Your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope October 9, 2022 – A hunk of burning love

Full moon in Aries

Your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope October 9, 2022

As the Hunter’s Moon (the traditional name for this full Moon), waxes and appears at 16 degrees of Aries, it will oppose Venus at 12 degrees of its ruling sign of Libra. The heart is a lonely hunter under this full Moon. Ensure as it appears, you are not making love choices out of fear of being alone or the only one in your circle who is un-partnered. We all need to ensure that the love we seek is self-affirming under this full Moon regardless of our sign. 

We may all be open to giving and receiving more love under this full Moon. But also balancing our urge to merge with another with our own individuality and autonomy. What we need as human beings vs. what we want to achieve or have on a personal level – regardless of whether we are coupled up or not. This full Moon shows us this is a fine and delicate line to walk. And unless we can achieve the right balance – with the right person, what lies either side of this line if it can’t be achieved is conflict and disappointment. Know what you are seeking with this full Moon. Above all – don’t give your love away to just anyone. If you aren’t in or looking for a relationship this applies to all partnerships from friendships to business partnerships. Our true feelings and perhaps our fears rise to the surface to be witnessed and healed.


If you want a snapshot of the pitfalls that can await you if you make the wrong love choices under this full Moon in your sign, I do suggest you visit IKEA at a weekend. Over flat-pack furniture, couples argue over each other’s choices. And at any given busy day, chances are you’ll see at least two divorces in the making. I just offer this up as a cautionary example of what can happen if you impulsively throw your heart away under this full Moon. 

You will be more aware of your emotional needs than usual, that’s for certain. And have a certain determination to get them met. There’s nothing wrong with being a love hunter. Or a warrior for love either. But with this full Moon’s proximity to Venus, you need to avoid falling for the quick love fix. If you have Aries factors between 12-16 degrees, one particular person or duo could be in focus for you. And the feelings this double act triggers in your may be particularly intense. That’s no reason to jump in or to any conclusions however. Certainly, steer clear of anything that comes with drama and complications attached. Finding that sweet spot, that balance in love where that person gives you what you need – and you do the same for them, without losing yourself, is what this Moon wants you to understand. And hopefully experience. Check out your couple synastry with our free calculator


Check your chart for Aries factors, Taurus. Especially between 12-16 degrees. Many Taureans have them. With ruler Venus moonstruck in your 6th, this is all about following your own insight and intuition about the kind of love that does you good. And what doesn’t. Is there a pattern? Do you pull in a certain type of person? Is the outcome always the same despite the fact the players change?  Or are you simply ignoring what your soul is telling you is right for you?

Of course, only you can answer these questions. You need a love that aligns with your soul and fosters wellbeing. Do you feel you are the one doing the heavy lifting in your relationship? This full Moon says it’s time to share your concerns and ask for more support if so. And just how are you with asking, Taurus? Or are you simply trudging along, uncomplaining while seething inside? You know that’s not healthy. For either of you. Your psychic and creative abilities are heightened under this full Moon so tap in to them. Single? Seek out the potential lover who wants to bring in spontaneity and show you new worlds and alternatives. Not one that joins you in creating a rut.


Don’t give in to impulse under this full Moon. Whether it’s that impulse buy or sudden smitten love, Gemini. Mars in your sign is making you bolder but also reckless. You’re very much in the moment and not thinking ahead. Also, if out with friends under this full Moon, you may want to give anyone known for creating drama a miss now. Honestly, staying home and binge watching with pizza may seem boring, but could be a better option. And less expensive. That generosity may also have a reckless edge to it. Leaving you with the reality of overspending once the Moon has waned.

Venus in your 5th house is also about romance, sweet talk (as opposed to XXX rated talk), and you feeling seen and appreciated. Acknowledge this need within you. We all need to be loved and feel we are special. Either to someone special to us or else made to feel there’s something special about us and what we do or bring to the table. This isn’t narcissism. But a human need. Don’t however fall for insincere flattery. You may be unusually vulnerable to it under this full Moon. Your usual BS radar may be temporarily malfunctioning. The same goes for that on-or-off line flirtation. Do they intend to follow through on the promise? Or are just interested in the sparkly stuff and not much else? Wait until after the full Moon to know for sure.


All full Moons are extra impactful for you. They represent a stop, a peak and then a release. Climaxes and conclusions in other words. A career or work matter could enter its final stage under this full Moon. What you will be more aware of than usual is what you have achieved to date, what is still to be achieved, and the emotional rewards and recognition that go with this. 

