Karmic relationship, soulmate or is it addiction?

LOVE painted on wood

Karmic Relationship – a relationship in which two souls are destined to meet in this life.

Relationships are our biggest challenge, as well as our biggest joy.   Above all things I believe our relationships, especially our love relationships, help to evolve our soul. Sometimes, however, it is these very relationships that imprison us or disempower us as we sell our souls for what we feel is love.

How can you tell if a relationship is a karmic relationship? Karmic relationships are all about growth, they help us transform and expand but sometimes this is done through challenge rather than joy or genuine love. Karmic relationships can often be awful and the lesson is to walk away and know your worth or they last for a short amount of time but of course at the time we never feel it’s that easy!

When we meet someone and fall in love it can be a powerful cauldron of emotions which can intoxicate us and take us away from our right mind. We feel as if we have known that person for eternity and something just clicks. Even if we see warning signs that the relationship might not be right our soul can feel hijacked by the need to experience the other. We can end up falling into an overwhelming addiction.

Our understanding of love is ingrained from the womb and beyond. When we are babies we are attuned to the love of our parents or carers.  If these carers do not give us a healthy love, an unhealthy love can feel very familiar even comfortable and right, especially if the person is initially charming. Our brain and our emotional responses are growing and we are learning all the time. As babies we formed neural pathways in our brain which coded our experience of love, when we meet this pattern (even if it is thinly disguised) in our later life we feel at home.

When we free ourselves of past patterns, value our unique soul and know that we deserve a joyful love we become beacons which draw likeminded souls towards us. Love should always be about freedom and adventure.

I filmed this video to expand on these ideas and ironically it was filmed when I had just fallen in love with my new partner who has brought me the greatest play and joy I have ever known!

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