Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs September 13th 2021

venus in scorpio

Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs September 13th 2021


Love, money, empowerment – you got them!

Make a change for the better

Who’s riding that soul train with you?

Ready for a change around love or how you approach either love or money? Or maybe even both, Aries. Ruler Mars lands in your 7th on the 15th while Venus enters your 8th on the 10th. Yes, they are on one another’s ruling signs and houses. This is called ‘Mutual Reception’. So, think of this as both planets supporting one another and handing you extra levels of benefits, helpings of sex appeal and access to the vault of your desires. In other words, a change for the better.

To those people out there in a hurry to point out this is ‘only’ a semi-sextile – it’s all soul energy and sacred geometry. It’s how we use it that counts. Black and/or red clothing or accessories – especially if you don’t usually wear them, add to that magnetism. You’ll be dealing with money, passion, desire and transformation. You may effortlessly step free of a situation that’s held you prisoner for far too long. Chances are it or the other party didn’t change – you did. If you step back and think about it, you’ll realise this.

Who is with you on the journey?

You are being asked this week what it is you truly want for yourself for the long term? And how you are communicating this to others. The 17th hands you a direction determining trine and asks that you convey this in a way that simply can’t be misinterpreted as the Sun in your 6th trines Pluto in your 10th. Making this an excellent day for career and long term decisions.

You will be looking closely at friendships, groups and contacts on this day and seeing whether or not others you know mirror these ambitions. Or simply are committed to their own path you can relate to and admire. You won’t have much time for anyone who is superficial, lightweight, drifting or who doesn’t ‘get’ where you are coming from now. Your soul train needs long term fellow passengers. Ensure everyone aboard has a ticket to support you on the ride, Aries.

In a nutshell: A week to take what you want seriously, Aries. And to ensure others take you seriously in turn. The superficial? Such a no-no now. You’re riding the soul train together – or not.


Don’t rush

Establish some love rules

Accept responsibility

Ruler Venus is in its ruling house in your chart plus you have the Sun in your sector of love affairs and romance. Yes, this all adds up to one of the best periods for partnerships whether past, present or potential. But if you are seeking love this week, pace yourself. The Sun/Neptune opposition says one step at a time. And keep in mind that any connection, be it love or friendship, needs time to cement.

So, use a little caution if someone appears to want to love-bomb you or even friend-bomb you all at once. I’m not saying they may not be the genuine article. But time is the only sure way to tell.

Keep a close eye on your professional image too this week. And when it comes to work tasks don’t be tempted to rush. Mars enters your 6th from the 15th enhancing your energy and handing you that feeling of being able to tackle any task. But it can see us skipping stages or forgetting to double check the finished article in our desire to get things done. With the result we end up having to do it all over again. So, save yourself the wasted effort by adopting a ‘right first time’ approach. And take the time to ensure that happens.

Do it with dignity

Ruler Venus squares Saturn in your 10th on the 17th which is when you need to be paying close attention to how you are coming across at work or to those in positions of authority and influence. This is one of those transits which says you won’t get a second chance at a first impression. Or if that reputation you have worked so hard to establish is tarnished now, you won’t get the shine back.

Don’t be tempted to fudge the facts, own any mistakes you make and prepare to adult on some level even if you don’t feel like it. If you are handed extra responsibility at work, take it. You’ve earned it. Above all, be open to feedback be it from partners or others. Acting with dignity and grace says so much now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: It’s a week where you can cement your reputation or what you’ve been working so hard towards, Taurus. Don’t rush when it comes to love or even those work details however. Extra time means time not wasted.


Love needs boundaries to thrive

Get strategic about those passions

Engage with change

Mars in your 5th enhances your confidence, desire and drive. The fact is you want to start something new this week, Gemini. Channel that energy and passion into something you love and when it comes to romance, don’t be in too much of a hurry to close escrow. Yes, Mars turns up the heat and attraction. In fact, things can turn lava hot very fast. And fizzle out just as quickly.

Children, teenagers and young people may feature and if you are a parent or step-parent, they may push some buttons and want their own way. Remember, love needs boundaries so don’t be afraid to enforce these. The same actually applies to that lover. Ensure there is mutual respect as without it there really isn’t love.

Channel your passion into action

No boo on the horizon? All that passion can be channelled very successfully into your work, study or career path. Or even making long overdue changes around work, home or wellbeing. The important thing is you take action. Be clear about your outcome or what you are seeking and above all, have a practical plan in place. The trine between the Sun in your 4th and Pluto in your 8th on the 17th points to big decisions or taking that serious step towards cementing your future.