You may be highly focussed on the above issues. To the point where those closest to you are for once finding you hard to get a read on. Venus impacted by this full Moon – in your all important 4th house, means that you have a very clear idea now on what it is you want or need, and are simply pouring your limitless emotional strength into it. 

This also turns into a superpower when it comes to finalising those work and career matters or anything to do with your long term plans. There are many kinds of ambition. And not all of them relate to your own career path or the workplace. You can be ambitious for someone you care for – a partner or child, and channel your resources into supporting them. You can have emotional and love ambitions and invest in these as seriously as you do your material and professional ones. Under this full Moon, show your emotional strength in a key area and focus it like a boss. It’s peak potential. Know what you need to do. Then – follow through ambitiously.


You are in a free-flowing, emotionally expansive mood under this full Moon. You want to express this and explore just where it can take you, Leo. In your 9th house and opposing Venus in your 3rd as it waxes – well, travel or an interest in overseas people or places may feature for some. As could learning, exams or academic matters for others.

There is a caveat attached to all of this however. Your emotional barriers come tumbling down and you only see potential, possibilities and are infused with boundless optimism. So, anyone who doesn’t join you in this bright side envisioning, isn’t likely to go the distance. You won’t do negativity and your won’t do clingy or restrictive either. 

Big, bold moves and banishing hesitation are also what this full Moon is asking of you. Taking a chance in other words. Stepping forward, ditching that comfort zone, knowing you can. It’s not just having the courage to make the bold choice, but to take that first step if you have been hesitating, Leo. Taking a chance under this full Moon is all about taking a chance on yourself. 


Free your wild side under this full Moon, Virgo. Is it time to admit that in order to have passion things sometimes need to get a little well – messy? Passion and perfection? Well, you can have both if its the right person for you. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself or those standards short. Just that playing it too safe may not result in the satisfaction you’re seeking.

Is there a small, still voice within you telling you that it’s not happy? But you are feeling that you should be? If deeply repressed or intense emotions emerge under this full Moon you need to acknowledge there is a good reason for you feeling the way you do rather than simply ignoring or pushing them aside. Do you feel guilty about not being satisfied or content? Do you feel you should be but the truth is – you aren’t? What you ignore or resist may have its own agenda and make itself known no matter how hard you try to tell yourself you don’t have the right to feel the way you do.

Embrace and face any thoughts around this. Of not being entitled to feel the way you feel. This is your ‘other’ money house. Negotiations, joint finances, mortgages, loans, assets may feature. As could the most important element to all of this, Virgo. Your ability to receive. To receive passion, love, change and embrace emotional transformation. Get ready to get wild.


Who remembers the opening scene of Bridget Jones’s Diary where Bridget wines up in her PJ’s and lip-syncs to ‘All by Myself’? Just – don’t go there, Libra! Yes, by all means Dear Diary it if you are single and solo under the full Moon in your 7th. But no wallowing now, describing yourself as ‘sad’ or for that matter, acting it. Embrace the savage, wild, raw energy instead. No PJ’s allowed. Oh okay, ruler Venus in your sign says silk are permitted. Or simply nothing at all.

And please, no desperate and dateless moves either. And steer clear of the Bridget playbook  attempting to fill emotional needs with wine or chocolate. Or for that matter, shopping. Ruler Venus whispers ‘Because you’re worth it’. What’s not worth it is overspending. Or over-indulging.

Go directly to your need, yes. Bravely face it if there is one but don’t be in a rush to fill it or opt for unsatisfying alternatives. Date night? It’s a great night for settleds. For singles in the getting to know you stage – don’t rush that. Be upfront about what you are looking for and then see if this applicant fits the job description. Professional or long term friendship unions could also arrive at a moment where you see just what is on offer for you. Single or not, you have options, Libra. 


Keep the focus under this powerful full Moon, phoenix. And don’t allow yourself to be distracted. What loose ends remain floating in your past asking you to tie them up? Don’t procrastinate now. Your conscience knows if there is unfinished business or simply tasks you need to tackle but keep putting off.  And this full Moon asks you bring them to completion and do the work needed.

Attend to the full time occupation of living. Your work (paid or unpaid), body maintenance, habits, routine, pets if you have them. And then move on to the unfinished business on a soul level which nonetheless effects your energy. Sometimes we can’t achieve the closure or final reckoning we’d like. But we can reconcile or release by visualising or writing a letter and then burning it in a fire proof container under this full Moon.

