3 Steps To Manifesting Your Perfect Partner

One of the number one reasons that people call for a psychic reading, is love! Almost every person who is single out there would like to find that special someone. And as our psychics will tell you, love is our biggest area of soul growth. Given that this is such an important part of our lives and the thing most of us desire, why is it so many of us are still alone? And are there some simple steps we can take to attract that special someone above Quantum Creating or affirmations?

1/ First of all, we need to acknowledge our desire for the relationship and own up to the fact that we are missing something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating we come from a place of neediness as all neediness results in is bad choices. I’m talking about the power to know that having a partner would fill in some empty spaces in your soul – and your soul path! So, first own the fact that you do want a partner and the fact that the person would bring things into your life that you do not have and cannot provide for yourself.

2/ Next, we need to create love in our lives right now. Focus on how you will feel when you know you are loved by your future partner. This raises your ‘love vibration’ and if we can keep on connecting to this feeling over time, we will automatically attract the real thing into our lives at some point. This is probably the most crucial part of manifesting the person of our dreams. Of course, some people may wonder how we can create this loving feeling when there’s nobody around to love us right now. But the great thing is we can start loving ourselves right now – even with all our problems or what we consider to be faults. We can begin to love ourselves just as a parent loves a child – unconditionally.

3/ Finally, the biggest stumbling block most of us face when it comes to manifesting love in our lives is the past – or rather negative memories from it. The relationships that didn’t work out. The person who hurt or betrayed us. The ‘bad’ choices we made or even memories from our childhood can all get in the way of manifesting love mainly because they can stop us from entering into another relationship because we fear being hurt again.

This brings us to the third and final step and probably the hardest – forgiveness. The challenge is to forgive all the people that have hurt us in the past – and also to forgive ourselves if we need to. Often we continue to beat ourselves up long after a toxic relationship has ended. ‘How could I have been so stupid not to see what they were really like? And when I did, why did I stay so long?’. By forgiving them and ourselves if necessary, we release old resentments opening up our hearts for someone new to enter our lives and for us to love again free of the past. Because as long as our hearts are closed – we’ll never that person no matter how many dating websites we join or dates we go on.

So, acknowledge there is space in your life for love to grow and a partner to fill it. Love yourself unconditionally, and forgive those who were unable to do the same. The universe wants us all to experience love and it will only be a matter of time before you attract it.


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