Transforming problems with the Major Arcana – Part two

Transforming problems with the Major Arcana – Part two

In part two of this series on how to use the Major Arcana to transform problems, we look at what the remaining cards in the Major Arcana reveal.

Remember, all you need to do is pull out all of the 22 Major Arcana cards from any Tarot deck and shuffle them, focusing on whatever is going on for you or whatever it is you want to manifest and asking the question, ‘What do I most need to bring to this to transform myself, this situation and manifest what I truly want?’.
When you feel ready, spread the cards face down before you, pick one and turn it over to receive its powerful message.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man asks you to try looking at this situation from a totally different perspective – maybe even upside down!  Are you letting yourself be distracted by what’s going on at the surface and overlooking what’s going on at a much deeper level?  Is change happening, just much slower than you would like?


Death signals transformation and rebirth.  What old patterns is this situation encouraging you to release?   Is holding on to something preventing you from  bringing about the new that is waiting to come in?  What needs to go so that you can have a totally fresh start?


Temperance talks about balance in your life.  Strength focuses on inner balance and
Temperance is much more about doing a successful juggling act of everything in
your outer world.  Are you focussing on one aspect of your situation at the expense of another?  What might you be overlooking?  How can you give all of the different
elements equal care and attention?

The Devil

The Devil is the arch showman and ruler of the material world.  Are you seeing this situation as it really is or have you become slightly lost in an illusion that only appears real?  Do you feel like you are dealing with an oppressive force – and if so, what in you is allowing yourself to succumb to that oppression when you might just slip its chains?  Might you be being just a bit compulsive around the whole thing?  Believe it or not, The Devil also rules laughter, so how could you take a much lighter
approach to what’s going on?

The Tower

The Tower is about giving things a good old shake up to get rid of anything that is long past its sell by date.  What in your life no longer serves you?  What is stale and old and needs a radical reworking?  How can you delve right down to the foundations of whatever it is you’re dealing with or want to attract and rebuild something much more solid and enduring?

The Star

The Star is about hope, creativity and the sense of being divinely led.  To what degree are you following your inspiration?  Do you trust the sense of following something celestially inspired goal?  How can you connect with divine inspiration?

The Moon

Like the High Priestess, The Moon is all about deep feelings and intuitions but carries the need for clear thought as things look quite different by moonlight.  Are you allowing yourself to wander off into illusion?  How might you follow your feelings and intuition but keep a straight path to what you want to head for?  What could you do to keep yourself grounded so that you don’t get distracted by fantasy or allow yourself to be spooked?

The Sun

The Sun bounds in with bags of fun and energy.  Are you feeling a bit flat, deflated or as though your batteries have gone flat?  What can you do to reconnect with your passion and enthusiasm?  Could you take a break and have some fun so that you can come back and tackle whatever you are dealing with feeling totally re-energised?


Judgement represents a call from a higher place to a higher ground.  Does this situation serve not just who you are or what you want right now, but who you want to be and where you want to go?  Are you secretly harbouring any old grudges or resentments that could be affecting your vibration?  Is it time to forgive and move onwards and upwards?  Is it possible that you might have simply outgrown what you are currently dealing with?

The World

The World is about infinite potential, dancing with the creative force of the universe and also completion.  What do you need to do to expand what you currently think is possible or what you might want to achieve?  How can you take this issue beyond what you might bring to it and tap into the energy of the cosmos?  Are you making sure that you are paying attention to all the details that need tying up along the way?

Loads of love,

Michele x

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