated us to this picture and held me with one hand on my left side of my ribs, and pointed with the right to picture. The picture was of my friends wedding party and my husband was on the grooms and I on the bride. When i seen the light of the blue reach out to point I felt fear again as i seen its hand. It then “floated” me back to the couch where it sat me back down. I looked at it on last time and then poof the “being” was gone. I woke up by almost yelling, and then continued to look around downstairs and check to see if I had moved the curtains to the living room window and assesse the things around me and the picture in which it pointed to. The picture was there, the way we moved in the dream around the couch was the same. It was the most real thing that I can not grasp to this day, simply put AMAZING!

  8. Nice advice… I do this already but I figured I was just communicating with my imagination!

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