13th November 2017 Weekly Horoscope Forecast

Weekly Astrology Horoscope Forecast for All Signs October 8th 2018


Old love could seem new again
The timing is right
What’s yours has your name on it

Usually, with a new Moon in your 7th house which occurs on the 9th, I would be talking about new beginnings in love, partnership matters and any relationship that involves you and at least one other person.
However, this particular new Moon is different as it occurs when Venus which rules your 7th, is retrograde. So, it’s not so much about new beginnings but a love revival or resurrection. This new Moon makes powerful aspects to Pluto in your house of career and Neptune in its ruling 12th – which is the house which rules your past. Pluto rules death, transformation and rebirth so you can already see the themes emerging here.

This week could bring an old love or even a missed path or career opportunity, back into your life. There’s a more profound message here, and one aspect of this is that what is meant for you, will eventually come to you (or back to you as the case may be). Destiny plays a role thanks to Mercury in your 8th impacting on the cosmic North Node in your 5th of romance, children and glittering prizes, pleasure and recognition.

Sometimes something doesn’t happen at a particular time just because it just isn’t the right time for it to happen. This week could show you the truth of that. The other implication of all this is that if something is well and truly over, you’ll know this too on a deep inner level. You’ll be willing to relinquish it once and for all to clear the path for something new. And again, this is a new beginning which springs from your past. Needless to say, this is not a good time to look for new beginnings in any area – especially if it relates to love or money. But what returns could just feel brand new on some level even if it looks somewhat familiar. Blend the past with the future this week.

In a nutshell: New beginnings spring from the past. Look for something or someone who returns for a second-time-around -opportunity. If it’s got your name on it – it’s yours now, Aries.


Have a long overdue conversation
Break free
Evolve the love, Taurus!

Ruler Venus is making a rare retrograde so be aware that this is not the best time to start a new love affair or embark on any new venture that could affect your money or bank account. Try to think of this time as similar to a Mercury retrograde but focused more specifically on these two areas. You’ve Mercury in your 7th of partnerships this week, and this makes it an excellent time to have those long overdue discussions with partners that you’ve been putting off.

Chances are you are craving a bit more freedom and variety both in your personal life and in your professional one too. See this retrograde cycle as an opportunity to do just that. And to reach for a new way of relating as for the first time Mercury in your 7th will oppose Uranus in your 1st. Break free of an old dynamic and evolve your love experience, Taurus. If your relationship is not evolving, it is stagnant. So see this as the opportunity for some much-needed love revolution.

This week’s new Moon appears in your 6th of work and wellbeing. Again, there are visible links here between your job and your bank account. Ensure if you are seeking work or accepting a new position that everything is clearly spelled out and in writing as this house rules the details. This is where Venus your ruler is at present, moonwalking backwards through your 6th.

While it may not be the best time for new work or new love, this week offers you the chance to break free of a dull routine and revive or rejuvenate yourself as this is the house of health too. On a daily basis, it’s about reinvigorating the small stuff. All of which adds up to you feeling on top of your game again, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus makes a rare retrograde. Time for a love revival and to focus on recapturing the magic. Break free of what holds you back, Taurus and evolve the love now.


Let the truth about love out
Romance could rekindle
Is there another chapter to be written?

A strange kind of retrograde energy fills the sky at the moment, Gemini. Being Mercury ruled, you’re used to dealing with retrograde mayhem. But Venus retrograde is something very different. For one thing, unlike your ruler, Venus retrogrades rarely. So, we end up literally having to ‘feel’ our way through it because it feels so unfamiliar.

Venus rules our love lives and our bank accounts, so a Venus retrograde means love is certainly on hold and that we should steer clear of major purchases, new financial commitments and watch out for extravagance. This week’s new Moon is in your sector of romance and pleasure so please bear these rules in mind as they apply doubly to you. However, this new Moon is an excellent one under which to revive an old love affair or creative project or to tackle anything to do with children, stepchildren or young people.

Ruler Mercury is thankfully direct while all this is happening and enters its ruling 6th this week. There’s something you need to know or news you have been waiting on. Mercury is about to uncover or deliver it now as it opposes Uranus in your house of secrets and hidden truths and impacts the North Node in Mercury’s other ruling house – your 3rd. Whatever knowledge is delivered it has the capacity to impact on your future and that includes your love future.