The paradox is that creating structure and being organised or making a commitment actually results in freedom rather than the opposite. So, don’t be afraid to do just that, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Mars in your 5th hands you passion, confidence and enhanced ability to attract, Gemini. But ensure you know what you want to achieve. And take it one step at a time this week.


Ask and clarify

Talk transforms

Get busy on the home front!

When you have planets in your 3rd it’s a time to be a stickler for the details and the fine print, Cancer. Ensure you get your meaning across to others and don’t be afraid to repeat yourself if necessary. And if you are not sure what you are being told in turn, please ask for clarification.

This applies across the entire spectrum of your relationships. From your partner to your employer or anyone you are dealing with or intending to do business with now. Please check the facts and ensure both of you are clear about not just your meaning, but any T&C’s too. Above all, avoid jumping to conclusions one way or another. Or thinking they don’t mean what they say.

This goes for existing relationships as well as emerging ones. Be ready to ask questions. Funny as clarity brings closeness or a better understanding. And sees you feeling confident and empowered. A powerful transit between the Sun in your 3rd and Pluto in your 7th could see a conversation or even meeting which leads to this. Above all, don’t put off what needs to be said or discussed.

Get some DIY love happening

Mars in your 4th needs a job to do. That’s just the way this transit works. So, from the 15th if domestic bliss or at least some version of it is your goal, ensure you keep busy and active. You might want to avoid having family members visiting under this transit as they will quickly over-stay their welcome. This is one of the best transits for moving or changing up anything to do with your home, lifestyle and living arrangements however. Just not for Netflix. The Netflix and Chill with your boo? That’s working that Mars positively on the home front, Cancer!

In a nutshell: Ask questions. Repeat yourself if necessary. Check you get others’ correct meaning. Don’t leave things down to mere interpretation this week, Cancer. There’s so much that can be lost in translation.


Change up things to charge up your soul

You deliver on what you say you’ll do

Decisions are made close to home

Decisions around home, moving, family, cohabitation and joint resources can be made this week. Changes to your routine, work (paid or unpaid), habits or studies end up propelling you out of any rut you’ve fallen in to. And enhance anything from your overall sense of wellbeing to your bank account.

Don’t hang on to something just for the sake of it, Leo. Or because you’d rather not make changes. If things don’t change they can’t improve. It’s that simple. Change is happening this week whether you want it to or not, so you may as well become the active participant in the process at the very least. Or at best, its initiator as your ruler the Sun opposes Neptune in your 8th.

Say what you mean. Mean what you say

The Sun also makes a highlighting trine to Pluto in your 6th on the 17th promising daily but permanently beneficial adjustments around that day job or those habits of yours. Decisions can be made with a partner or those you live with around home or living arrangements as Venus squares Saturn in your 7th. Or simply the long term potential of your union.

Mars in your 3rd from the 15th is all about walking your talk. So, whatever is up for discussion this week – you’re prepared to act on it. Woe betide anyone who doesn’t believe you intend to follow through or mean what you say. You will apply the same rule to others too. They need to deliver. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. You’ll do exactly what you say you will this week. And if others want to stay in your good books – they’ll need to do the same.

In a nutshell: Your word is your bond this week. And you expect others to follow through too. When it comes to relationships, actions speak louder than words. Yours show you mean every word you say, Leo.


You seek the entire package

Is love a dream or reality?

Work your time and talents in new ways

When it comes to partnerships this week you may be seeking the impossible, Virgo. That perfect physical/spiritual connection that’s a meeting of bodies, minds and souls. You seek that ideal love. Do you have it already? Do you believe it’s possible to attain?

Keeping it real

Or do you have that spiritual connection but it’s lacking that passion? Or vice versa? This week has you thinking on all of this and also juggling expectation with reality as the Sun in your sign opposes Neptune in your 7th and then trines Pluto in your 5th. If you are seeking love at this time, use caution and watch out for the Neptune traps of projecting qualities onto someone they simply don’t have, or else being drawn to someone who needs ‘fixing’. Remember, the only person we can fix is ourselves. So, if push comes to shove – show yourself all the love you want to give to someone else.

That being said, if you are with the right person this week offers some blissed out moments where you feel that transcendent connection we all strive for. Mars exits your 1st on the 15th leading you to want to physically express how you feel. This also hands you the confidence to set in motion ways to up your income and utilise your skills.

