The seven spiritual laws of relationships

The seven spiritual laws of relationships

Whether we are talking about a friend, a neighbour, a lover, partner or child, there are spiritual laws that underpin all of our relationships.

1/ Every single person in our lives is there to help us evolve

That’s actually what we are here for and often we can have soul agreements with others that help us in our evolution – but not in the way that you might think!  The person that pushes your buttons the most can be the one who is there to help you learn how to lovingly hold boundaries or examine your own assumptions and beliefs.  One of the biggest spiritual lessons we can learn is sorting out the difference between a soul mate, a past life connection and addiction.

2/ We are all connected

Ancient mystics told us this. These days, scientists talk about the bonds that link us all through mirror neurons and emotional contagion.  In a nutshell, we are individuals but we are also part of a much greater whole that has an influence on us and that we in turn influence.

3/ You are a unique soul, here to express your uniqueness

These days, there is no ‘one way’ to have a relationship and to share love.  As part of our journey to discovering and expressing our uniqueness, we get to define the kind of relationships we want and seek out others on our psychic wavelength.   It also means that we need to be careful about assuming that the other person wants the same thing as us as everyone else is also on their journey to expressing their uniqueness!

4/ Our relationships mirror our internal world

When you lock horns with someone, you will evolve beyond it far more quickly if you look at what in them is triggering what in you.  That also means that you need to become what you want to attract.

5/ All love begins with loving you

Often we can look for others to plug our gaps but when we are whole and complete in ourselves, we give ourselves the best chance to create loving and equal relationships.  Falling in love with you is a huge spiritual step and one that will transform your entire life.

6/ You can only feel love by giving it away

This is a bit of an odd one.  But if it was possible for you to actually feel love from someone else, all of the celebrities who are adored by millions wouldn’t ever feel lonely, and some do.  Love comes as a feeling within you that is activated when you allow it to pass through you and out into the world.  I would go as far as to say that this is the feeling that we are all reaching for – to be a conduit for love.

7/How we manage our relationships is a mirror of how we manage our psychic energy

Sometimes,  as we grow into our psychic power, we go through loads of lessons where we give loads of psychic energy to relationships that drain us. It can be as simple as worrying about what a total stranger thinks of us.  But over time, we can learn how to use our precious psychic energy more wisely.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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