If you’ve been ignoring your gut feelings then you may be confronted with the evidence you were right all along as secrets come tumbling out. Of course, this also applies to yourself. Holding something back? Not being true to yourself? If you’ve not been honest with yourself or another about what it is you need, then blurting and Freudian slips could see honesty find its own way. It’s one of those ‘better out than in’ situations. This could be a week of revelations and of passion rekindled too as that retrograde Venus angles to Mars in its sexy, ruling 8th in your chart on the 11th. If there’s another chapter still to be written about you and another, get ready to write an update in the book of love, now.

In a nutshell: Time for the truth in love. When it comes to your needs and what you feel. Don’t try to keep a lid on it this week, Gemini as your real feelings (or others) will have a way of getting out.


Move forward
The past appears unexpectedly
Do some love housekeeping

This week’s new Moon occurs in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. It’s putting you in touch with a fresh sense of what home means for you and asks you how are you living? This is your house of family, roots, home, homeland and what you need to sustain you. This is one of those new Moons where you get to ‘move’ on some level and if not physically as in a house move or relocation, this Moon asks you to move your thoughts, your life or even yourself, forward again. To open up if you have felt shut down or closed off recently.

This new Moon in particular has a huge potential for transforming your relationships or for bringing in improvements but it says that while it rules hone, on some level you can no longer remain where you are. Only you can say what direction you need to move it, but your intuition knows for sure.
All of this takes place against a backdrop of a Venus retrograde. Venus rules our love life and our bank account so please steer clear of major expenditure if you can and also be aware it’s not the best time for a new relationship. Sorting out an existing one – yes. Unexpected contact or encounters with past lovers or partners is one possibility with Mercury in your romance zone. As is realising a connection may have run its course.

You’ll be aware now of whether someone is right for you or not. Venus retrograde lends itself to love housekeeping. And also to looking at enhancing the love – or the lifestyle you have. Just don’t blow your budget on redecoration or expensive things for the home. This week wants to give you a greater appreciation for what you already have in terms of a lifestyle you love and the people you share that with. And it also allows you to see where there’s room for improvement for the future. Get redecorating your life and your love life now.

In a nutshell: Get a sense of home and what really supports you this week, Cancer. Time for a lifestyle or career renovation. You have the foundation now – build up.


Grab a sustaining opportunity
This isn’t a rehearsal anymore
Get ready for your close up!

A shift could occur on the work or career front but this should be something you have been preparing for. If you’ve been feeling you’ve been cast as the understudy and been hanging around in the wings waiting for your chance at the leading role, this week could provide it. What has gone before is revealed to be a dress rehearsal as you step into the spotlight once more. As with any great role, this one is about what you and you alone bring to it. So, one message this week is not to imitate others and to shine in your own unique way. That’s what stars do.

This week’s new Moon takes place in your 3rd of business, communication, commerce and ideas. We also have Mercury changing houses and arriving in your foundation-creating 4th. There could be something on offer that has the potential to sustain you. Also, if you’ve been feeling you’re on the wrong path, this could put you back on the right one. All this is happening while Venus is retrograde indicating this could spring from something already in motion or which you have been pinning your hopes on. The Sun your ruler makes a working angle to Pluto to ask you just what in your life has turned into hard work or has been just that recently? Expect a change that benefits you not just in terms of recognition, but long-term soul satisfaction too.

In a nutshell: An offer or career opportunity could take you from understudy to leading role this week, Leo. If you’re tired of waiting in the wings, be ready. No more rehearsals.


Be a retrograde boss
Pull focus and get a bigger picture
Opportunity is all around you

You own the Retrograde Rules, Virgo being the boss of routines, schedules and details. And of course, ruled by Mercury which retrogrades three times a year. Therefore retrograde energy feels oh-so-familiar. The retrograde vibe in the sky right now is a little different as it is Venus that is backwards and love and money are the areas where all bets are off for the time being. Your organisational skills are the key here to managing this one just like you do any other retrograde. The 9th sees a new Moon in your 2nd which is a Venus ruled house. This should tell you to proceed with caution when it comes to expenditure, your money and love. This is a new Moon which can often bring an important new connection into our lives. Just remember that with the ruler of these Moonwalking across the sky, this may not be a good time to jump heart-first into something new.