How you work anything from your talents to your time feature now and paying attention to that schedule and using your Virgo organisational superpower leaves you with simply more time for who you want to spend it with. Or simply to spend on that search for them, Virgo.

In a nutshell: That ideal union – the fusion of mind, body and soul, is what you’re seeking, Virgo. Is transcendent love on the horizon for you? Or do you already have it? Soul to soul this week – keep expectation in line with reality.


Decisions are made easy

Craft your message

Be fierce!

Clarity replaces any confusion this week, Libra. If you have been wondering what to do about a situation or which direction to take, the way forward is clear from the 14th. This could even impact on home, family, living arrangements and your path. But Mars’s arrival in your 1st from the 15th hands you confidence and also that surety of knowing your decision is the right one.

Fierce is an attitude

Mars landing in your sign just ahead of your new cycle sees you hitting the ground running when it comes to making changes. Your image, appearance, face, brand, style, title, look and social media feed take on a fierce, fresh importance when it comes to what they say about you. Update if necessary and look especially at the visual message you convey. Is it consistent with how you feel inside or how you see yourself?

Ruler Venus in it’s ruling 2nd strikes a pose to Saturn in your 5th reminding it that it owns the runway. If you are involved in any financial dealings now or have an important meeting even via Zoom, you need to dress to impress and craft how you come across. And that is someone who is no lightweight, Libra. If someone in turn doesn’t take you seriously now, you won’t hesitate to show them how badly they have underestimated you. The change ahead is you and how you convey this, Libra. Ensure your image, message and intention align.

In a nutshell: Best face forward this week Libra now Mars arrives in your sign. Your image or how you come across is linked to how others see you – and progress now. A decision or direction suddenly becomes clear. Don’t hesitate.


If you could be anything, what would you be?

Align to soul values

Plan a little escape

Put yourself out there this week while the Sun remains in your 11th, Scorpio. It’s time to focus on your social life and also your future. This is an excellent week also to spend a few hours thinking about your direction and path in life.

Both your rulers ancient and modern give you the opportunity to do this one way or another. Ancient ruler Mars enters your 12th on the 15th and has you looking back and asking questions like ‘How did I get here?’ and ‘Is what I am doing aligned to my values?’. The latter question could be triggered on the 17th when the Sun trines ruler Pluto in your 3rd.

Explore your potential

Don’t be afraid to explore this and if you have always had a secret ambition to do something else than what you ended up doing, ask yourself if it is really so impossible? Venus in your 1st nudges Saturn in your 4th on the 17th bringing up questions about the path you have chosen and where you are living. As your annual soul house clearing starts now, time to look at anything long term you need to change. Including where you live and what you are doing with your life. It’s never too late to change this.

The Sun’s opposition to Neptune on the 14th shines on a dream or good times. A little fantasy, creativity or even escapism is good for the soul. This is a good time to get away from it all. Just don’t allow fantasy to take over romance however. Unless you want to be brought down to earth with a bump later. But again, this is a wonderful transit to connect to what you love to do and dream about what that could possibly be. Then perhaps – just do it for real.

In a nutshell: Play with potential and possibilities this week, Scorpio. Who could you be? If you want to reboot your future, now is the time to imagine something different for yourself. You have your dreams for a reason.


Keep your word and hold others to theirs

Own your path

Is it time to choose again?

The Sun in your 10th has you focussed on your career and ambitions. Also in doing whatever needs to be done. It’s a time of ownership and authorship. Of owning the choices and decisions that brought you to where you are today. And the realisation which springs from that. In other words, you can choose different at any point for a new outcome.

Don’t fall into the trap of blaming others. Or yourself for that matter. It’s counter productive now. And don’t get lost in nostalgia either as the Sun opposes Neptune in your 4th. Chances are the ‘good old days’ weren’t that great either. Instead take what is timeless forward with you. And leave the rest behind where it belongs.

Reboot your future

Mars in your 11th – your house of the future from the 15th, empowers you to set yourself fresh goals or reboot one you now see you should never have let go of in the first place. Mars in here also acts as a Hogwarts sorting hat. Sorting out those friendships and connections. You’re in the same house on the same page – or not now.

Above all, attend to practical matters and deliver on what you say. Don’t make empty promises or give out ultimatums you are not fully prepared to follow through with. Saturn is all about keeping your word in your 3rd. And holding others to account to keep theirs for that matter. Any discrepancy will be called into account when Venus in your 12th squares Saturn on the 17th. Or rewards paid out. The books need to balance this week. And promises are made to be kept.