Because full Moons represent stops and releases, rid yourself of clutter. Not just those tasks on that To Do list that have been niggling you for weeks. But the stuff you no longer use, the clutter in your closet, on your computer desktop or your actual one, the cobwebs of your soul. This clears the space for something more relevant, defined and above all, uplifting to move in. Just get what needs to be done or outstanding business finalised on a physical and spiritual level now Scorpio. You are on the cusp of a cycle of love and pleasure that is going to take you all the way to the end of the year. Don’t let anything mundane stand in its way.


Hey, daydream believer! Are you travelling – either for real or off in your imagination, Sag? This full Moon is in your house of romance, children, the younger generations, creativity and holidays. Just ensure that if you off on a flight of fantasy as opposed to an actual flight, that you’re not in for a bumpy landing. 

This is your house of mating and creating. The latter requires your imagination to take you out of your everyday world and explore the place between time and space where inspiration lights up your soul with possibilities. And then express this via what you create. The former – well. You find yourself infused with the need to share and express your love. First date? Just hold back and ensure they are as charming as they appear. This full Moon can show you whether that boo lives up to the dream.

Pour your love into a passion, a hobby, spending time with your own children or those younger than you, letting loose, letting those ideas fly and take wing, flirting and above all, unless what is revealed is less than you imagined, not taking life too seriously. A full Moon rave? The perfect night for a moondance with the Moon in your 5th, Sag.


The Aries full Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. So, its effects will feel particularly intense for you. You may be acutely sensitive to your own emotions and also to those of the people around you. Especially family members or those you live or share your home with. 

Practical matters to do with your living arrangements may come to a head under this Moon. Is it drawing the desire for you to send those roots deeper or pull them up? You need to know where you belong now. Changing rooms, redecorating, renovating or a grand design for how you see you lifestyle or where can emerge and compel you to take steps towards it. Property matters – buying, selling, renting, leasing, builders, Airbnb-ing – may reach a stage of climax, construction or completion. 

Wrapping yourself in soothing home comforts is common under this full Moon. You may opt to spend time at home, cocooned in your favourite blanket on the couch rather than being out and about. How you nurture yourself and others and how you show this – how you warm souls in other words, shows your level of caring. Above all, its important you honestly share your emotional state under this full Moon and express rather than suppress it. Those vulnerabilities and needs. Acceptance and hugs are what you seek under this full Moon rather than passion. And if others need the same from you, you have more than enough to go around.


Messages, news, siblings, getting around, sharing, writing, images, designs, your car, commute, bike, your locality and short trips all feature under this full Moon. What you send out may come back magnified. Wrap up that presentation, pitch or project now. It needs to fly, Aquarius!

Your ideas and what you have to say, share or even sell has wings. And could be infused with a touch of full Moon magic. ‘Silver tongued’ – this is Mercury’s ruling house and Mercury is associated with quicksilver. Before the advent of digital cameras, film – whether photographic or the moving kind, required silver to develop the images – think silver screen too. Hence, that YouTube channel, TikTok, that screenplay or the images you share on social media or your website, have special significance or impact now. You weave a compelling story in conversations, words or pictures.

But please, do this unfiltered. There’s no need to embellish or exaggerate. You are hungry for conversation, for ideas, stimulation under this full Moon. It asks you to get talking one way or another. And also shows you the power of what you have to say.


Money, money, money. How many songs can you think of that are about money? Music is an emotional language. And the full Moon in your 2nd is about your emotional relationship to money rather than how much you actually have. Yes, of course, you will be more aware of where you stand with your cash than at other times. The red or the black of it. Your income, possessions, home, bank account, credit, loans, bills, charity donations. What you spend and what you save. Add it all up because this tells you exactly what your relationship to money is and whether you are in credit or debit.

This full Moon therefore says – treat your money how you want it to treat you. Maybe your relationship to your money is all it could be and your coffers runneth over. Or maybe you need to show it just how much you actually DO care? Chances are if you are one of those people who say they don’t care about money, your relationship to abundance and flow shows it doesn’t care for you either. You can change this dialogue at any point. Like all relationships, this requires work – and investment.

This is your house of self-worth so do measure your sense of deservedness and openness to having more – not just of money but love, intangible things like support and life experiences. Allow yourself to receive if that’s been an issue for you. Above all from this point onwards – if you want to start accumulating more and showing the material world you DO care, take a leaf out of the financial world’s playbook and always pay yourself first when you get paid. In other words, put a little aside to save before you pay anyone else. It works, Pisces. By this time next year you’ll have more to bank on if you do.

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