28th May 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 6th 2019


  • Flexibility brings freedom
  • Upend your ideas around what’s possible
  • Explore something bigger

Reconnect to that big love this week, Aries. Develop a deep sense of self-worth but above all, when it comes to both love and money – stay fluid and in the moment. Hanging on to anything and a ‘the way things were’ mindset will cause you problems and simply kick you out of the exciting flow of change and abundance that wants to catch you up and take you with it. Mercury enters your 2nd on the 6th and just two days later and for the first time in your adult lifetime, will meet Uranus in here. New ideas around money and how to generate and handle your cash rush in heralding possibly financial freedom. But the key to this is to remain in a free-flowing state of mind and adopt a willingness to adapt and change. Uranus is set on changing the financial landscape for us of is now, but no more so than for you as it is in your house of money.

Travelling, writing, publishing and getting yourself and your message ‘out there’. Exploring and experiencing more of the world and perhaps jumping back at a chance you missed earlier simply because you did not have the confidence to take it, go bolder, go bigger as Mars in your 3rd opposes retro Jupiter in its ruling 9th. You also have Venus planet of earthly delights, love and pleasure in your 1st. Together with Jupiter both could see you travelling or reconnecting with that big past love or passion. This could be a place, something you loved to do or yes, a person. It (or they) remind you on just what you have been missing out on. Think big and evolve this week, Especially around ideas of what you think is possible.

In a nutshell: Get ready for big love and to become a magnet for your desires, Aries. Explore what you think is impossible. A flexible mindset brings fresh possibilities.


  • The heart is your agent of change
  • Be unexpected
  • Be open and accept the love you want

Ruler Venus is about to trigger beautiful changes this week, Taurus. Yes, I know you hate the ‘c’ word but if you are a regular visitor here your forecasts have been preparing you for it for some time. The cosmic call to freedom and following your heart has been building and is now peaking. Nobody should underestimate you or take you for granted. And you know what? This includes yourself.

This week sees Mercury planet of communication and ideas enter your 1st and on the 8th for the first time in your adult lifetime, meets Uranus in your 1st on the 8th. This is telling you to not just know your worth, but communicate this. Especially if you have been taken for granted or even taking yourself for granted, up until now. Mars in your 2nd of money and self-worth boosts your determination to have what you want and hands you the confidence to go for it. Uranus in your 1st is all about personal freedom which Jupiter (retro) in your 8th also points to transformation that benefits you. Both Mars and Venus in your 12th will impact on Jupiter. One gives you confidence and impetus, the other a call from your heart you can no longer ignore. Past loves and what you have allowed to let go of due to shunting your desires aside, return. If people have pigeon-holed you and have said you would never do, try or experience something, you will make them eat their words now. Unchain your heart and set yourself free now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Your heart is calling. Do you have the courage to follow where it wants you to go, Taurus? This isn’t a week for anyone to underestimate you. And that includes yourself.


  • What you learn sets you free
  • Follow the direction of love
  • Don’t stay home

There’s a saying ‘the truth will set you free’ – and this certainly applies to you this week, Gemini. You are about to be made aware of something – which has quite possibly been right under your nose all along. But you simply could not see it until now. Ruler Mercury arrives in your 12th of secrets, subterfuge, espionage and hidden truths this week. On the 8th, for the first time in your adult life, it will entangle with Uranus, planet of freedom and awakenings in here. The result is that you see something, a situation or someone for how it truly is and not how it has appeared to be before. Eyes, mind and heart are now wide open. This may have been something which has held you back and kept you shackled. Now it no longer has the power to do that.

Uranus always unchains us and often in unexpected or shocking ways. It tells us ignorance is NOT bliss. In fact, it’s quite the reverse. Whatever the revelation and no matter how it arrives, you’re not about to ignore it or fail to answer the call to freedom. Mars in your 1st hands you heart-starting self-confidence and sizzling sexiness. Single? Don’t stay home now as it opposes retro Jupiter in your 7th. Reignite the fire if you are a settled as it opposes retro Jupiter in your 7th or make those overdue changes if that has been the nature of your revelation. Venus in your friendship zone angles across to that Jupiter as well on the 10th. Right place, right time to attract who or what you need. Friends or someone you have connected with before offer benefits of all descriptions. Don’t let love or any other opportunity, pass you by this week. That’s freedom.

In a nutshell: Eyes wide open this week, Gemini. Revelations point you in an electrifying new direction. You’ll suddenly see you’ve been held back for too long. Take that escape route.