This is a good time to build on what you already have. And it is also a good time for ideas, business, short trips and study. Not to mention connecting more to what is going on in your immediate environment. Ruler Mercury in its ruling 3rd asks you to take a new look at what is familiar or an opportunity which may have escaped your attention. Simply because it literally is right under your nose. This is also a good time to work up those creative ideas you have been sitting on. This week could see the start of a great, long-term conversation around something to do with messaging the world wide web or that project you’ve been nurturing. Break it down and take it by stages this week.

In a nutshell: There may be an opportunity right under your nose you’ve missed, Virgo. This week, change your focus. Explore the potential right outside your front door.


Revive. Reinvent. Repurpose
New loves or passions spring from old
Reunions are no coincidence

This week’s new Moon in your 1st is usually your ‘official’ start of your new cycle, Libra. However, this year’s new Moon on the 9th is slightly different. Why? Well, it’s appearing when ruler Venus is retrograde. So, this is your Back to the Future new beginning. Yes, it’s a fresh start but it springs from your past. Time for soul revival, Libra when it comes to a past relationship, something you love to do, a project or even a career path you abandoned and your money. You may have thought something was over with but this new Moon could show you that it is anything but. You’re not so much got a new purpose as a re-purpose or rebirth happening.

Where you want to be and who you want to be with marks part of this theme of returning. Look closely at this as a change or shift could occur around where you live, people you live with or how you envisage earning your money in the future. Think about that relocation or re-balancing the books. Also watch for who unexpectedly pops up or cross your path again. This is no chance or coincidence. They have a role to play in your future. Second time around chances could not only be better, they could be an even more perfect fit than they were before, Libra.

In a nutshell: Back to the Future, Libra! It’s a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. But the course you chart into your future, springs from your past.


You have the knowing
Intuition proves infallible
Connect to the wisdom of the multiverse

Explore a mysterious link to your past and let intuition be your guide on your journey, Scorpio. This week connects you to the wisdom of the multiverse and enhanced psychic ability thanks to a new Moon in your 12th. This occurs at the same time the planet Venus is retrograde in here. Past loves feature or even reappear.

Just be aware that this house rules all things hidden – the things we hide from ourselves and those others hide from us. With the planet that rules your love life and your bank account going backwards, this is not the time to embark on a new love affair, take on new financial commitments or lend someone money unless you can afford to write it off. Even that old lover returning should be treated with caution as nothing may be what it seems. Especially when it comes down to what they are saying as this Moon squares Pluto your ruler and makes another angle to Neptune the ruler of your 12th. Again, check in with your intuition as chances are it will prove to be infallible now.

If someone is telling you one thing, but their actions say something else, please bear in mind that actions speak louder than words. The Sun is also in your 12th and the Sun always illuminates. Ensure everything you say and do is above board now, otherwise you could end up with custard on your face. This week asks you to separate truth from fiction and fact from fantasy. From how you’d like things to be and how they truly are. Reality may bite this week, but the truth will set you free.

In a nutshell: Your intuition and psychic skills will prove to be your best assets now. You may even know what’s going to happen before it does. Don’t tune out that inner voice, Scorpio.


Dream it – then do it
Reunite with an old purpose
Do what needs to be done and don’t delay

Revive the dream, Sag! You know you’re only ever on top of your game when you have a big goal to aim for. So, what’s that one you gave up? Maybe you didn’t realise at the time the dream was not an impossible one. Or that you were in fact, closer to attaining it than you thought. No matter the reason for you setting it aside, this week’s new Moon in your 11th allows you reconnect to it and rediscover your purpose in making it happen. Old friends and contacts could also feature as this is an ‘everything old is new again’ new Moon as it occurs at the same time Venus is retrograde. Reunions and reconnections feature as does recapturing that feeling that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Sagittarius is a sign that always has to have something to look forward to and faith in future outcomes. By now you should know that without that star to aim for, you become disillusioned and a saggy Sag. There is nothing sadder and that’s not you!

You are now in a time of deep preparation for one of the most exciting cycles you have experienced in 12 years. What needs to be dealt with, said or you taking action on once and for all? This week says it’s time to tackle all of this and no more procrastination. You need to complete this process by the beginning of November. With a re-aligned vision and reconnection to optimism this week should be telling you that there’s nothing you can’t do.

Recommit to the dream – and too daring to make it come true this week.

