Tarot Reading – A Message For The Week Ahead

Tarot Reading – A Message For The Week Ahead

Hello Lovely Soul,

Take a look at the six Tarot cards and see if one of them jumps out at you. Do you get tingles when you gaze upon one of the 6 Tarot cards?

Our intuition is always working. We are all naturally psychic, and as simple as choosing a Tarot card is, it stokes our intuition. The more we tune into our psychic ability, the stronger it gets! It doesn’t matter if you are a super psychic or a psychic novice. The more we use our intuition, the more powerful it becomes. Here’s your Tarot Reading – A Message For The Week Ahead!

Tarot Card One – The Moon

You’ve chosen the mystic and mysterious Moon. Your intuition is trying to tell you something, are you ignoring it? Perhaps you’ve been dismissing a gut feeling? Is there someone around you that you sense can’t be trusted? Have you had strange dreams recently? The time has come to listen to your wisdom. What is unconscious becomes conscious this week.

You’re fabulous at guiding others, commit to being your own guru now. What message do you need to reveal to yourself? So what do you think about your Tarot Reading – A Message For The Week Ahead? Let me know!

Tarot Card Two – The Chariot

Hang onto your cowgirl hat. Life is about to get very interesting. The Chariot suggests a change of pace, a shift of energy, and a huge spurt forward. Why is this happening now? Because you have earned it.

The petrol for our Chariot is our thoughts and beliefs, our determination, and our inner strength. When we change routines, patterns, and destructive ways of thinking, we liberate ourselves a layer at a time.

Big congratulations, you have worked hard to heal, and a reward is coming. Let me know what you feel about your Tarot Reading – A Message For The Week Ahead!

Tarot Card Three – The 3 of Wands

The three of Wands is a complicated card. Many modern interpretations focus on the future and upcoming plans of expansion. You have reached a point where you want to broaden your horizons, plan an adventure, and sweep into a more abundant future.

Ever since I first started reading Tarot as a small child, I always saw this card as relating to the past, thinking about the past and looking backward. For the future to be different from our past, we must not keep making the same mistakes. This week you are at a crossroads, do you have the courage to move forwards? Are you ready to embrace change and step into a different destiny? If you choose to move forward, the cosmos will help light your way.

Tarot Card Four – The Hanged They

While life may feel as if it is in limbo, remember there is much going on beneath the surface. A whole host of wonder and magic is weaving itself together to pop up in your future.

Although you might think nothing is happening, and you’re stuck, keep creating. Trust the process, and try to do things you enjoy. The more playful and less stressed you are, the smoother the transition will be.

Dance in the meantime, dig for treasure with stillness, you can be secure in the fact that your time will come.

Tarot Card Five – 7 of Wands

Warrior Goddess/x, you might have felt under intense stress and pressure recently. There’s been a host of hassle coming from all directions. Good news! The 7 of swords informs you that you are winning.

You have managed to beat off your main problems and rise. OK, at the moment, you may not be able to see the way out, but you have gained the upper hand. Don’t lose ground now; keep on going; success is imminent. Was your Tarot Reading – A Message For The Week Ahead accurate? Let me know!

Tarot Card Six – 9 of Cups

Yeah, Baby! The 9 of Cups is the wish card! A desire, wish, or positive experience is coming your way. Your wish might be big or small, but whatever it is, you will be happy to receive it. There’s a flavour of happiness this week.

Fabulous news is on the way with the possibility of more to come. What wishes can you cast out to the universe next? What reality would you like to conjure? When a desire is granted, we refuel our trust that anything is possible. Keep the faith in your unique soul journey.


Tarot Reading for the week ahead picture was made using our wedding flowers :) it’s wonderful sharing a little of that magic with you!

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5 thoughts on “Tarot Reading – A Message For The Week Ahead

  1. Hi Michelle Saw it was 7 swords and my heart sank!! Not more battles to fight I thought! However, after reading it made sense. I have had stress worries grief and well you name it, I’ve felt it!! I’m rising though. Oddly a time of great grief and with it fears has led to greater connectivity to myself and I feel, my coin room to the light , is stronger . ( if that makes sense) I’m getting stronger and I’m going to succeed !!

  2. Hello Michelle I am very close to leaving this earthly coil. I have had severe problems with an electricity company demanding money for energy I haven’t used. I want to get rid if them, and joined a new company, but old one won’t go away. I am blind, deaf, disabled and elderly

    1. I am so sorry to hear this. I think it’s important for you to seek support and someone who can advocate and deal with this on your behalf. You shouldn’t have this stress. Sending love to you. Please talk to your doctor if you are depressed.

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