  • Explore new connections professionally and personally
  • Resurrect those dreams and skills
  • Form that Dream Team

One eye on the prize – the other on the future this week, Cancer. Actually, they are both connected and both are ruled by your 11th which is your house of goals and the future. Time to put yourself out there in a way you have resisted in the past. To tell others what you are about, to share your ideas and your unique perspective. And above all, to make people aware of what you want to achieve. You’re in the position to create that Dream Team or support network that powers you forward. Mercury in your 11th from the 6th brings you invitations and boosts your social life. For the first time in your adult lifetime, it will meet Uranus which rules this sector on the 8th. Unleash your inner entrepreneur and play with possibilities. New and usual people may cross your path now who have the potential to impact on that future in ways you cannot yet imagine. Don’t hide yourself away. And above all, keep an open mind when it comes to your social life. Saying ‘that’s not my scene’ sees those dreams going nowhere. Where you least expect to find it will be who or what you seek.

Past work opportunities or an invitation to  resurrect skills you have allowed to lapse could come knocking too. Mars in your 12th reconnects you to lost potential as it opposes retro Jupiter in your work sector. Venus enhances your talents and also your professional image allowing you to make your best ever impression as it too adds to that overall professional cachet from your 10th. The trine it makes with Jupiter on the 10th could see you finish that pitch or interview process on a successful note or see you stepping into a role you were always meant to occupy. Add to your social and professional networks this week, Cancer. Believe me, you’re the one everyone wants to get to know now.

In a nutshell: Explore new connections that take you away from your usual circles. That’s where the future is forged for you this week. When it comes to work– you have what others are looking for now.


  • Say goodbye to so-so love
  • Let others know what you have to offer
  • Follow the heat

You gotta love it for it to succeed this week, Leo. Tepid or so-so just won’t cut it. The big message striding across the sky for you is simply don’t settle for less. This cuts across all sectors from your career to your love life. That heart has to pump faster. You have to feel the surge of electrifying excitement at the prospect. Or forget about it. It all revolves around you being yourself – or being in a role that allows you to be yourself. Mercury boosts career activities and hands you ideas to impress those in positions of hire, authority and influence from the 6th. On the 8th, it will engage with Uranus in here for the first time in your lifetime. Your success comes via not imitating others and having the boldness and confidence to demonstrate what you and you alone, bring to the table. Stand by your ideas. If your present role does not give you enough scope, now is the time to look for a new one.

Fortune favours the brave in more ways than one now. This can even extend to having the chutzpah to make contact with someone from your past – anyone from that past lover to a friend, client or employer you once approached for a job but didn’t get. Again, if you feel that tingle of excitement at the prospect, this is your clue to follow through. Be warned however with Jupiter retro in your romance and pleasure zone of all things Leo-ruled, this week you won’t suffer lukewarm gladly. That lover or social scene that has lost its lustre is likely to be left behind for one that rekindles the fire as Mars in your 11th opposes retro Jupiter in your 5th on the 7th. Don’t be worried if the heat is missing as you’re not likely to be left out in the cold. Something a whole lot more radiating is on the horizon thanks to Venus in Jupiter’s ruling 9th making a come-hither movement. Something could possibly flare back into life or show you what you’ve been missing. Head to the light this week, Leo. It’s not just your destiny. It’s in your DNA.

In a nutshell: When it comes to career moves it’s time to showcase those individual smarts. Love? It needs to get that heart pumping. So-so romance just doesn’t do it for you now, Leo.


  • Ride that revolutionary wave
  • Escape to freedom
  • Embrace the unexpected

Uranus is about revolution that leads to freedom. It unshackles us often in surprising ways from what holds us back or prevents us from evolving our souls. Anything that ends under Uranus’s watch does so because it has been well and truly lived out. Changes that occur do so to put our feet on a higher, wider path and to ensure we don’t continue towards what has become a dead end. So bear this in mind this week as ruler Mercury enters your 9th and on the 8th encounters Uranus in here for the first time in your adult lifetime. What happens now may be unexpected or it may be something you have set in motion yourself. It may require you to leave your comfort zone, head out into the unknown or set you on a new learning journey. No matter how it presents itself – please be open minded. It has your best interests in mind no matter what it looks like. Your 9th is your house of expansion and yes, freedom. Unexpected journeys and moves may feature. Think Bilbo Baggins. Just like Bilbo, opportunity may come in disguise.

There’s a call to adventure happening. Some of you may be reaching for your passports. Others may be looking at a career change or even house move. Again, you may have set this in motion or it may come from left-field. Mars in your 10th hands you the confidence and determination to make that move – be it that career one or a literal one as it opposes retro Jupiter in your home and security sector. What is on offer is definitely a change for the better. Venus in your transformation sector aligns to Jupiter on the 10th. You are able to take what sustains you with you while letting go of what  no longer does. You’re lighter, freer and above all, more passionate about life as a result. Love is letting go of fear – and of judging events by how they initially appear. Take the plunge this week.

In a nutshell: Surf the waves of change now, Virgo. This may be something you set in motion. Or it may happen unexpectedly. No matter what it looks like – know this is your break now.


