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Free Psychic Reading – Finding your psychic power with Psychic Alesso
Take a moment to imagine waking up each day without fear, doubt, worry, or general unease. It is difficult to completely separate ourselves from these emotions in a world that puts so much effort into grabbing our attention and rendering us spiritually unconscious. The concrete structures of society can constrict our very being which leaves us open to seeing life through a pre-conditioned scope.
Each and every one of us has a unique soul so it’s not surprising that the human race is pushing to reclaim our authentic, wild freedom of self! To live life as an intuitive means to take up your sword and get involved in the spiritual battlefield that allows you, the vibrant soul, to break free of the limitations and truly discover your amazing ability to find joy and create the life you have always wanted.
Life as a psychic is a life of faith and continual self-improvement. So instead of focusing on the use of tools, I would like all of us to challenge ourselves by spending just one week tuning into our natural intuition and hope these insights can help you! Choose a number to see which area that you are meant to work on
Love Alesso
1)  Love
Thank you for choosing Love. You need to focus on your emotional life is interesting since there are so many blocks around you. Take a moment to tune into yourself and have an honest assessment of your emotional energy as we work to create a shift.
Whenever you are vulnerable there is a tendency to create drama just so you can test others to ensure they will stick around.
This, of course, may be an unconscious pattern that you wouldn’t typically recognise. But ask yourself – can you think of a time when your trust issues have gotten the better of you and you have decided to stir the pot just to test if the other person will reassure and comfort you? This is a control tactic, a self-protective ability to prove to ourselves that it’s important to have some sort of heightened emotional experience in order to feel we have security.
Don’t you feel so relaxed just thinking about this for a second? To know that freedom from this chaotic cycle can be broken with a bit of self-love. How often do we abuse ourselves by allowing our emotional body to turn destructive toward us? Think of your emotional system as an individual identity, an energy field where you experience the heights of joy and the worst of lows. Being able to control how this emotional system operates is where true liberation comes in.
Over the next week, pay close attention to your every move. Be very alert to your emotional reactions to situations and practice showing kindness and surrender to the love you have around you. When the vulnerability rises to the surface making you want to fight or act in a way that carries a negative charge, learn to pay attention to where this is coming from and allow a conscious shift to come over you – CHOOSE to refuse this behaviour and instead channel yourself into strengthening your intuition so you can start to see behind the emotion and realise when there is something to be threatened by or if you are just experiencing a symptom of your life-long patterns. By the end of the week, look back and see if you had a more joyful and compassionate vibe!
2) Career

I’m seeing your energy feels very much like you are on a conveyor belt. Every day blends into the other and you can’t seem to break the overpowering shield that seems to covet you.
If you visualize for a moment, you will be able to see a time you were full of bright ideas, passionate and evolving. Somewhere along the way you have dropped off the radar and now walk your path almost like you are carrying out a life sentence. This is where tuning into your psychic power will help you break free!
Remember when you were a child and you had a sense of wonder? Anything was possible and not everything had to be so definite, so set in stone? This is your challenge!
Give yourself a week to practice mindfulness, to get back to basics and align your energy with taking control back in how you manage your journey. If you follow your passion and find something you love, you will never work a day in your life.
Unfortunately, we can trap ourselves by convincing ourselves that we need to stay in a situation we dislike forever. Through your logical perspective you may believe this to be true, however, it’s time to focus on instinctually seeking ways to broaden those horizons and get that motivational power up and running.
If you find yourself in a career less than satisfying, go back to identifying the reasons why you started in the first place. Push yourself and channel everything about your unique personality that makes you an important part in where you are.
Be the perfectionist, soaking up every opportunity to improve yourself and become the master of the game. You may very well discover that after a week of practising this, you experience a shift to get the vision board back out and manifest moving on to a completely new adventure. Whatever the result, one step forward is better than staying still!
3) Spirituality
It can be so easy for you to retreat within yourself because of your ultra-sensitivity. You feel too much and that is why you put up a tough exterior – a survival technique.
Your two extremes are you can be a ruthless terrier but on the other hand you still need acceptance and approval.
Haven’t you noticed that you need to analyse everything right down to the last detail so you can be completely sure that you have understood? This can cause you more problems than good because those obsessive tendencies start to take over and wipe out everything you began to embrace in the first place.
Your challenge is to allow the mystery of life to work its magic around the uncertainty. Spend the next week focusing more on ‘experiencing’ rather than ‘understanding’.
You have infinite trust that the universe will provide but at the same time there is a web of confusion in your energy which tells us you still rebel and resists that things could potentially take the opposite direction you expected.
Having a pre-destined path is sometimes fated when it comes to significant events in our lives – however, we cannot forget that sometimes we experience things in life because others have exercised their free will and it impacts us.
Challenge yourself to meditate in a way that you do not attempt to ‘avoid’ your thoughts, but instead, you accept yourself for who you truly are. By connecting with your inner source and feeling the divine connection that is all of us, you will feel yourself loosen the grip between needing to be all knowing, and eventually relax into the idea that spirit will be on time.

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  1. It’s just amazing you didn’t miss a single thing on both readings and I’m not kidding …. Thank you for your time!!

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