Numerology – What’s your psychic colour?

The Ancient art of Numerology can help us in many ways. Each number is said to resonates with a certain colour.  Making use of the colour that resonates with our number can allow us to express our inner light.

So how do we discover the colour of our individual inner light?

Look at the alphabet/number conversion chart below and find the number which matches the first vowel in your first name at birth as given on your birth certificate. The standard vowel letters are A.E.I.O.U. but if your name contains Y as a vowel i.e. Lynn, Glynn, Wynn then look at the number for Y which is one.

Now look at the list below and choose the colour which expresses the number of psychic colour!

One = Red.  This can be any shade of red although the brighter lighter reds are more positive.

Two = Orange or any shade of orange, tangerine or any colour that reminds you of the sun.

Three = Yellow or lemon .Again the link is to the sun and vibrant energy.

Four= Green the colour of growth.

Five = light blues or turquoise. Colours that represent the sky.

Six = Dark Blue as in Navy blue or deep sea colours.

Seven = Lilac or Purple, the Royal high energy colours.

Eight = Pinks and Rose pink and the warm healing colours.

By wearing this colour you will be expressing your inner self. It can help you to feel more confident or can simply lift your spirit if you are feeling low. If the colour is not one that you particularly like, you can get the same effect by wearing an under garment in the colour or perhaps coloured socks or tie. You could just wear coloured beads or crystals.

Vikki, Michele Knight reader 2265

Vikki is a hereditary empath, psychic reader and healer who uses Tarot and Angel cards and draws on clairsentience and Numerology.  She trained as a Spiritual Healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in the early 90’s and studied Reiki in 2000 – 2003, when she gained her Master attunement practicing Usui Reiki and Seichem Reiki. Whilst working as a healer, she began to dream of names being turned into numbers and this led her back to an earlier interest in Numerology.

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