  • Something you want wants you right back
  • Know your true worth
  • Say ‘Yes’

The era of being told ‘no’, of being rejected or rejecting ended back in March when Uranus left your 7th of all things loved by Librans. Balance has been restored to the Force in your part of the universe. Can you feel it? How are you using it? Hopefully you are coming from a new sense of self-worth and surety. This week sees Mercury arrive in your asset driven and all powerful and sexy 8th. On the 8th, it will meet with Uranus in here for the first time in your adult lifetime. Provided you know what you want and you know you deep in your soul you are worth it, someone or something wants to say ‘Yes’ to you now. Look to any lingering fears you may have about having what you want. Sometimes the thing we desire most is what also scares us most. Ensure this is not the case. Be powerful enough to say ‘Yes’ back.

Ruler Venus in its ruling 7th and retro Jupiter in your 3rd, lend a helping hand with that affirmative as they align on the 10th. You could have been presented with this choice or decision before but now your answer (or their answer for that matter) is very different this time around. Make that approach yourself if necessary and don’t necessarily expect the same one you got before. A lot has changed since then and this includes you. The 7th sees Mars in your freedom sector oppose Jupiter. You’re not afraid to ask for what you want or go after it if necessary. What’s more, letting go of caring about the answer you receive is what frees you up to get what you want – even if it takes a slightly different form. You now know that a refusal has no effect on your actual worth – and just means you’ll say yes to something better. But someone or something definitely wants to say it back this week. It’s up to you whether you accept it.

In a nutshell: You may have heard to word ‘No’ all too often these past seven years, Libra. This week changes that. Someone or something wants to say yes instead. Be ready to accept it.


  • All relationships are a reflection of the one you have with yourself
  • What you share and how you share it changes
  • Evolve those values

It would be all too easy for anyone to tell you that to understand the impact of Uranus in your 7th simply requires you to ask a Libra next door. After all, they have experienced this for the past seven year. However, for you this transit has a very different flavour. Yes, you will have some experiences in common when it comes to partnership matters. But for you, there’s a different kind of balance to be struck during this cycle. It’s one of self-esteem and your relationship with yourself. It’s also about your relationship to your money, assets and the material world. And by ‘material’ I don’t just mean your possessions and ‘stuff’. I mean everything that exists within the natural order of things. You’re forging a new respect for yourself, what you earn and own and also with the natural world. Caring for it all and yourself more. Valuing it more. What occurs this week reflects and also evolves those values as Mercury in your 7th meets with Uranus in here for the first time in your lifetime. This may involve you and another in a love relationship or even a friendship or working one. But take it from me, your values are at the heart of it.

Mars is in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart pointing to powerful changes around something you share, loans, mortgages or even your salary. It opposes retro Jupiter in your 2nd on the 7th. This could bring you a solution in a negotiation if you have been stuck or waiting on someone’s response. Venus in your work zone wants a solution to your benefit and for you to be rightly recompensed for what you do. There’s a deal on the table of some description but you may have to make one final effort to finish a project or push yourself as it aligns to Jupiter. Above all, don’t take yourself for granted. Everything on the table this week reflects those inner values.

In a nutshell: It’s not just your relationships with others, especially partners and lovers, that feature this week. It’s your relationship to your income and the material world. Get relating in a new way.


  • Step into work freedom
  • What is worth it is worth the wait
  • Shake up that routine

Ruler Jupiter retro in your sign isn’t about stopping those good times from rolling. It is about you realising that some things are worth waiting for, however. This can be hard for a fire sign whose mantra usually is: instant gratification takes too long. However, this week shows you that really – some things or someone is worth that wait. Or that waiting for the right moment to act is the better part of valour. Mars in your 7th opposes retro Jupiter on the 7th while Venus in your romance sector trines it on the 10th. This could redeliver an opportunity or love interest or even that past passion. If you have been waiting for your moment – all this tells you the time to act is now. Make that approach, dare to do and follow through without hesitation.

Your work – paid and unpaid, your job title (even if it is not on a business card as such), your routine, your responsibilities and even your pets if you have them – all are subject to change now. Mercury which rules your 6th enters here on the 6th and will meet Uranus in here for the first time on the 8th. Doing a job you never thought you would do, expected events which affect your  workload, routine, job description or even walking the dog – what you thought was impossible or could never occur, does. Your job or what you do could change or end with a more exciting alternative on the horizon. Something gets reorganised forcing you to adapt to a new routine. Even if you don’t engage in paid work – your job title or status is defined by being in a relationship or partnership, changes to this may again, see your priorities, responsibilities or even how you describe your role, change and evolve. Remember now, if something does not change it stagnates. You don’t do that. A freer path awaits you. Take it this week, Sag.

