Pick A Tarot Card – What Does The Week Ahead Hold For You?

5 tarot cards

Pick A Tarot Card – What Does The Week Ahead Hold For You?

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Take look at the five Tarot cards in front of you. What feeling do you get when you look at them? Does your psychic intuition twinkle when you look at a particular card? Follow your heart and scroll down to your chosen Tarot card for your weekly intuitive wisdom.

5 tarot cards

the moonTarot Card One – The Moon

Mother Luna is reminding you that you have all the answers you need within you.

The all-knowing Moon is nudging you to trust your instincts. Have you had a suspicion recently, a nagging instinctive feeling that won’t go away? It’s time to listen to the sacred knowledge you hold within you.

Look out for signposts and messages via dreams or odd coincidences with a deeper meaning. If you mistrust someone or a situation, don’t dismiss it. Honour and respect your energy this week. Treat yourself like the precious being that you are.

the starTarot Card Two – The Star

Deep healing is coming. Your inspiration burns bright this week. A calm and confident energy centers you, and you feel at one with your spirit. Perhaps you’ve had a tough time or experienced upheaval?

The Star tells you that you can reconnect to hope, wonder and magic now. A creative flow bursts through you. Trust your inspirations and get cracking creating.

Tarot Card Three – The Six of Cups

I cherish this Tarot Card as it has an essence of unconditional love and innocence about it. The 6 of Cups is bumping into a past life connection or meeting a significant person from the past. A soul that not only knows us but GETS us. In short, they don’t judge us, and we don’t judge them. So, it doesn’t matter what this spirit has. We know their soul.

You connect to help each other on some level. What do you feel the lesson is? How can you attract more energy like this into your life? It’s time to find your soul kin.

knight of swordsTarot Card Four – Knight of Swords

This week you might be tempted to charge into a situation wielding your sword of truth. You cut through the smoke and mirrors to free yourself.

Your cleverness is ablaze and your words are magic, so cast them wisely. Never let the sword of truth harm. Say your piece with kindness.

If this is not you but a lover or close friend they are fearless, clever but sometimes reckless, this Knight is never afraid of a challenge. This soul can be quick to fury and adores an intellectual skirmish. They detest feeling foolish and act a bit intellectually superior, which could be annoying!

ace of wandsTarot Card Five – The Ace of Wands

Your soul force is fierce, brave and spirited. Your confidence is on full power, and you’re manifesting your dream. Lust, passion, and sensuality fill your being should you choose it.

You can utilize this vibrancy to create or to connect with another. The flame is YOURS to do with it as you will. Don’t burn yourself out, though. Take a moment to think before you react. Where will you point your fiery wand?





2 thoughts on “Pick A Tarot Card – What Does The Week Ahead Hold For You?

  1. Hello Michele,I just found your website recently and I was like Wow, I love the way you elaborate your horoscopes ant tarot reading,your tarot cards they are so beautiful!they take me to another world I’ve never been before.

    You are an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful that I found you, keep doing the good job the heavens blessed you with.

    Thank you so much ♥️

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