In a nutshell: Don’t get lost in the past. Owning your choices and decisions frees you from it. And allows you to send your future in a fresh direction. Ensure you keep your word. And that others live up to theirs, Sag.


Use the traditional playbook for silver linings success

Invest for the long term

Take a chance

An extra effort around a long term goal may not pay off immediately. But proves to be worth it down the line, Cappy. Venus in your 11th offers the potential of investing in a goal or even a long term reliable connection as it angles to your ruler Saturn in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Both require investment. But so worth it over time.

You’ll never know unless you take that chance

The Sun remains in your 9th for a short while longer. While it does, you should be focussed on breaking free of restriction or expanding your horizons on some level. This is an excellent transit for travel and holidays. Even if you are on a staycation – where you travel to may appear exotic, new and even other-worldly as the Sun opposes Neptune in your 3rd on the 14th. The Sun’s trine to Pluto in your 1st asks you to take a chance on something. It says you’ll never know unless you do. So why not find out?

Mars is on the move this week ahead of the Sun and into your 10th. You are looking at a path determining cycle opening up for you. Mars in here sees you working those smarts in a very strategic way. Also, it’s not just about you. You come across as a team player at the same time. You are able to impress and built strategic alignments with others with benefits all round.

Play by the traditional rules with Mars in here and you will find that doors open for you. If you try to buck the system – you will end up going nowhere fast. Don’t even think about fronting up for anything important – even that Zoom meeting, without looking professional and put together. The world is watching, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: You’re on show in some way now, Cappy so fine tune that presence. This week may ask you to take a chance. A choice on offer may involve trying something different or going outside that comfort zone. You’ll never know unless you go.


Take a leap of faith

Your values are your compass

Tap into inner power

Take a deep breath, Aquarius. And prepare to take the plunge. You are being asked this week to venture into something or make a decision which you know you will live with for some time to come. This takes courage, conviction and above all, a willingness to take a chance. It’s a leap of faith. Perhaps in yourself.

The Capricorn’s next door may be wrestling with something similar albeit in a slightly different form. You however are being asked to let go of old ways of doing things or even outdated expectations and align to the radically new. Take some time to weigh up the pros and cons of this on the 14th as the Sun in your 8th opposes Neptune in your 2nd. Above all, if it aligns with your values then know its the right choice. And if it doesn’t – that tells you all you need to know.

The odds – in your favour

Mars in your 9th from the 15th ignites fire, passion and the hunger for something new. I could say ‘May the odds be ever in your favour’ now as this is your house of luck and taking a chance. Mars says do just that now. Venus ups your professional image and your status in your 10th and chivvies your ancient ruler Saturn in your sign on the 17th. The same day as the Sun in your 8th trines Pluto in your 12th asking you to honour those unspoken desires and ambitions. You’ll reach for inner resources you didn’t know you had if necessary, Aquarius. And no longer ignore the call.

In a nutshell: Ditching the old and outdated. The willingness to take a chance on something new. You could access a new level of inner strength this week, Aquarius. Surprise yourself with the results if you do.


What’s the temperature of your relationship?

New, exciting and compelling connections appear

Time for self-improvement

Hot or not, Pisces? The Sun in your 7th is all about attraction and putting partners and those ‘opposite’ numbers into the spotlight. Or pulling in prospective ones into your orbit. For those already in orbit around you, it is the hot or not question that dominates the week for you. Or how aligned you feel to the person in focus.

Illusions around someone if you have been holding on to them, may tumble down as the Sun opposes ruler Neptune on the 14th. Of course, what you see may be exactly what you always thought. There’s also the promise of new beginnings thanks to a superb trine between the Sun and Pluto in your social sector on the 17th. Magnetic, compelling and even powerful connections can be made now. Whether something more is on offer – well, wait and see.

Room for improvement

Mars moves into its ruling 8th on the 15th. Take it this is the ultimate temperature test for relationships. This is an excellent transit for anyone who works in science, research, investigation, psychology or competitive sports strangely enough. It is also one of the best transits for anything to do with self-improvement. Do whatever it takes now and you’ll be able to reboot your life or simply transform an issue so it stops being just that. Venus tightly angled to Saturn in your 12th further supports that. Time to rise above something, Pisces. Head for the heat and light again.

In a nutshell: Look to any areas where things have cooled off or gone tepid. Can you turn up the heat again or is it time to walk away? This week offers self-improvement, exciting connections and an opportunity to head back into the light.


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