In a nutshell: Some things are worth waiting for. You may have been doing just that for a while, Sag. The universe could make a re-delivery or finally bring what you want closer. This is your moment.


  • Love wears an unusual disguise
  • Express yourself as only you can
  • Recapture a lost aspect of the past

That old Tom Jones hit – It’s Not Unusual comes to mind with Uranus in your 5th, Capricorn. It’s not unusual to well, love the unusual or be unusual yourself. This is your house of creative self-expression and Uranus in here wants you to honour that. This week sees Mercury also enter this house and it will meet with Uranus in here on the 8th for the first time in your adult lifetime. What would be unusual would be the usual. Sudden attractions, flirtations, unusual ideas, opportunities to shine, unexpected pleasures and children and young people – perhaps unusual in themselves. You can expect one, some, many or even all to feature during the next seven years. A lover who is like no other you have been involved with before and who in fact flies in the face of your ideas about your usual ‘type’ could captivate your imagination.

Showcase your talents and abandon yourself to your pursuits and pleasures. Especially if they allow you to express yourself in a unique way and take you away from your usual everyday path. Jupiter retro in your 12th wants to reconnect you to a lost aspect of your past now. This week it makes two important alignments. One to Mars in your work, wellbeing and routine sector. The other to Venus in your house of home and security. While one part of you is focussed on romance, fun and creative abandonment, the other is all about doing what needs to be done to give you what you need to sustain you. Be it that day job or that place where you truly belong. Part of this involves listening to your intuition and perhaps recapturing something you gave up as unimportant. But now you see it feeds your soul and provides you will a foundation. Pull something from you past into the present. You’ll be glad you did.

In a nutshell: Love and romance could take an unusual twist this week, Capricorn. Embrace something or someone different. Pursuing passion is what gets you noticed – in unusual ways.


  • Take a chance
  • Love may be better the second time around
  • Establish your sense of place

Ruler Uranus is a long term houseguest in your 4th now and is joined by Mercury in here from the 6th. Both meet on the 8th and it’s time to discuss property and home matters. Anything from that kitchen table top talent you’re nurturing to moving, flatmates, buying, leasing, renting, landlords, landladies, Airbnb-ing, mortgages and contracts. This cycle is about your sense of home and family, what that means to you and how you define that. This can be self-created or the family you were born into. It’s about lifestyle choices. What works for you individually. Redefining your living space and sense of place and security. It’s a Grand Design which is one that works for you. This is a good time to sign important documents related to where you live or to set the wheels in motion if you want to make any kind of change to your living arrangements – from redecorating to relocating. Your ruler wants you to get living.

Jupiter is presently in full retrograde motion in Uranus’s ruling house in your chart – your 11th. Do all of the above but with one eye on the future. But there’s an additional message happening here: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Looking for love? Lost or past love? Or a new love? It may be found somewhere you have tried before but more successfully this time thanks to that retro Jupiter which will oppose hot and sexy Mars in your romance zone on the 7th. It also links to Venus in your 3rd on the 10th. You know what to say to start that conversation – or pick one up where you last left off. Part of this may involve having the courage to try again. Sometimes love is better the second time around.  This week tells you – you’ll never know until you try.

In a nutshell: Take a chance on love – or loving again. If you don’t take a risk you get nothing. Create a plan that’s designed for living. Lifestyle choices are yours to explore, Aquarius.


  • You have the competitive edge
  • Open that channel
  • Don’t be afraid to try again

Push forward with career plans and matters outside the home this week, Pisces. You’ve got a lot of energy to be channelled into potential success and believe me, it needs a goal to focus on. Mars in your 4th is not a happy camper. This is because this house in your chart is feminine, intuitive and nurturing – and Mars represents all the opposite qualities. Mars is not a homebody and if you confine its energy it will break out – usually in a domestic disharmony. You do however have retro Jupiter in your 10th altering you to missed career opportunities or something you have left in abeyance. Channel Mars’s confidence and desire to succeed into this. You could just have the competitive edge if you have the courage to either try again or put yourself out there. Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart also aligns to Jupiter on the 10th indicating that financial or other rewards could be in the offing. This is not your week to cocoon and bake cupcakes  – unless cupcakes are your business that is.

Mercury arrives in its ruling 3rd of business, commerce, buying and selling, publishing, communication and ideas this week. How you communicate, get about or that idea whose time has come could also impact on your career path as it meets Uranus in here on the 8th. The more unique and unusual your ideas – the better. Don’t be afraid to share them now. Upgrading your technology or even your car may be one result of this. Be the idea whose time has come especially if it involves anything cutting edge or involves you doing your bit to save the planet – one veggie burger or blog post at a time. Want to vlog or write for TV? Never say never this week. Open that channel.

In a nutshell: Career matters go hand-in-hand with those ideas this week, Pisces. Find an outlet – or an audience. Above all – be the idea whose time has come.





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