In a nutshell: As the classic song tells us: You gotta have a dream. That dream you thought beyond your reach returns or you see a new way to get it. How you gonna have a dream come true, Sag?


Climb that mountain
Reassess those inner values
Become your #1 priority again

Upgrade those ambitions and rebuild your career path and reclaim the rewards and recognition that you deserve, Capricorn. The new Moon in your 10th which appears on the 9th nudges you into action when it comes to your career and ambition. You’re looking around you now and knowing you’re worth more and need more when it comes to what you take out – and take home from your job. What’s more – you’re willing to stretch yourself and make any changes that are necessary in order for you to achieve this. If you want to rebrand or relaunch yourself, this is an excellent time to do just that as you have Venus making a rare retrograde in here. Venus retro is asking you to look at where you may have stopped making yourself your #1 priority when it comes to your professional image and how you value yourself and what you have to offer.

It’s time to look at yourself differently and make any adjustments to how you look and feel. To re-evaluate your skills and your achievements to date. And to place a new value on these. Do this and you will find that others look at you differently – especially if you have been feeling you are being taken for granted in any area whether it is your personal or your professional life.

Don’t take yourself for granted, undersell yourself or even underestimate what you are capable of achieving now. This week can revive those old ambitions and send you off in search of new achievements and new heights you can scale.

In a nutshell: Reawaken ambition, Capricorn! If others have underestimated you or if you’ve been taking yourself for granted recently, this week shakes up those perceptions and raises your stock.


Start a new journey
What do you want to establish?
If it comes back – it’s yours

Get some career definition and break free into a fresh cycle of experience this week, Aquarius. Although this is the start of something new and important – a journey that is either real or metaphorical triggered by the new Moon in your 9th; this week also features returns and re-runs. You could find yourself back on a path you have travelled before. This could quite literally mean revisiting somewhere you have been in the past or retracing your steps in some way. While a new Moon in your 9th is always an invitation to start a journey which ultimately broadens your horizons, you have Venus retrograde in this house at the same time the new Moon appears. So, reconnecting to an old love, passion, place or even a person, is likely. Past opportunities could reappear – perhaps slightly different but having the same feel to them.

Mercury in your 10th of career, reputation and status this week opposes ruler Uranus in your 4th. That fresh cycle of mind expansion could even include a house or career move for some. Yes, that too is freedom if your present situation restricts or confines you on some level. To be truly free you need a support structure or a place where the journeys begin and end. Your opportunity could just revolve around establishing just that for yourself or simply deciding what it is you want to achieve. With Venus retrograde this is not the time to start a new love affair or take on fresh financial commitments. However, if the one that got away reappears – be it that lover or that job, don’t let them get away a second time.

In a nutshell: Get clear on what you want for your future, Aquarius. And this includes knowing what you’d like to recover from your past. If it reappears now, take it that it’s yours.


The past gives birth to a new beginning
Time for transformation
Renegotiate your future

It’s time for transformation this week or for something to be completed Pisces. New Moons usually mean new beginnings. However, this week’s new Moon in your 8th appears at the same time as Venus is making its rare retrograde in this sector of your chart. So, it’s not time for something brand new but something to be re-born, resurrected or completed on some level. Of course, if this does involve finishing something, we can say any ending contains the seeds of a new beginning. This is your house of business interests, other people’s money, mortgages etc. As Venus rules your bank account this is not the best time to enter into new financial agreements or loans but it is an excellent time to renegotiate them. The terms of a relationship may change too as Venus rules our love lives and this is our house of sex or relationships where sex is important. So, not a good time to take that new lover if it’s something lasting you seek, but a transit where an old one can reappear.

There’s a feeling of leaving something behind you now and stepping into a cycle where possibilities and opportunities await. Watch how restrictions get replaced with optimism as Mercury arrives in your 9th. Expect an upswing in business or your work with travel a distinct possibility. You can’t change the past, but Venus retrograde in your 8th and a new Moon in here hands you the potential to see how you can do things differently today to create a very different future. So whether you are reviving something or just clearing the way for a fresh start, the past no longer has to define what outcome you get from here on in, Pisces. So greet the future with optimism. It’s yours to design now.

In a nutshell: Leave the past behind and design yourself a brand new future, Pisces. If the past reappears in some way, it will form a new beginning. Fresh starts are on the horizon now.

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